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  1. Hi Kyle, Sorry but this project has been dead for a fair while - there are better replacements on the marketplace that are being kept up to date. Thanks
  2. Can you read your pm’s please. Thank you
  3. @FGN I tried to sign up to your site to confirm if it was the same issue as what I had but I cannot get past the captcha.. Anyway I don't think it is what I was having but I will give a couple of things to check, first is that you are not enforcing HTTPs yet you are supporting it so when I go to the site I am getting mixed content warnings which could possibly cause an issue with loading the font resource. The issue I had was with serving over a CDN so I needed to make sure CORS was setup correctly.
  4. Ah I see the search thing has been brought up already - just applied the manual fix and looks great. One big issue though is there is no way to change where you are searching. e.g. members, forums. gallery. etc. That would be really useful to have back.
  5. Thanks @Veilon that's good to hear. One of the things I can't see in the theme (is it a theme setting?) is that the search box is missing. Thanks,
  6. Liking the theme but a couple of things I have noticed. First is what @Melissa Moore has said above - this is really degrading the user experience on mobile. On the 'Latest Posts' block the page numbering is really not clear and the last page option is invisible. First image is as it looks and second me highlighting it. Would be great if this could be addressed. Thanks.
  7. Rugger

    Free SSL

    I have a Windows/IIS setup so used https://github.com/Lone-Coder/letsencrypt-win-simple I would say the clients are still in Alpha so they are not great if you are not a technical user.
  8. Thank-you! knew I wasn't going mad :) Is this also in Commerce out of interest?
  9. I have been racking my brain but can't remember it! In 3.4 Nexus there is a hard coded coupon code which says something like 'nice try' or something when you try and use it. I cannot remember the code or the story behind it. It came up at work today and I was one of those people that says half a story thinking it's great and couldn't give any of the actual facts. So IPS staff please remind me Also out of interest is the same thing in IPB4 Nexus?
  10. Rugger

    Free SSL

    Can't decide if you're being serious or not... anyway these are Domain Validated (DV) certificates which have a different use to trust based certificates. They allow a secure connection without implying trust of the web server receiving the data.
  11. Rugger

    Free SSL

    Just an update that the Lets Encrypt certificates will now be trusted in all major browsers from the IdenTrust cross signatures. Public availability is on schedule for mid November. Full article here: https://letsencrypt.org/2015/10/19/lets-encrypt-is-trusted.html
  12. Not anywhere in the near future. I have moved the admin side over to IPB4 but as there is a new framework for the front end I have started to implement it in a different way; widgets etc. I will be on holiday for the next two months which will involve traveling around Japan so will not be working on it until I return. Thanks for your interest.
  13. Rugger

    Free SSL

    It is a very new service and will not be openly available until mid September. The backers (sponsors) are very reputable and there is a hope that this will make the internet a more secure place. There is also talks that are looking to make it so that when a website is HTTP then it will display as non-secure. Currently HTTP displays as neutral and non-secure is a website using HTTPs but has HTTP resources. (https://www.chromium.org/Home/chromium-security/marking-http-as-non-secure) Both the Lets Encrypt service and the browsers changes on displaying protocol security should see a great increase in websites adopting HTTPs and generally making the internet safer. I do like to see that a sponsor for both these changes is mozilla which shows a true understanding of changes that need to be made when hosting websites. It does come down to us as 'webmasters' to raise the standard and apply the updates when possible. I would not be surprised that once these types of changes are made that hosting companies start to 'offer' fully HTTPs websites are standard.
  14. PM me your website URL, who your game server host is and information on how they are giving you access to the screenshots and I will take a look.
  15. It could be a possible feature idea for the IPB4 line however I will only be continuing development of the 3.4 line as far as bug fixes. You could look at using IP.Content to display the screenshots depending how they are accessed. It would be a bit messy but usable.
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