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  1. Ditto It would be great for sales also
  2. Is there a way to add a link to the user´s threads?
  3. IPB 3.4.x Plugin's ?!

    Some people did this. Just try
  4. IPB 3.4.x Plugin's ?!

  5. P2P Marketplace for Services and Products

    Yes please!
  6. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    "IPDownloads, IPCommerce are all intregraded to work with this app ALTHOUGH NONE ARE REQUIRED TO RUN / USE IT, If you don't own any of them apps it just won't show or allow use of them features"
  7. 4.3: Modernizing our Gallery

    The new image lightbox looks beautiful!
  8. "All emails generated by Invision Community can now contain admin-defined extra promotional text in the footer such as recent topics, Our Picks, and more"
  9. Another way to monetize ours communities, ye$!
  10. Same about mercadopago. Its widely used in mexico, brazil, chile, colombia, argentina, peru and some more
  11. Nice improvements and I hope them to be useful for many users here! Question: stripe isnt available in my country... do I need it to process BTC payments? would be really great for my site
  12. 4.3: Sign in from other sites using OAuth

    Some nice comments from theadminzone
  13. Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Sorry for the dumb question, but whats the difference between this app and points?
  14. IPS 4.3 - Elasticsearch

    How about CIC clients?