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  1. I just purchased your social media icon package, guess its no good to me :(
  2. Hi Tom. 2 question if possible. A- how to change the branding background? we need a jpg background B- can we have thw social icons more "luminous" or colored? thanks for reponse
  3. Heya Tom, hows things? Mate! after the update last night to 3.4.2 and updating the Lumnious forum skin, i am still having a fair number of issues... Are there any known bugs you are still working on? Regards, Geoffro
  4. Thanks heaps Tom!! very grateful! keep up the great work!!! :)
  5. Hello Tom, hows things? hope your well! I have just upgraded my forum to 3.3.4 and having a few issues, im not sure how many are skin related, but just wondering if you could please tell me when your next update will be out and available bud? Regards, Geoff
  6. I am still experiencing a lot of freezing issues with this skin on my forum, many members are complaining of pages freezing up etc :( Are many other people having this problem??? Can anyone please give some advice???
  7. Hi mate, Some members on my forum seem to be having issues with tabs overlapping as seen in the pic, Any help would be appreciated :) P.S great looking skin!!
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