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  1. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/302119-download-dp30-similar-topics/
  2. The search isn't really improvable since it uses MySQL's search function. If you're on a dedicated server then you can install Sphinx, which will greatly improve search functionality, however there really isn't much they could reasonably do to improve searching.
  3. I'm no expert on this, so don't take anything I say to be certain. I'm just working off what I've seen from some posts by developers. I'd assume it would be in general, however.
  4. According to some of the devs, MSSQL scales much better than MySQL. That may be something to keep in mind.
  5. This is already a feature - ACP > Look and Feel > Click the arrow by the lo-fi skin set (or another one) > Manage user agent mapping
  6. You're not listed as an active customer, so you can't access the support forums you should post this kind of request in. You need to either purchase a license, log in using the same email and password you used to purchase the software, or send a ticket to account support to have them update your forum account. After that, you will be able to access the peer-to-peer support forums.
  7. Send a ticket to support and flag it as critical (which you can do since your board is offline); you should get a really quick response. It'd be best if you could also include your FTP and MySQL login details so they can check it out faster. That error is general enough that it's not that easy for us to troubleshoot it over these forums.
  8. This can be accomplished with custom profile fields unless you specifically need there to be different usergroup functionality based on the choice.
  9. The one on the profile is pulled live from the database, but the one in topic view is cached in the database. Most likely several of your posts have been deleted at some point, which would affect the number on profile view but not the one in topic view.
  10. This already exists, actually.
  11. Great post. :thumbsup: Just to add on to this: The limit of 6 is just the default; there's no hardcoded limit. The limit is determined by usergroup in the ACP.
  12. Alex K.

    New Board

    Upgrades are free, it's only conversion that they charge for.
  13. Alex K.

    Login issues?

    It happens for me too, but only on these forums.
  14. Did you purchase the license within the last month? If so, you have 30 days of free phone support. If not, you just have to wait - IPS have always solved my problems within 2 ticket replies though. Also, if there are things you know they might ask that you already know the answer to, mention them so that they don't waste time asking them.
  15. You can also write out the values one on each line, select them all and then click the button, and it'll make a list for you.
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