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  1. SammyS

    Feedback on Clubs

    Im launching a really big project next year and I also found Clubs quite dissapointing so far. Hope it receives much more love in 4.4 or Ill have to use group collaboration
  2. SammyS

    Classifieds System

    I thought the feedback system would already been developed
  3. Very soon, they said. That mean 1 or 2 months, I guess
  4. I´d wait until 4.4 features being announced. If this is not included, Im in
  5. Ok, you already used it for a promotional video for 4.2, but its still good!
  6. Hope it to be included in 4.4
  7. Would like to see some example on mobile
  8. SammyS

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    What does this mean? 😨
  9. SammyS

    Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    Oh god, you are the answer to my prayers!
  10. SammyS

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Is there a way to move the main menu items to the left and keeping the search bar on the right side?
  11. SammyS

    How to Memorialize a Profile?

    A new member group with nice icon looks just fine I thought may be this app could help but I dont know if admins can create "testimonials" on behalf of his members. Not a true "testimonial" but a kind word of you/your community, for them
  12. Brought 2 themes from taman almost 2 years ago and he´s always very fast to solve bugs and keep it stuff updated to the last ips version. Buy with confidence, he´s the best
  13. SammyS

    Invision Community 4.3 Beta Released!

    It´s ipb 4.3.0, my friend
  14. SammyS

    Mobile app?

    Has anyone tried PWA?
  15. SammyS

    What's your mobile vs desktop usage?

    wow, that´s so 2007! lol