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  1. Can you add a split option for when you get two of the same card, lets say you get two 8's then you would split them play two hands, you would have to put out another bet and play each hand out. Can't wait to add the option to play with other people at the table.
  2. Same... @Daniel F do you want me to raise a ticket or will you put the response here as well? EDIT: To clarify I get:
  3. Hi Kyle, Sorry but this project has been dead for a fair while - there are better replacements on the marketplace that are being kept up to date. Thanks
  4. Can you read your pm’s please. Thank you
  5. Hi All, Just want to see if I am missing the obvious on how to move forums into clubs - I have a gaming community website and have 15 or so forums for the individual games. What I would like is to do is have a club per game that we run/support. That way if a member can join the clubs for the games they own/are interested in and see filtered content. So first issue I have hit is how do we migrate a forum into a club? I see on the front end I can move topics over but there seems to be no way of mass doing it from the ACP. The second question I have is once the game forums are migrated over to clubs I want a presence of that on the homepage, I currently use a latest topics block which will now only display from the main forums, I want to add almost the 'club directory' page into my homepage and also a more prominent 'recent activity in my clubs' section - has anyone done anything like this yet? Thanks
  6. I am getting an issue where a £ in the topic title is causing a redirect loop - has anyone experience this before? I think it may be server specific? Thanks
  7. @FGN I tried to sign up to your site to confirm if it was the same issue as what I had but I cannot get past the captcha.. Anyway I don't think it is what I was having but I will give a couple of things to check, first is that you are not enforcing HTTPs yet you are supporting it so when I go to the site I am getting mixed content warnings which could possibly cause an issue with loading the font resource. The issue I had was with serving over a CDN so I needed to make sure CORS was setup correctly.
  8. Ah I see the search thing has been brought up already - just applied the manual fix and looks great. One big issue though is there is no way to change where you are searching. e.g. members, forums. gallery. etc. That would be really useful to have back.
  9. Thanks @Veilon that's good to hear. One of the things I can't see in the theme (is it a theme setting?) is that the search box is missing. Thanks,
  10. Liking the theme but a couple of things I have noticed. First is what @Melissa Moore has said above - this is really degrading the user experience on mobile. On the 'Latest Posts' block the page numbering is really not clear and the last page option is invisible. First image is as it looks and second me highlighting it. Would be great if this could be addressed. Thanks.
  11. Heya Peeps, Does anyone have an example of the rewrite rules for IIS and the IPB4 REST APIs? It's been driving me nuts as IPB4 keeps wanting .htaccess files and that doesn't work. Much appreciated
  12. The platform is now at the point (and I now have the spare time) where I will be looking to upgrade my community. I have played locally for a while with various installs as far as making applications, plugins etc. Now I will be looking to create a test install on the web server and go through the upgrade process using duplicated data. I am fine with replicating the database etc but my query relates to the actual website data. So are the 'downloads', 'uploads' and 'screenshots' folders actually needed anywhere in the upgrade process. Duplicating over 800GB of data for a simple test install is rather allot of hassle, especially if I have to do it multiple times. I understand not moving it will display broken images but I am generally trying to get a feel for if it will disrupt the upgrade process. Thanks,
  13. Let's Encrypt is in Beta stage only at present so you would need to wait a while before you can use it. I would not advise using CF for SSL. However. I would advise if you want to use it's CDN features you can simply serve static resources by changing the urls in the ACP and having a cdn sub domain pass through CF. That works quite well for me at least.
  14. Not anywhere in the near future. I have moved the admin side over to IPB4 but as there is a new framework for the front end I have started to implement it in a different way; widgets etc. I will be on holiday for the next two months which will involve traveling around Japan so will not be working on it until I return. Thanks for your interest.
  15. PM me your website URL, who your game server host is and information on how they are giving you access to the screenshots and I will take a look.
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