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  1. Cleancut 4.0.0 - 1.0.0

    Hi, Love this theme used to have it a few years back, is the a logo psd file available?
  2. Hi,


    I am confused, I just wanted your plugin to appear at the bottom of the forums, but it is not appearing within the widgets on the left so cannot use it because I cannot see it, if that makes sense 

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    2. Jamer


      I have already registered you as an Administrator so you should already have access?

    3. Pete T

      Pete T

      Nope you given mod cp no admin permission been provided 

    4. Jamer


      Hmm this is weird because according to me you are an Administrator, see screenshot

      Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.44.59.png

  3. Who Was Online

    PM sent
  4. Who Was Online

    That is my point the widget is not there?
  5. Who Was Online

    Ah! I didn't see this thank you for this information, only problem I have now is that although your plugin is enabled in the ACP and I am currently logged into my forums, this is not appearing in this block art all? Where will I find permission settings etc?
  6. Who Was Online

    Hi, I have just installed this plugin and although it appears enabled in the ACP under Plugins how do I get the hook to appear on the forums?
  7. Recent topics

    I have installed the plugin but how do I get it to appear on the forums?
  8. Portal

    Okay thank you for this information. I tried to merge two members today and this came up as an error again, so I really need to get this one sorted. I will create a support ticket with my host and also IPS see where this takes me. Thank you.
  9. Portal

    Hi Mike, Yes I have a couple of plugins, (SOS33) Topic Viewed by Users, Bump Topics, and Members Online Today. I try and keep hooks etc to the bare minimum. They only things I have uninstalled recently are 2 portal plugins - Newest Members and Top Posters but I cannot find the original files to re-install them even if I wanted too. I am not sure what to do so any advice would help? Can I try and find this file and simply upload it, or does it not work like that, it seems to appear as if it is missing
  10. Portal

    I have tried a repair using phpmyadmin again this morning with no luck, so I ask to analize the table and this is the error message received: Here is a screen shot of how the table appears - I notice it says in use?
  11. Portal

    Hi Mike, Yes, tried that. I also tried to merge two members today and got a similar error:
  12. Portal

    Hi Mike, I have just noticed an error in the db. ipbprofile_portal_views This table is not returning a row count and may be crashed and marked for repair. You can repair this table by checking the checkbox for this row and selecting 'Repair Selected Tables' from the drop down belowWhen I try to repair the table I now get this message: Can't find file: 'ipbprofile_portal_views' (errno: 2) Any idea? I have not changed anything as far as I am aware.
  13. Portal

    Thank you for the information.
  14. Portal

    Thanks Mike, is version 1.4.1 the latest version for IPB 3.4.8?
  15. Members Online Today

    Okay well it seems to all be working. Thank you