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  1. Nice, so native members end point supports it already. Thanks Daniel F and bfarber,
  2. Not sure if it has already asked or whether or not it is already available for 4.3, is it possible to use REST API for other fields added from other 3rd party add-ons? For example, I use the points app which adds the "member_points" field to the "core_members" database table. Is there or will be native end point which will allow me to call for extra new fields added to IPS table in similar way to create a post or update a post. I like to be able to persist play cash points from my poker game to IPS so players will be able to see their high scores so I don't need extra code to do it.
  3. There is none I know of. There was an open source project called "Port of Name 0.36 emulator to java" which supports more than 500 games. There is code you can add to persist high score. Should be easily use REST API and handle other needs like authentication. Not the cool flash arcade we knew but it could be looked into to add as a plugin. Problem is time I don't have much.
  4. Excellent! This is going to be very useful as I'm going to get rid off my complex custom authentication to use the provided Ouath2 from IPS to authenticate players to the poker game. One more reason to get back to game development. Will try to test it out first via Postman to retrieve the uua token and see how it goes.
  5. Last day, so made a few rush purchases specially the amazing super super stuffs from OpenType and also a cool invite system. Still have few hours left, really late online shopping. Thanks to all the contributors for making this happen again this year! Don't know if I have time to play around with but at least they are here when I need them!
  6. Any alternative solution as I'm looking for one too but don't want to come back to Ibp 3.x ? IPS should have one as premium add-on but sadly there is none.
  7. I had plan to resurrect the poker game from Cubeia open source. Thus, I have been testing out the code using latest version of third party modules along with new version of compiler. I manage to get the demo out on a fresh test vps. Running rock solid, without IPS integration yet, for sanity tests only. Fully playable: Use any name for user and any number for password. Make sure to activate sound in settings. Bring a buddy or more or just open 2 browser sessions and see it yourself. You will need both sit at same table for the game to start at least 2 players. With IPS integration, you will need to use the forum user and password to play. Til, IPS integration is done, feel free to test drive it.
  8. LuckyRiver

    Black Friday Sale!

    Bought 2 add-ons already. Now I need a 4.2.x theme to go with. Need to find time to resurrect the poker game for IPS.
  9. LuckyRiver

    Black Friday Sale!

    Me too. But this can wait, I'm probably go ahead to buy some sales from 3rd party contributors here first.
  10. LuckyRiver

    Black Friday Sale!

    Guess no luck this year. In the past years, the coupon was also valid for renewal. Too bad, I was planning renew the whole suite.
  11. I'm watching the Expanse series : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Expanse_(TV_series). Got hooked and learned it is renewed for 3rd season but favorite one is not one but many though (24 hours with Jack Bauer ("You are going to tell me what I want to know, it's just a matter of how much you want it to hurt.") , Walking Dead, Manhattan (sadly cancelled 3rd season...)
  12. Expect few Release candidates once beta is completed.
  13. Hi Tom, Tried it again with latest RC version of IPS4 , seems like it does not work with the correct line by removing the extra dot. I'm using latest version of Agile. Thanks!
  14. Just drop by to let that I sorted out the issue but using a different method to insure that correct javascript version of javascript is not affected by IPS own ones. I think it's cleaner this way. To do that I have to use iframe method as someone has explained how to do it in another unrelated topic and it turns out nicely . Attached are some screen shots which I manage to get the metro mapper working using a custom block which has an html iframe code to represent the image and the javascript which performs a restful webservice call to the game to pull out game data and image for display!
  15. IMO I think they should go with what they are doing as weekly sprints by repeating releases of reported bugs fixed by iteration. Knowing all the bugs will not be fixed, at least they can detect regression. Doing a more robust release at later stage will have the potential risks of missing all the client tests or bugs they have marked as fixed but could have broken other modules which I hope not but they may be the ones they haven't seen them coming. If it is the case, it may be much harder and time consuming to fix them and could delay final release. So either today or later, but I like to have it weekly if they can.
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