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  1. 11228

    Super News Feed

    It is. The new topics show up in the feeds if I enable the New Topics stream but the RSS itself doesn't
  2. 11228

    Super News Feed

    After configuring the RSS, I expected to see it in the sidebar on the Index page. I asked if it was possible before I purchased so I know it is Screencap shows that the feed is configured correctly PS - I expect to see the first one with the green arrows.
  3. 11228

    Super News Feed

    Another thing. How do I get the Rss feed on the board index?
  4. 11228

    Super News Feed

    Pretty easy to setup with extensive tutorial I have one concern though. Does everything appear in one long block or am I missing a step? I want to separate New Replies from New Topics and have a unique heading for the feeds I enable. Like on this forum index. It looks untidy and hard to read when it is all in one big block
  5. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    Thank you so much for all your help. I know you don't necessarily support this kind of support. I really appreciate it
  6. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm How do I add another footer menu beneath the first one? I want to move some of the categories down so there is more space between them. Second tier like from Category 7 + on the demo site.
  7. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    I did but it still doesn't work. I added #footer_menu .category { display: inline-block; vertical-align: top; margin: 10px; color:#ffffff; } I tried color:#ffffff; !important; but nothing happened with it either Link
  8. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    Okay now I have these It doesn't work. I defined it in the #footer_menu .category but that doesn't work either Worked for titles
  9. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    I am having a hard time changing the color of the text on the footer. Any tips?
  10. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    Hi, Which file do I edit if I want to change the background, spacing and fonts? This is for the footer
  11. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    That was quick.' To be clear, I upload those two files where in public_html right? Thanks!
  12. 11228

    ProMenu Plus

    I have to ask I am uploading the extracted files, "Admin" and "Public" into the root folder but it becomes a duplicate. Should I overwrite the old ones? I thought it'll go into Applications or one of those directories
  13. 11228

    Converting from Zetaboards?

    I did :)
  14. 11228

    Editor Feedback

    The attached image is what happens when members go to post a spoiler that is made up of a lot of text. They have to hit the backspace loosing all the post they've started This is after they figure out the BB spoiler tags is in the light switch box It is frustrating to say the least
  15. 11228


    I see. Your post sounded like you had a solution for adding buttons Thanks for replying :)