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  1. @Kevin Carwile, dont forget to erase this About This File Author note 2018-10: Support and maintenance will be limited going forward. This app works fine as of IPS 4.3 and may continue to work with new releases in the future, but when it stops working that's probably it. Thanks for your support over the years!
  2. SammyS

    Implement IPS FAQ

    You have 2 FAQ apps + page It will never be a core product
  3. Me and some other showed interest in this more than a year ago and we were never in touch with you. In my personal case, Ill run a business forum, not a hobby one Anyway, your lack of communication and failures to deliver your own deadlines tells a lot about all this business
  4. SammyS

    Chocolate / Support topic

    Looks really nice. I think you should renewal as many of us wants long term support
  5. SammyS

    IPS Rules Application

    Weird. You can renew it but not buy it. It just received an update (bux fixing) some days ago so I hope everyting is ok
  6. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416840-advanced-tags-prefixes-ips-4x/?do=findComment&comment=2761509
  7. SammyS

    Quick Topic - Supporttopic

    Would it be possible to place that "create topic" bar in the home site?
  8. Much awaited feature. Thanks IPS team!
  9. SammyS

    Future of 3 party apps

    At least, in general, they fixes bugs. Thats far better than let the resource simply die
  10. SammyS

    Future of 3 party apps

    Im planning to reactivate my license during the next months but that´s something Im really worried about. My site is going to depend of 3 o 4 apps and would be very negative to see any of them simply disappear
  11. SammyS


    Yes, it is
  12. Which platform does he use? social network or forum?