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  1. Does this work only for default theme?
  2. HTML --> CSS --> PHP (easier for beginners). Js is hell: tackle it after you learned php so you´re more confident.
  3. Invision is changing its release cicle. No more huge updates like 4.5 that takes 1 year to release, get stable (both 1st and 3 party). Hope to see it available on june or so.
  4. Anyway it was demostrated that people feel more *happiness* after receiving an unexpected reward. People like positives surprises. After all, this is gamification, not a paying job.
  5. Yes. You can see that that´s how it works on this site
  6. This. As I want to give trophies a sense of uncertainty because I think it feel more rewarding when you get something it wasnt expected I love this feature, I hope see it grow. And congrats to Jordan, no doubts invision needed someone like you!
  7. You´re great, man. I was really worry about jackal´s departure but knowing that a top programmer like you is taking over his stuff is reassuring. I´ll be buying this and other apps next month
  8. No. Almost 10 months with no updating, not a very reliable stuff.
  9. Some years ago (2018) there was a lms app, coded by Adriano. There was almost no sales.
  10. So much silence about this. Of course I dont know why. But I remember some years ago they tried to make this mobile app happen and the results were really disappointing so never went "public". I hope this isnt the same case
  11. Something changed during last year, after 4.5 was released. I dont know why
  12. Why "lost"? they updated it mid december, it´s not abandonware
  13. I agree on this. In fact Im working on a new project: a community for investors and entrepreneurs and I wont require real names because these people wants privacy to relax and share experiences, ideas, problems, etc. Less privacy = less content. But I showed invision to some of my partners and they begged me to use only discord. They see forum UI as really old and over complicated. There are priorities, as resources are scarse. I´d prefer invision fellas to expend their valuable time trying to improve UI, mobile UX rather than creating something already exists and will demand lot more of bugs fixes and support. My 2 cents : )
  14. Really? I see all the people I meet in forums no using them anymore since many years ago. All of them are now on SM. And you now what? all of them now create better content tha before because they cant hide behind an username, they have to use their real name. Search engines penalices forums for their low quality content. We should drop that elitist way of thinking that "people using SM are retarded, all the good people use forums". That may be conforting but simply no true. We should learn from them in terms of simplicity, UI design. Reading some books is a nice way to start: "contagious. Why things catch on" and "hooked: how to build habit-forming products" are masterpieces and can really help to be a better admin
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