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  1. [quote name='Maxxius' timestamp='1319188387'] What do you mean?The best part - private chats are still supported!You were considering to remove private chat function??? If so what good is it without this feature. lol He meant on the mobile skin. ;) -- Given that mobile devices are known for not having good support for lots of sites/technologies, he was letting us know that they've made private chats work on them as well as the on the regular skin.
  2. The business/enterprise licenses guarantee ticket responses on the same business day, and the enterprise licenses have 24/7 emergency support for critical issues. Forum support is not the primary support method, and as such won't have the same response time; it's more for casual questions than major ones.
  3. ^ Only compared to IPB 1.3 and earlier versions of 2.x. ;) Personally, I'd still rather use IPB 2.3.x than the newer versions of most free forums.
  4. IP.Board 1.3 is so outdated that it's not really worth working with anymore. Newer open-source forums are far better.
  5. It was kind of a mess in 3.1, but it's actually not too bad in 3.2:
  6. There are a surprising number of people who wouldn't be so careful. ;)
  7. No. The main reason why there isn't is that people would try to install it on shared hosts and end up killing the servers (since chat rooms use a lot of processing power) and getting IPB known as a resource hog.
  8. On behalf of all of us skinners out there: THANK YOU SO MUCH. *bear hug*
  9. Unless you have a hosted community with IPS, the board does not go offline if your license expires. If you have a standard (self-hosted) license (which it sounds like you do), then you don't need to worry. If you want to buy a new license for the board, that would work too - All you'd have to do after buying it would be to set the URL in the client center and then update the license key in your board's ACP.
  10. How badly do I need to be worried about this? http://i.imgur.com/33fke.png

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    2. AnthonyKinson


      i have a strict policy on only replacing things when they need replacing lol. My laptop only has 1 gig RAM and a celeron processor lol works just fine though :)

    3. AndyF


      Raid 1 (mirror) FTW

    4. .Peter


      Man.. if I adopted that policy I'd be several thousand dollars richer :(

  11. IP.Content databases can actually do this rather easily with a bit of setup and skinning, assuming you're familiar with how to do such things. (Documentation on "How to use IP.Content to make a wiki" would definitely be nice though.)
  12. ^ Agreed. In this situation, my advice to them would be "Upgrade to IE8 or install Chrome or Firefox". It's free, only takes a few minutes, is available to anyone with IE7, and gives them a much faster and better browser.
  13. I haven't seen that before, although I've barely ever used IE7 with IPB. Try using a different browser maybe? IE7 is old, outdated and extremely slow. Even IE8 would be a significant upgrade (and would almost certainly not encounter the error), although Chrome/Firefox/Safari would all be even better. (IE7 is technically still supported, however since it's over 4 years old and IE9 will be released soon, I'd expect it to be dropped from the official list of supported browsers in the near future.)
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