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  1. Adriano Faria has posted IPB's answer on another post.. So no worries, nothing to be concerned with,, Ron..
  2. Should this article be of any concern to us the IPB forum owners.. Security researchers from SurfWatch Labs have shut down a secret plan to hack and infect hundreds or possibly thousands of forums and websites hosted on the infrastructure of Invision Power Services, makers of the IP.Board forum platform, now known as the IPS Community Suite. The plan belonged to a malware coder known as AlphaLeon, who at the start of March this year started selling a new trojan called Thanatos. Advertised as a MaaS (Malware-as-a-Service) rentable platform, to be attractive to its customers, Thanatos had to run on a very large number of infected hosts. In the infosec community this structure is called a botnet, and the bigger it is, the easier is to carry out all sorts of cyber-attacks. AlphaLeon breached Invision Power Services servers In order to increase the size of the Thanatos botnet, AlphaLeon needed to find a way to deliver the trojan to as many users as possible. For this, he devised a plan and later carried it out. His plan consisted of finding and exploiting a vulnerability in the infrastructure of Invision Power Services (IPS), who offers its IPS Community Suite as a hosted platform, running on AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers. After establishing a foothold on IPS' servers, AlphaLeon then intended to access the websites of IPS' customers and place an exploit kit on their pages. The exploit kit would automatically infect site visitors with the Thanatos trojan by leveraging vulnerabilities in the visitors (outdated) browsers and browser plugins. IPS customers include large companies such as Evernote, the NHL, the Warner Music Group, Bethesda Softworks, and LiveNation. Besides classic IP.Board forums, IPS also allows customers to set up fully working sites, even e-commerce stores. AlphaLeon: And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids His plan was stopped short when SurfWatch Labs security experts got wind of his intentions while scanning the Dark Web. Researchers contacted IPS, who was unaware of the hacker's breach, discovered the entry point, and shut down his access. This incident happened at the start of April, and IPS is still in the process of investigating the breach. According to the most recent Thanatos ads on the Dark Web, the trojan which at the beginning of March was only a potent banking trojan, has now received new updates in the form of add-on modules. These modules allow customers of the Thanatos botnet to launch DDoS attacks, deliver ransomware, access a victim's webcam, steal Bitcoin, send spam, or steal login credentials for various gaming platforms. Our initial article on Thanatos also includes screenshots of the botnet's administration panel Read more: http://news.softpedi...l#ixzz46L5YaNvp
  3. Not to much lately..

  4. Just install Shoutbox 1.3.3..Will not show. Keep get this same error. No Group Was Passed Try Again.. Any suggestions.. Thanks Ron..
  5. I have it set for guest's to view the forum and change skins. Funny thing is this code doesn't show when your a guest.. I see it on the three skins..
  6. Link to forum: http://www.circlesoffriends.net/
  7. I am running 3.3.4 board, I have installed this Mod. and on three (3) skins, I get the code in the header. The skins are: 1. Refections 3.3.3 2. Red Pro 3.3.3 3. Gravity Green 3.3.3 See attachment:
  8. I myself, have nothing but 'praise' for the staff of IPS. My tickets have been answered and taken care of, usually with a very short period of time..
  9. I have two IPB Boards.. I have had the opportunity to use IPB Support numerous times, and I have never been disappointed.. Thursday night I put a HTML code in the wrong place, and lost part of the forum and not knowing the Database very well, I put a Ticket in for Support Friday morning... I was fortunate enough to be back up and running within the hour.. So IPB Support is 100% for me.. Oldcrow
  10. Need more information as to what you need. Might be best if you went to the Client area and submitted a support ticket.. The support will look into this and repair it for you.
  11. Sounds like iFont I have it installed in two forums. Get it here:
  12. I have a video camera, and have made a test video.. Its in wmv format, just how can I put it in a post on my forum, so it can be viewed. Appreciate any help on this.. Oldcrow
  13. Same here.. Never more than two hours, mostly less than an hour..I find IPS Support excellent..
  14. I'm fine :] thank you! and you're not an old guy :/ you're a young guy if we are talking about 70 years old, it is the beginning of the life.

  15. Doing as good as expected, for an Old Guy..How about you..

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