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  1. Import of vBulletin social groups possible?
  2. Just a note: It seems that image width is higher than page width and breaks mobile layout here...
  3. Hello, why can't I connect with dillo browser to this site? It is just me? Open Google Cache (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://invisionpower.com/forums/) is possible but not https://invisionpower.com/forums/
  4. Hello, did you noticed, the search URL is is something like: https://invisionpower.com/search/?&q=test&type=forums_topic The malformed "?&" query string... (empty value righter after the question mark, before the ampersand).
  5. Are you using the template at https://typography.guru/journal/ too? It is a little bit frustrating, you can not click on the image. You have to click on the headline only.
  6. Hello, I seems there are bugs that Invision don't want to fix: I wonder if these bugs will be "forgotten" or customers get a list of these known issues?
  7. Look here: As Mark said it is intentional. So I want to bring it to a discussion here. What do you think about it? These links are confusing. Example: You tap on IPS4 Resources > IPS4 Resources (yes, the first menu item in sub menu) and it loads the Release Notes? What?!
  8. But jQuery is build into IPS root JS library. So if jQuery die, Invision has to rebuild (or convert) a lot of other features too. So I see no reason not to use jQuery for a smooth menu - but only if this helps (with the example I just wanted to show that smooth menus are possible at all - it was never my intention to use jQuery).
  9. http://mmenu.frebsite.nl/ No stutters on my Nexus 5 - also with energy saving mode on (lowering CPU power).
  10. It stutters and we have to live with it? Other sites can do huge mobile menus (with sub menus too) smooth.
  11. Hello, just want to ask if the mobile menu is smooth on your device? I have a Nexus 5 and sadly it stutters (not much but noticeable) on Chrome (default browser).
  12. Hello, it seems that push notification do not work on mobile Chrome/Android. Am I the only one? I added a bug report: https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/push-notifications-do-not-work-on-androidchrome-r8047/
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