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  1. "Requesting free project" exists as an option already.
  2. Go to the settings for this forum's pre-defined fields, switch to the non-RTE editor, and copy and paste the code you have there here in this post so I can see what it's trying to convert.
  3. Michael

    Forum Pruner Task

    If you put 0 in the setting "Prune all topics with this number of replies or fewer", it will prune topics only with 0 replies. You would enter -1 in that setting if you wanted to prune all topics. If you don't want the topics to be deleted completely, you'd just set the setting "Delete the topics from the database completely?" to No.
  4. Until the status of that report changes from Under Consideration to something else, you can be assured that it is still Under Consideration. Again, I've stated in that particular report, and in the post you just quoted, if and when the status of that report changes, the report will indicate that change. So you need to be keeping your eyes on that report if you want to know what's going on with it.
  5. I've never said that was something that would be added to the product. It is something that has been suggested and is under consideration: http://invisionfocus.com/tracker/issue-669-icons-into-categories/ As I say in that report, and status changes on that particular suggestion will be posted in that report.
  6. They have to have that 'Add Comments' permission to access the comments section at all. You can then refine their specific comment permissions in their group settings to let them only view and not actually add comments. Sorry, that does appear to be confusing.
  7. Just so folks are aware, there's an app I created in the Marketplace that makes it very easy for developers to do this, and will be updated for 4.0 as soon as possible: I just wanted to throw this out there so as to prevent people from being discouraged that providing this update URL would be a complicated process for them. With this app, you just enter in the details of your product in a UI in the Admin CP and it generates an update URL for you which you can provide with your product. You can then update the info about your product in your site's Admin CP as needed and the URL will automatically return that there's an update available if necessary.
  8. If it was related to these acronyms then you likely would have had these issues other places in your site. The plugin for this app for IP.Content feed blocks does not do anything special with acronyms, but it does load the standard IP.Board parsing routines which will load custom bbcodes. So you may have had similar issues anywhere any parsing is done.
  9. I don't know what I could tell you about that. If it's timing out, and not just returning a database error, then that's more of an issue you need to discuss with your host.
  10. More of an AdSense issue as opposed to an IP.Board issue: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/161351?ctx=as2&rd=1
  11. I can't reproduce this problem on my site. Try to see if you can go to the Other Apps -> Tutorials -> Categories page, edit a category, and set the permissions there. Another thing you may want to try is to switch to the English language and see if that changes anything, there was someone earlier who had an issue that I believe I'd narrowed down to it being something with the Russian translation of this app they were using.
  12. I don't have a live example of that page on my own site right now. The keywords are sorted alphabetically. And yes, there is pagination.
  13. Seems like overkill to me personally, I've never had an issue where I needed to limit the number of videos on a page though.
  14. The memberSync extensions already do all of this stuff. Every IPS app has one with the exception of Chat, which has no use for it. When you delete a member's account, the onDelete function in every application's memberSync file will execute and either delete the associated content or mark it unapproved, or something similar.
  15. Probably won't have time to update it until IP.Board 4.0, at that time I'll see which of those suggestions I can implement.
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