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  1. Hi, Can the members REST API endpoint also retrieves how many points a member has before any new amount of points can be added using the above properties? If yes, how do I do that?
  2. My first try with beta testing the game with a member here on his live site who kindly offers me to test drive the game deployment with docker. Actually, it has first started two weeks ago as I judge it was ready to give it a try but it did not go quite well and brought to me a new bug to fix to make the game more solid and stable than ever before. As a matter of fact, my very first problem costs us a week to troubleshouting what went wrong. On my side, it could be anything, from network connection, code or some server bad configuration to database connection. So we went back
  3. Just when I thought it will work out of the box, I was dead wrong. After installing docker engine on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04, following the guide from Digital Ocean, it is pretty straight forward. Although, Docker engine is fully functional on KVM vps I ordered. the same image files which are somehow working rock solid under Windows, do not work quite well on Linux due to special DNS name host.docker.internal not working on Linux. Well, it turned out I am not alone, after days of looking for solution from many people who encounter the same issue and trying randomly tips, there is no
  4. Your avatar comes from IPS. Whatever you had set in your profile, it will be displayed in game. The IPS rest API will retrieve it so whenever you changed the avatar, it will be automatically updated. You may want to force at new sign ins to make new member upload their photos or picture so that it will be displayed in game, otherwise it will be displayed as a no avatar pic. I'm going to order a KVM vps to test out the docker images on Ubuntu 20.04. Will see how it goes. Btw, you will need a KVM vps to use docker since non KVM can not upgrade kernel, thus you can not install dock
  5. Some updates of my ongoing work. I have completed all docker images needed to go to production. That can only mean it's near release. As I retested the whole thing again with docker images hosted on my local hard drive. So it will be transparent once I push them to Dockerhub site, once you grab them it's like you grab them from my local hard drive. Bots component was my last integrated image docker which gave me a little bit of code modification but to retest to see if bots are working, this time I had a chance to have them played in tournament as I did not quite get them working in
  6. As explained previously, some updates with more preview of working in progress with a clip of doing a spike running docker image as it will be in production stage. I have been struggled to build a docker image of the poker server for almost a week and no luck. I have tried all kinds of tips from the web and end up error by error at run time. Yesterday as I wanted to ask help from Cubeia as I had help from them 6 years ago, I started to draft my questions to the gurus to help me with those particular exceptions, and as I was about to send, I decided to run one more test which turns
  7. I have been so busy these days to spend much time on this hobby of mine. As you have seen, the game functionality is fine and running well locally. But to get the poker game out is far from ready due to the fact there is still work left to be done. As the game consists of several containers, each of those containers runs and communicates themselves in concert, each of those containers needs to be converted in image. I have started some work onto it the last couple days which consists of learning how to do that with Docker. But as I start to play around with it, I noticed that r
  8. In the old days, the only solution I came up was to query IPS own database on some specific table, and using some bcrypt code to match a member's password. While this solution works, it requires site owners exposing database credentials in some property file to access the database. Even though with restricted grants, it still was not a clean and secure way, and dealing with a lot of hard coded config files was also not a joy even for the developer and the client ending up more documentation on configuration. Nowadays, with the Oauth2 Rest API, it is no longer the case. Facebook, Google an
  9. Thanks! The next clip I'll explain how IPS authentication works and how the application retrieves the Oauth2 keys that are configured in the admin console. As each site owner has different keys, I have made easy each one to put their own keys. It was one of the challenges I face to make the distribution possible since this information is private. Furthermore, site context root varies, either no context root or like IPS, forums is used here. So all these are configured dynamically. Important to note that in local environment, I have to disable HTTPS, but you will need to have HT
  10. Sometimes it is difficult to bring a friend a long to play with. This feature has been implemented long ago by Cubeia for testing purposes. Probably at huge loads to test server's capacity and response time. You probably guess it is about bots accounts. Some big gambling online sites probably do use them but how can you know? I face a new problem which is how to give bots infinite cash to play and how log them in. Furthermore, I wanted them to have ghost avatars. This not only will attract players to see there is live in action. So here is the surprise I mentioned in my previous pos
  11. I had some motivation tonight to pursue work on the game as it annoys me these couple days that tournament was not working at all and this feature is probably the most fun part of the game as it puts players to compete with for big prize payout. There are two types of tournament and it will depend on how you configure it. Sit'n'Go and scheduled types. The former is a no brainer, they are always there for you to jump in until it is full, while the latter is scheduled to trigger at a specific date and it can be as many as you want. Furthermore, you have seen so far the game in action
  12. Thanks for your interests. I don't own that point system add-on to give a good answer. But generally, if it has exposed API I can call to persist point equivalent to play cash money amount, then it is easy to do. You will need to ask the dev of that Members Shop add-on the info how other external system can be integrated to persist point data. In the case if it does not have, it needs to have at least a database table you can do update query to set member's amount. But I do not own that add-on to be able to tell and do work on it. But it is not something difficult to add co
  13. Man, the recent Docker update breaks my dev badly as Nat driver no longer exists, breaking a lot of things which I had to deal for the last 2 weeks with bridge network. Somehow I manage to get further as I pull my hair out trying to figure out how to get different container communicating each other in isolated bridge network. There is still tournament issues I need to debug to fix the registration. It will be on next demo if I get it working though. But comparing to last demo, I had made a lot of progress as you can look of game play of diversity of poker type as I test them. Til then,
  14. Yes. It will be free to download in the market place whenever I have completed satisfactory testing and installation instructions. As dev is on Windows, I need to find a vps which supports Docker so I can test its deployment on Ubuntu. Still a lot of works to finalize but I am working hard towards making this a reality. Thus, I don't have any release date right now as I do only this as an hobby in spare time.
  15. First looks at work in progress of poker deployment [Youtube]
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