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  1. "...generating the manifest file lays the groundwork for future PWA (Progressive Web App) development and support. Additionally, some Android devices will automatically prompt users to add your website to their home screen now that a manifest file is generated by the site"
  2. Thats crazy, imho
  3. SammyS

    Feedback on Clubs

    Im launching a really big project next year and I also found Clubs quite dissapointing so far. Hope it receives much more love in 4.4 or Ill have to use group collaboration
  4. SammyS

    Classifieds System

    I thought the feedback system would already been developed
  5. Very soon, they said. That mean 1 or 2 months, I guess
  6. I´d wait until 4.4 features being announced. If this is not included, Im in
  7. Ok, you already used it for a promotional video for 4.2, but its still good!
  8. Hope it to be included in 4.4
  9. Would like to see some example on mobile
  10. SammyS

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    What does this mean? 😨
  11. SammyS

    Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    Oh god, you are the answer to my prayers!
  12. SammyS

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Is there a way to move the main menu items to the left and keeping the search bar on the right side?
  13. SammyS

    How to Memorialize a Profile?

    A new member group with nice icon looks just fine I thought may be this app could help but I dont know if admins can create "testimonials" on behalf of his members. Not a true "testimonial" but a kind word of you/your community, for them
  14. Brought 2 themes from taman almost 2 years ago and he´s always very fast to solve bugs and keep it stuff updated to the last ips version. Buy with confidence, he´s the best
  15. SammyS

    Invision Community 4.3 Beta Released!

    It´s ipb 4.3.0, my friend