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  1. Does flagging a spammer also remove all the PMs they may have sent?
  2. Keen to try. This is going to be a major evolution of our (large) community and I would like to contribute my input and have a say on its direction (and shape) into the future, please.
  3. The 7 email notifications today were a fair warning ... This is going a bit over the top though? By the way, I assumed this would just auto renew? But I clicked on Renew Now, and it takes me to my sites. I click on Manage this purchase for the relevant site, but I can't actually see anywhere to renew it?
  4. Very intuitive of you - thanks again 🙂 Much appreciated.
  5. Thanks Adriano. How can I remove those rules if I can't access the rules page though?
  6. No idea as I hadn't gone into Rules for a very long time and then discovered it not working.
  7. Latest release and doesn't appear to be any mention of 3rd party. One of your Providers took a look and suggested I report it to you.
  8. Getting this under Admin > Achievements > Rules Where does one even edit the Admin Panel templates?
  9. Winning! And with @Ehren on board, we can all rest assured it will be top notch 🙂
  10. I too have moved to a compatible new and alternative version of the Videos app and it's wonderful and in constant development and evolution. The new marketplace process is having some positive impact IMO.
  11. It's far from ideal, yes. I think once the dust settles it will be fine. It could have been worse though, and I applaud Invision for offering a workable solution for itself and the developers. We could have all just been shut out from 3rd-party entirely, which I am sure was on the table at one point of the discussions. Many of the authors of some of my plugins and apps have long since left the Invision developer community and I'm already engaging the pro-active and reputable ones to reproduce those that are genuinely needed. I'm using it as an opportunity for a "clean-up", to be honest.
  12. Simply because I suspect a lot of customers when having an issue with Invision, even if it was caused by a third-party addon still held Invision accountable - because it was bought from and paid to Invision. The unhinged side of my mind often thought this too, but the more rational side of my brain usually won over.
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