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  1. This is a feature we really need then. People will not want to register in order to cast a vote in a poll.
  2. How can I allow guests to vote in Polls? This is clearly a permission thing but I am stumped any help would be appreciated
  3. How do I allow guests ho can view topics to be able to download any attachments that have been posted?
  4. I am also receiving far too many emails (spam) via the contact us form.
  5. Jamer


    Hi Mike, I have upgraded the forum and when I try to Install the latest portal, it tells me to login to clients area, then Marketplace, then search portal and click install, I am doing this but not getting anywhere...I can see the install button, I click it and I see choice of versions, it is defaulting to 4.5 but that is as far I can can get, cannot actually begin the install, any advice would be appreciated
  6. When I create a post I can normally share it by clicking on the various Social Media icons that were previously set up in the ACP however, I have noticed starting only yesterday that they all work with the exception of Twitter, now when I click on the icon I get this error - 403 Forbidden: The server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it. Any advice would be appreciated?
  7. Yes a link to the first image in a particular topic would work fine, thank you I will take a look.
  8. Hi, When I share a post from our forum to Twitter, our forum icon appears instead of the topic image, (see attachment) can someone please advise why this is happening and what I need to do to fix the problem, when I scroll to the bottom of a topic on the forum I am clicking the twitter button which links then to our Twitter account but I cannot work out why the topic image is not appearing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Jamer


    Hi Mike, I have 13 portal blocks running down the right side of the portal but I am unable to add anymore at the end however, I have found a workaround by dragging the new portal block in-between existing ones and that seems to work. I have the who is online widget at the end and I wanted to add another after this but I cannot. I can live with it 🙂 Keep up the good work it is all appreciated.
  10. Jamer


    Hi Mike, I have several blocks which are working fine but now when I add a block it is not appearing, can you advise is there a limit to how many blocks I can add? How do I add another block? I have created a new block which appears within the widgets under edit, but I do not want to edit an existing block I want to add another block below some of the others, if that makes sense, any advice appreciated. I am using the latest version of IPS
  11. Hi, I purchased the theme this week and it is superb!! I have also left a review. Easily customisable so really happy. ? I have one question, is there a way that I can remove the forum name from the very top? (above the header) I would like to have my logo on the same line as the Nav but I am not sure that is possible without loads of additional coding, so would be happy if I could just remove the forum name for now. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Jamer

    Infraskew Theme

    Just purchased this theme are so far it looks superb!! Thank you for providing such a great customisable theme.
  13. Jamer


    So in the absence of the gallery app, the portal will work okay for now?
  14. Thank you for your response, no need to apologise but it is appreciated TAMAN, I will look at purchasing this theme when I get home at the weekend. Thank you for coming back to me. ?
  15. Okay, slightly sarcastic response to an important question. I am just looking for longevity with a nice theme like this one, I appreciate that we may all die tomorrow but in the absence of such unlikely events, do you plan on keeping this theme updated for as long as possible? I just do not want to purchase a theme to find it no longer available in 8 months time, if you can see where I am coming from.
  16. Love the theme and I am looking for a theme with longevity, so can you assure me that this theme will be updated for several years to come, I do not want to keep changing themes but I like the light colours as a lot of themes are always dark.
  17. Jamer


    Brilliant, thank you John it would be good to have this font size option as an option with the acp on future versions..
  18. Jamer


    I'll need to know the exact location you want to change. Ideally you would add something like "ipsType_large" into the template location rather then do something for all text in the Portal. Sorry Mike, could you give me a little more detail, not sure how to go about this?
  19. I think this needs addressing, I appreciate it is responsive but I think it is in need of improvement too. ?
  20. Hi, Not sure how this really works because virtually any image I upload as a cover is out of proportion, was hoping that there was an optimal size if that makes sense.
  21. I have the same question and would also like to know what size the header images is for the Calendar
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