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  1. I tried upgrading my site from 3.4.1, and it failed. the maintenance page is up and I am unsure what to do to get the upgrade going again? is there an easy way, or do I need IPS tech support? slainte, KT
  2. running the auto-upgrade and get the following error on the login screen of the update. Error: Undefined constant 'IPS\TEST_DELTA_TEMPLATE_CHANGES' (0) I've no idea what is going on. Ideas?
  3. I am trying to figure how to put the topic / post counts next to each other as opposed to stacked like they are currently? here they are now: I want the TOPIC count to the left of the POSTS count. any thoughts? here is a link to see it live. http://www.kiltsrock.com/forum/
  4. our amazing support team fixed my pagebuilder issue. Check permissions not only on the admin groups, but the moderator groups to be sure both are able to manage blocks. that fixed me! THANK YOU ANDY!
  5. I figured it out. there was a page title for * in the SEO area. removed that and it is all good now!
  6. I am sharing my own topics. here is one http://www.kiltsrock.com/forum/topic/22416-kiltology-511-pheonix/ the title on facebook reads "Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Kilt" which is the site title. the post title is "Kiltology #511 Pheonix" attached is a screenshot. .
  7. when I share to facebook, the generic site title set in the SEO tool always appears as the headline of the share. I want to make the topic title be the headline when sharing.to facebook so the heading on facebook isn't always the same.
  8. does anyone out there know how to replace the page title with the topic name dynamically, so the page title is always the topic name? I know this can be done with meta tags manually on a page by page basis, but I am looking for an automated solution so manual editing isn't necessary. slainte, KT Founder The Brotherhood of the KIlt www.kiltsrock.com
  9. I've been using google analytics for a LONG time. I think it does a fantastic job, especially with the real-time tracking you can do. Putting that on your host within IPS could really suck up your server resource. And, it lets the folks here focus on the stuff we really want in side the board instead of rebuilding what google already did. enjoy!
  10. One thing that has enabled my forum to continue to live on is the ability to post without the faceless mods at facebook blocking posts and entire groups / pages seemingly randomly. I see the forum as a save haven for those who want to be able to interact without some arbitrary admin passing judgement over their content.
  11. I have this problem as well. I was just upgraded to the lastest version and the wysiwyg editor is not visible for multiple browsers.
  12. any time I post a link from my forum to facebook, I get the following message next to the image " You currently have javascript disabled " and no text from the page I'm sharing. This has been going on for a long time. I just had my site upgraded to the latest version, and it still happens. how to I fix this? the site is www.kiltsrock.com thanks, KT
  13. I have not yet upgraded to v4, and have a question I currently have a rotating banner ad system I wrote in my header. it randomly selects three of my merchants from my own database tables and displays their image and link. I added this to the code and it has worked great. In moving to v4 I know would rather using existing features instead of coding this to work with the new systems. Is there a system native to v4 that can do this without having to muck with coding? the site is www.kiltsrock.com thanks! KT
  14. I would also love to have this feature returned in some fashion.
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