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  1. Man, the recent Docker update breaks my dev badly as Nat driver no longer exists, breaking a lot of things which I had to deal for the last 2 weeks with bridge network. Somehow I manage to get further as I pull my hair out trying to figure out how to get different container communicating each other in isolated bridge network. There is still tournament issues I need to debug to fix the registration. It will be on next demo if I get it working though. But comparing to last demo, I had made a lot of progress as you can look of game play of diversity of poker type as I test them. Til then, here you go for an another work in progress preview. It's getting there ... [YouTube]
  2. Yes. It will be free to download in the market place whenever I have completed satisfactory testing and installation instructions. As dev is on Windows, I need to find a vps which supports Docker so I can test its deployment on Ubuntu. Still a lot of works to finalize but I am working hard towards making this a reality. Thus, I don't have any release date right now as I do only this as an hobby in spare time.
  3. First looks at work in progress of poker deployment [Youtube]
  4. Hi, A while ago, I had completed the push of a working poker source code based on Cubeia Open AGPL3 on my private bitbucket repository now run on my vps so it will not be lost and I could easily deploy it again. Few have asked me if the game is still alive, I was not able to release it to the general public due to the complexity of configuring the game and I don't want to end up having the nightmare of giving support to every problem of configuration which differs from an distro to an another. Lack of time besides some family issue, I dropped everything back then. Sine then, it has been quite a year by now, I found a safe and reliable way to make distribution available but had not much time to learn the new technology. I did put some spare time beginning of this year but ran into a lot of issues that I could not understand how to fix it due my lack of experience of the tool. Never I have given up, so I took more free time to debug and now I believe I'm starting to get some good results at least the hardest part of the game configuration which is database and game rest services which the poker game heavily communicates. No wonder why Cubeia shuts down the open source repo due to not the direction they wanted to go but the AGPL3 source code left behind is a gem not to use it. But may be not everyone could know how to get it up and running . It will surprise me and specially add custom code to use IPS Oauth 2 for authentication to the game. Well this technology has been out for a while, but I just had to learn until recently to be able to target the game release to the public and this freely of course. Besides the Cubeia poker game, there is notorious module which may not needed but for management and configuration purposes, they are handy like the backoffice and the poker-admin. Those 2 allow table config, timings config, scheduled tournament, sit-n-go tournament, monetary transactions and hand history data if enabled. Imagine I had to install the game fresh which will take me a day or more and if lucky I can get it working and I will probably won't remember tomorrow how I did it today. And picture if everyone can hit the same button to install the entire game and it will take just a little bit of time to have the game up and running with the same code guaranteed to be exactly the same for everyone. There will be no more support if not little of external configuration such as IPS private secret key. Well, enter Docker which is open platform which allows to build containerized apps as container images which deploy required packages the game needs to run. Again, it still work in progress, but it looks promising as I try to add app by one and retest the whole pipeline til I got the desirable state of a working delivery method. The only requirement is to have Docker installed on your OS, either windows or linux distro. I will post soon a clip of this great tool of automation as I wrapped up the first milestone today and have 5 more applications left to pack. There is strong hope that it will happen as I am going to make sure of it. Stayed tuned!
  5. Wow! That will be awesome. I gonna look for my backup of all those cool games. Can't wait too!
  6. Hi, I was looking for the same thing but after hours of searching on the web here and there, I've managed to get it working though with IPS 4. You will need to create a custom button with IPS CKEditor. None of the plugins at CKEditor site has HearThis.at support so you will need to config either IFrame code from Hearthis.at or the embed code and you probably need to be premium if you use embed code and config Hearthis.at to allow your domain name. The custom button, you will need to go to the editor settings in admin panel to create a custom button and insert the iframe code from Hearthis.at. Hope it helps!
  7. Finally, I managed to get this installed on a vps with self signed certificate to use https. Here you go: Create a test account and read game instructions how to launch the poker game. I have made as a requirement as to upload an avatar so I need to see if it is working correctly. There may be bug, I hope not, but I've ran some basic test. You may play some hands with some online players or bring a friend and sit at same table. It needs 2 players for the game to start. Test site : https://www.tempslibre.club/forums Cheers!
  8. Test site is under work. Links will be posted so those interested could play some hands. I need to see how good the installation and how stable the game runs. It should not be long. Stay tuned!
  9. In the past, there were only 3 who manage with my help to get them running on their live site. But there was no REST API at that time so it involves a lot of database configuration which may not an ideal way to expose database credentials though it is still running on the server side making it secure. It still remains a big operation because it is like a poker suite such as backoffice module (cash management) , table, tournament and timings config, poker logic, hand history (optional) and the client (UI). But you do not need to touch anything of the code, just run it. Luckily, this is the AGPL open source code Cubeia allows to use when they close the public repository. This is the exact code they use on few production site back then and had stood the tests of time. I was one of the few who understand how the whole thing works. I will need to write more documentation how to install this. I probably will resurrect my old dev site where all the useful infos can be found. Yes, I will release for IPS . You still will need to configure REST API private/secret key from the admin control panel for your site. That is the only easy part. Once done, it is just to put the values in a configuration file which the back end with use to call IPS end points. Everything is working like the way I wanted for now. I've also had fun to use Cubeia's poker engine to write a new trick card game. So powerful, the way it is designed to plug turn based game and to write your own logic. Below is what I wrote 3 years ago by modifying the current poker code to make it happen : you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LG7tsmjsNI Btw, there is also MAME arcade emulator I've played back then which has about 2000 games. I've managed to get it working on my local environment and played few mame games. Pretty impressive! One may want to use REST API to authenticate members to the game making it a nice arcade add-on. Furthermore, it is open source. Stay tuned!
  10. Things are getting much better but I was out of town for 2 weeks only resuming pending work only yesterday. Here is the latest work in progress as I have pretty much validated basic tests. There is still some refactoring work to be done and code push to repository for later public distribution. Youtube
  11. Finally, after days of struggling, I got the Authorization Code working, check this out IPS Oauth2 server takes care of handling user and password now! 🙂 I still need to test this with https though. [youtube]
  12. Wow, it has been years I haven't played with old code so it took me the whole week to get through the code and the procedure how to get it up and running. And time is so hard to find now that spring is here and I have so many things to do. Well, for now, IPS Oauth 2 authothorization code grant type through it is working directly on nodejs, I'm having hard time to get it working on the client side, so I'm going for now with password authentication. By using it, I had done a lot of cleaning to get rid of custom database query to authenticate a user. IPS Oauth server does all the job for me. Beware, it's still a very big operation even for me so I had to write documention but once done, it is easily to set it up. It's a luxury to have the game installed to a vps though but it will attract a lot of new and existing members who enjoy playing some poker hands. Anyhow, I wanted to share my work on Oauth2, all credits go to Cubeia AGPL open source code which I have forked to adapt to my own. The demo shows some graphic of metro stations I was working as a side project. But it could be any thing you want but it is really custom work though which will not be there when I release it. Still a couple of issues I need to address is the avatar display on table and find out how to upload the source code to the git repo. [youtube]https://youtu.be/Vrr-GbceSec Note: in the video clip, while you see in clear text the user and password is for demonstration purposes, there is noway user can see those datas such as password, clientid since it runs on nodejs server which is on the back end. I just capture to show how Oauth 2 client password credentials work. Till then, enjoy watching! (How can one embed youtube clip?) I'll make sure this time will be a flawless installation!
  13. Game is under work to use IPS Oauth 2 authentication. I should be able to have a preview pretty soon. It took me a while to get back what has been done years ago to refactor it with new features. The good thing is there is no more database configuration involved since IPS acts now as an Oauth server.
  14. Nice, so native members end point supports it already. Thanks Daniel F and bfarber,
  15. Not sure if it has already asked or whether or not it is already available for 4.3, is it possible to use REST API for other fields added from other 3rd party add-ons? For example, I use the points app which adds the "member_points" field to the "core_members" database table. Is there or will be native end point which will allow me to call for extra new fields added to IPS table in similar way to create a post or update a post. I like to be able to persist play cash points from my poker game to IPS so players will be able to see their high scores so I don't need extra code to do it.
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