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  1. [quote name='Maxxius' timestamp='1319188387'] What do you mean?The best part - private chats are still supported!You were considering to remove private chat function??? If so what good is it without this feature. lol He meant on the mobile skin. ;) -- Given that mobile devices are known for not having good support for lots of sites/technologies, he was letting us know that they've made private chats work on them as well as the on the regular skin.
  2. The business/enterprise licenses guarantee ticket responses on the same business day, and the enterprise licenses have 24/7 emergency support for critical issues. Forum support is not the primary support method, and as such won't have the same response time; it's more for casual questions than major ones.
  3. ^ Only compared to IPB 1.3 and earlier versions of 2.x. ;) Personally, I'd still rather use IPB 2.3.x than the newer versions of most free forums.
  4. IP.Board 1.3 is so outdated that it's not really worth working with anymore. Newer open-source forums are far better.
  5. http://www.tuaw.com/2011/06/07/how-to-burn-a-lion-boot-disc/
  6. It was kind of a mess in 3.1, but it's actually not too bad in 3.2:
  7. There are a surprising number of people who wouldn't be so careful. ;)
  8. No. The main reason why there isn't is that people would try to install it on shared hosts and end up killing the servers (since chat rooms use a lot of processing power) and getting IPB known as a resource hog.
  9. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Add-or-change-an-input-language
  10. A MacBook Pro/Air would definitely be my recommendation if you can afford one. My Pro (the cheapest 13" available when I bought it) is almost two years old, and with a couple upgrades it's still very fast, in perfect condition except for a few scratches, and works just as well as when it was new (and as a bonus, the battery still lasts up to 5 hours). Also - If you're a student, you can get a refurbished current-generation MacBook Air (albeit the cheapest one) for $850: http://store.apple.com/us-hed/browse/home/specialdeals/mac/macbook_air?mco=MTkyMTQ5Mjk If you go for one of those, make sure you get an October 2010 one; they're fantastically better than the mid 2009 ones.
  11. The best deals I've ever found have been from specials in Sunday ads at local computer stores, and anything you buy online will probably be significantly more expensive. Given the nature of this, what you get varies from week to week, but the best ones in your price range from my current weekly ads are: Core i3-380M + 4GB for $530 Pentium P6200 + 4GB for $450 Turion P560 + 4GB for $500 All of these are about $100-150 below the list price, so in this price range you can get a lot more from a weekly special than you would from buying it online or direct from the manufacturer. You probably won't have much choice in brand, but from my experience: HP and Sony have made good laptops that don't break. Gateway's customer support hardly ever does anything except tell you to wipe and reinstall (even if the issue is obviously a hardware problem), and the one computer I've had of theirs was literally falling apart after six months of moderate use (and virtually no abuse). I don't recommend Gateway at all, although YMMV. None of the batteries in any of the laptops we've had (HP, Sony, Gateway) have worked that great. One of the Sonys doesn't hold a charge at all after 2 years, and the other holds about 15 minutes after one year. The Gateway never held more than an hour (if we were lucky) and now holds about 40 minutes after a year and a half. The HP held a couple hours for several years before it fell into disuse, and now holds literally no charge (though it's about 8 years old).
  12. I've done a bit of searching but can't find anything that will automatically generate basic phpDoc comments. Are there any tools that will do this for me, or does it have to be done manually?
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