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  1. Thanks! So python is of no use here. Everything is written in php. Id have to begin to stufy php, and then a framework for it, laravel maybe. What do you think?
  2. Thanks, buddy. I already readed those links, anyway all of them are 4 o 5 years old so maybe some things changed.
  3. When it´s ready, pal.
  4. For a few months now I have been studying the basics of programming on Udemy. At the moment I just completed a full stack web dev course, another Python course and now I am starting with Django to build a ecommerce site. I understand that coding is learned by doing and since I plan to launch a community towards the end of this year I want to study to learn to develop and maintain my own resources in ipb. Can someone help me to write a roadmap on what to study and in what order? Thanks in advance : D
  5. Well, this negative review was written after the last update, almost 1 year ago. I think a bug fixing release 2 o 3 times per year would be fair for the people who trusted in you "Having some serious trouble here since last invision V4.4.2 and rules update V1.4.6 : Private Messages are randomly spread to arround 100 users from the community without their consent. It happened at least two times. Invision support says it is rules problem, rules says it is usage or invision problem ... Nothing has changend in the rules between the updates, in 2 years nothing like that did happen. There is a bug somewhere, it needs to be solved"
  6. Looks really beautiful. thank u very much, invision team!
  7. Im from Argentina and yesterday the gov´t anacted a mandatory quarantine for the next 13 days. Here we are very concerned about the situation experienced in Italy (its a country that is culturally very close and loved by us), and we´re trying to avoid such a crisis here. So me and my gf will try to survive these days in our small department based on memes, netflix, video games and programming courses in udemy 😂
  8. Yes, for free, after 4.5 version is released. you have to enable it from the adminCP
  9. "Quote Collapse" Finally! thanks
  10. No All we share the same app
  11. After seeing IPB release patern for years and years, 4.5 is going go be released Q1 2020 for sure
  12. There was a really low demand for chat as a core feature, thats why they abandoned it
  13. No "Can I get a white-label version for my community?We aim to offer a white-label option in the future."
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