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    Custom markers would be a central feature for our site. Would be awesome if that was available again.
  2. rbiss

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    Is there a way to put a photo or link (use html or bbcode) inside a custom marker?
  3. rbiss

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    This is great stuff, thanks. When a pin shows as green do you know what that means (as opposed to the regular reddish pin)?
  4. ehren, if it the mobile skin works on this forum it should work on everyone's 3.0.5. Why are we waiting?
  5. Another example is October 19 company blog announcement about a mobile skin coming soon, and to be tested on this forum in just a couple of days. We are over three months in waiting. You're setting your clients up for disappointment by leaving impressions that some things will happen soon and they don't and there is no communication, or very little, going forward. [url="n/
  6. Some of us have been looking for an alternative skin so we can incorporate banner ads in the header (something we were vocal about from the first sneak preview of IP3, somewhere in what Dec 08?). When the skin contest happened last summer, the CleanCut skin was the obvious solution. Quite excited that a major fault of the design for some of us was going to be fixed. 6 or 7 months later it still isn't officially out? I understand you don't want to put dates on future feature rollouts, but my biggest gripe is the false impression created about features that are implied or stated as coming soon. 6 or 7 months is not coming soon. Better communication on timing would be appreciated.
  7. Brandon, it would take all of 14 seconds for an IPS rep to update the blog section of the skin. That, I believe, is what is getting most people riled. I copied an pasted the default template to make it work. I'm sure someone on the official skin can do the same.
  8. rbiss

    Mobile skin?

    Is this still being actively bug fixed or is it ready to go?
  9. rbiss

    Mobile skin?

    I believe Comscore recently reported that 18% of social network usage is through mobile now. The numbers are going through the roof. Would be nice to catch the wave as quickly as possible.
  10. rbiss

    Mobile skin?

    Is this going to be released anytime "soon"?
  11. Given most issues are upgrade problems and possibly mods I suppose the logical step would be stop upgrading or making any changes and thus not renewing.
  12. Do you test IP upgrades against a test board with approved mods?
  13. Do you test mods before you approve them on the resources site? What is the approval process for?
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