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  1. I was thinking how and where do I store member's badge for my still in progress poker game, I guess I know now! So many possibilities to award member with badge earned to show off advancement by designing game rules to obtain them besides getting the ones from forum legacy. My work in progress of achievement in pic shows earning a nice Third of a Kind badge, I can't wait to call REST API to persist achievements! Kudos to the team to make this happen.
  2. OMG! I just finished implementing in game achievement for the poker game, it just miss to connect real time REST API call to award points, badges and level up. It will be feature rich with already Oauth2 support with core achievement system integration.
  3. LuckyRiver


    Thanks for quick reply, please consider to add support once you're done with Rules.
  4. LuckyRiver


    @InvisionHQ, any plan to add REST API support? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Can the members REST API endpoint also retrieves how many points a member has before any new amount of points can be added using the above properties? If yes, how do I do that?
  6. Hi, I was looking for the same thing but after hours of searching on the web here and there, I've managed to get it working though with IPS 4. You will need to create a custom button with IPS CKEditor. None of the plugins at CKEditor site has HearThis.at support so you will need to config either IFrame code from Hearthis.at or the embed code and you probably need to be premium if you use embed code and config Hearthis.at to allow your domain name. The custom button, you will need to go to the editor settings in admin panel to create a custom button and insert the iframe code from Hearthis.at. Hope it helps!
  7. Game is under work to use IPS Oauth 2 authentication. I should be able to have a preview pretty soon. It took me a while to get back what has been done years ago to refactor it with new features. The good thing is there is no more database configuration involved since IPS acts now as an Oauth server.
  8. Nice, so native members end point supports it already. Thanks Daniel F and bfarber,
  9. Not sure if it has already asked or whether or not it is already available for 4.3, is it possible to use REST API for other fields added from other 3rd party add-ons? For example, I use the points app which adds the "member_points" field to the "core_members" database table. Is there or will be native end point which will allow me to call for extra new fields added to IPS table in similar way to create a post or update a post. I like to be able to persist play cash points from my poker game to IPS so players will be able to see their high scores so I don't need extra code to do it.
  10. Excellent! This is going to be very useful as I'm going to get rid off my complex custom authentication to use the provided Ouath2 from IPS to authenticate players to the poker game. One more reason to get back to game development. Will try to test it out first via Postman to retrieve the uua token and see how it goes.
  11. Any alternative solution as I'm looking for one too but don't want to come back to Ibp 3.x ? IPS should have one as premium add-on but sadly there is none.
  12. I had plan to resurrect the poker game from Cubeia open source. Thus, I have been testing out the code using latest version of third party modules along with new version of compiler. I manage to get the demo out on a fresh test vps. Running rock solid, without IPS integration yet, for sanity tests only. Fully playable: Use any name for user and any number for password. Make sure to activate sound in settings. Bring a buddy or more or just open 2 browser sessions and see it yourself. You will need both sit at same table for the game to start at least 2 players. With IPS integration, you will need to use the forum user and password to play. Til, IPS integration is done, feel free to test drive it.
  13. Bought 2 add-ons already. Now I need a 4.2.x theme to go with. Need to find time to resurrect the poker game for IPS.
  14. Me too. But this can wait, I'm probably go ahead to buy some sales from 3rd party contributors here first.
  15. Guess no luck this year. In the past years, the coupon was also valid for renewal. Too bad, I was planning renew the whole suite.
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