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  1. SammyS

    Ips roadmap

    Because they dont want competition to know whats the next stuff to be released
  2. Please use the search tool, as this request was posted dozens of times
  3. Actually, this is already posible using a 3 party add on
  4. In order to comply with the legislation of my country, I´d need some changes. When a user makes an offer, the app must request the password of their account as an additional security measure In addition, when the user makes the offer, a text box/pop up should be opened where one, as an administrator, can display a text with some warnings about the investment Are these things possible? there is no hurry but sometime between now and may or june I would need them to be done
  5. At this moment it´s available only BETA. U can update at your own risk of wait for the oficial/gold release
  6. Ability to set more than one ammount as a target funding Lets say: I create a project. I need $1000, so that´s the goal, but if I raise $900 it´s ok too. Below that sum is insufficient so I prefer to return the money. In this case, $800 would be the minimum target to be reached to accomplish my project
  7. Amazing quality Is it fully customizable? (its colours, and I´d like to move the search bar to the right side, as usually is deployed)
  8. I want it Mobile - centered designed, of course
  9. Great- I hope to see it done. Any idea about the cost for us?
  10. That means march or april , great. Ill be waiting
  11. Do you have any ETA? does it include only forum? clubs? commerce?
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