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  1. So we´re suffering huge competence from social media, apps, etc, and now this? This will make invision lose costumers, no doubt about it. Now Xf is more and more appealing
  2. I think they are solving bugs now. After that surely will add some missing features to their app (ads, commerce and clubs, I hope). Maybe 1, 1 1/2 year from now we´ll listen something about white apps.
  3. Hola. No. Aunque estoy estudiando programación y en unos meses lo haré lo mismo
  4. Such a polite and intelligent person. This is really sad and he will be missed.
  5. A great idea They could develop technical topics as well as admin/growth hacking for communities. Being so time around here they surely can share lots of knowledge about that
  6. I hope not. Better they improve their mobile app (lacks ads, clubs, commerce) and UI
  7. That's why I wear a mask here
  8. Maybe zapier integrations can be useful for you, I think
  9. Will this be available in the marketplace?
  10. Well... al least dark mode is available on the mobile app : )
  11. On TAZ you can read that same feeling from many Xf costumers https://www.theadminzone.com/threads/are-you-excited-for-ipb-4-5.153076/post-1153592 https://www.theadminzone.com/threads/want-to-test-drive-invision-community-4-5.153120/post-1154037 https://invisionalpha.com/topic/88-a-question-from-a-current-xf-21-user/?tab=comments#comment-207 The main worry for them seems to be the converter, as is a little slow or something like that
  12. Is there a way to edit how it looks on mobile? It could be smaller, and give the user the choice to close it
  13. I thought no apps nor addons were supported on the mobile app, how is that?
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