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  1. Adriano maybe you can help me out with this? I just installed it on my eighties forum and I added the content blocks block and selected carousel but I'm having this issue. It's funny because I have the same the style on my other forum but it doesn't give me that issue. Maybe you have an idea on what the problem might be? Thanks!
  2. Excuse my ignorance Adriano but should I be seeing that block in the landing page settings now? Do I have to do anything on my end to see that block? Thanks!
  3. You're the best and good songs from four great bands! Especially Sabbath and Rush!
  4. Yeah I second that. All the thread starters would be nice. They’re great add ons.
  5. So Adriano I realized what was going on with the recent comments block. I’m such an idiot. It’s just that. Recent comments not recent threads which I was expecting to see. Please disregard what I wrote about that.
  6. Maybe a bit far fetched but is there a way to add for example two or three YouTube video side by side in a block? I've been messing around with the some of the content blocks but I can't make it work. Thanks!
  7. Go figure. I'm betting you it's an issue with Invision Cloud. I can't think of any other reason for this to be happening on my site. I hardly even have an add ons either so I can't put the blame that. As for the FA icons I'll have to double check if about the version. I had no clue about that so hopefully that's what the problem is. As for the other ones I have no idea. Thanks!
  8. Strange.. Maybe it has something to do with Invision Cloud's server settings. I changed the option to show only five recent posts as opposed to 12 and that did the trick.
  9. They could be only on my end but just bringing them to your attention. These are some other issues I discovered while adding and editing blocks on both Chrome, Safari and Edge. Main Block ( Multiple Image Backgrounds ) It shows the widget title and in white. Also in the articles (Content Blocks ( Multiple Selections ) the font awesome icons are missing on those three. The first one it shows as you can see. I definitely added the fa code correctly incase you were to ask. Another note this is probably the microsoft edge browser issue but it wont show the block Pure Editor ( Some Fancy Text Or HTML ) at all. It does on the other browsers. Thanks!
    This is really a great add on for a welcome page especially if you're not good with using css and what not. It really gives your homepage a great look! I highly recommend it.
  10. Alright so I started messing around with it and noticed something. On the Forum posts I chose the option recent but it shows comments from Saturday, Sunday and yesterday. Only some from today even though there's a lot of recent posts made today. Is that a cache issue on my end or is it something with the add on? Also on the Main Block ( Single Image Background ) It only shows my background image randomly.. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone have a working demo of this? I just bought it and I'd like to see it in action for ideas. Thanks!
  12. Maybe the page description that I gave was wrong but what I meant was when you visit the forum it shows the avatar of the most recent user that commented.
  13. Is there a way to remove the avatar from the latest thread and post on forum display? Thanks
  14. That's a shame. I was thinking about purchasing this one.
  15. Greek76


    Yes exactly.
  16. Greek76


    Yes from the From section. Ah ok so it's not something that we can manually edit. Thanks!
  17. Greek76


    I noticed that Scotland isn't on the drop down in the From section. Is there a way that I could add them? There's a few artists I want to add from that country. Thanks!
  18. Greek76


    Damn what a shame. It was such a good add on but yeah I definitely understand.
  19. Greek76


    Adriano how's it looking? Any update?
    This is a great app. A great conversation starter for sure.
  20. I had to disable it completely. It was automatically flagging friends of mine as spam. I even complained about it in the around a month ago.
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