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  1. I am using the PWA on this site. Apple does not support a back button when in a PWA. So the app must provide this navigation control on each page in the PWA. I don’t have Android to test, but it is my understanding that Google supports back button in PWAs. So It is up to IPS to provide a back button in IC if the PWA is to be as good as when in Safari on iOS.
  2. I tried using the PWA for this site (running the latest 4.6 beta) on my iPhone. The biggest issue is no BACK button is available in the PWA. Please consider adding a true BACK button in the navigation header that returns to the same position in the topic listing that you used to view the topic. The current navigation header "back" button simply goes to the first page of the topic listing (even if the topic being viewed is in the second or subsequent pages of the topic listing). Another related problem is that when you read a long topic, you have to scroll either all the way back to the top or use the link to the topic listing all the way to the bottom of the page. Even then, it always takes you back to the first page of the topic listing so you have to find your position in the topic listing again (maybe by navigating to subsequent pages in the topic listing). The browser's BACK button is what is really needed in the PWA. Since Safari doesn't add BACK/FORWARD buttons when in a PWA, it is up to the PWA to have a true BACK button on the page being viewed. I suggest changing the current navigation header back button into a true BACK button in the PWA (at least for iOS) and pinning the navigation header bar to the top of the viewport (using "absolute" CSS positioning). This would allow easy navigation regardless of how far down in the page you have scrolled. If the HTTP_REFERER is not the topic listing page, change the current navigation header button to go to the first page of the topic listing. If you choose to not make the navigation header button a true BACK button outside the PWA (for iOS), you should make sure the navigation header button has the correct page # in the link so you at least return to the page that contains the topic shown in the viewport. Would be nice to scroll to the topic in the topic list by using #topicid in the link (or other way to simulate the effects of not using the browser's BACK button. Anyway, this is the biggest problem I see in encouraging my users to "Add to Home Screen" and visiting my site in the PWA. This issue should be fairly easy to fix in the 4.6 default theme.
  3. I'm hoping IPS adds support for Cloudflare Stream video hosting in 4.6. I really want to encourage my users to post personal videos and Cloudflare Stream is a very economical and easy option for hosting and streaming video for smaller websites like mine. It should be easy to support since the Cloudflare Stream API is very simple to use. You do have to upload the video to Cloudflare, but Cloudflare takes care of transcoding, hosting, and embedding the video for streaming to any kind of user device.
  4. I can't find the devtools for 4.5.2. Did IPS change where they are downloaded?
  5. I suggest that IPS require all Marketplace downloads have the dev files for maintaining the download should the developer disappear available as a separate download. You can charge extra to download the dev files (say a fixed fee of $10 per Marketplace purchase) if you want to generate a little more revenue for the developers. I certainly have been very hesitant to install a Marketplace app/plugin if I am not sure I can easily take over maintaining the software myself (or hire someone else). Having the DEV files for the all software I deploy on my site is a requirement for me, and I would have to think for others as well.
  6. I'm starting a new community shortly and I just don't want my users to use deprecated features. Not a big deal, but if a feature is deprecated, I don't want to have someone use it and then react negatively when it goes away. Users don't like change (especially feature removals), in my experience.
  7. Is there an ACP setting to prevent any BBCode being parsed in user posts? I like to disable deprecated features for users before an update removes them permanently.
  8. Simply allow us as admins to set an attribute on each installed theme that designates the modes the theme supports, either light, dark, or both. Next, have the ACP Themes section support setting a default theme for light mode users and a default theme for dark mode users. Admins can then choose a third party theme for users in dark mode and the default IPS theme for users in light mode. IPS could even provide a separate dark default theme to be used by those of us that don't use third party themes. Finally, when a theme is loaded, it should be very simple to have a JS check for current mode and load the appropriate theme (as set in the theme attributes - light/dark/both). I think this would be pretty easy to implement and not put any burden for third party themes since the dark mode theme would be a separate theme from the light mode theme. No big changes required to the existing IPS theming system either.
  9. Have you looked at Cloudflare Stream? It is relatively inexpensive at $1 per thousand minutes viewed and $5 per thousand minutes stored (per month). ?
  10. I keep checking this site for a blog post that describes first class support for video attachments in 4.5... I hope 4.5 does indeed add much better support for uploading and attaching videos to posts. Video hosting is very easy these days with cheap video streaming services like Cloudflare Stream. In addition to video hosting, I hope 4.5 comes with a better uploader for videos. The current uploader is miserable for uploading large files like videos. Fortunately, there is a very good open source uploader called Uppy that handles uploading both large and small files (and was created especially for uploading videos). Finally, Cloudflare Stream requires tus to upload videos to Cloudflare and Uppy was created by the same company that created the tus protocol.
  11. I need to add a "Copy to Clipboard" button to a couple of Text and TextArea form fields. Please add an option to do this to the Text & TextArea form helpers. Without this button, it is very hard for my users to select text and copy it to the clipboard on mobile. See the Javascript Selection and execCommand APIs that seem to be well supported by most browsers these days.
  12. On desktop, the new email shows as full screen, while the previous digest email was centered and fixed width. Before: After: Someone might have changed an email template at IPS?
  13. This is how digest emails looked on Saturday and now on Sunday: The font-size is incredibly small for me to read on my iPhone now. Something must have changed recently and it is a step backwards. Could you change the template so Digest emails are easier to read on the iPhone? Specifically, showing the photos in a column all by themselves is not good for small screens. The text should span the entire width of the screen and large enough to see. See this Twitter email that I get which doesn't waste so much space for the main text:
  14. Why are you so focused on what is missing in iOS for PWAs, like Web Push Api? Have you looked at the Twitter PWA on iOS? It is pretty indistinguishable from their native app and a great mobile experience for Twitter users. As for push notifications, I don't view this as a "must have" feature for a PWA or native app. Email notifications are just fine for many communities. In fact, as an iOS user, I don't want more push notifications from apps that aren't important that I be notified immediately of new content on the site. I can't even think of one forum that I want push notifications on, including this one. So, @Matt, please consider adding more PWA support into Invision Community so our mobile users have a better experience on our sites. After all, the "P" in PWA stands for "Progressive" and means that those users with browsers that support the various Progressive Web APIs get near native app experience (including offline use) while those using browsers that don't support some of the Progressive APIs fallback to the older web app experience.
  15. The IPS4 Post Form includes the Plupload JavaScript for uploading attachments to the post. On my site, I decided to disable uploading interactively for all attachments and to support only "Upload via Email". On the user's device, they only have to "Share" the photos/videos/files via email by sending to an email address I create for them on my site for uploads from their registered email address. Incoming emails are piped (via Postfix) into IPS4 and attached to the sender's profile page (I have an Uploads tab in the profile page). When an attachment is received via email, my site sends a notification with a link to a form for saving the upload to their Uploads page. The form allows them to add a caption/comment for the upload and save to their Uploads page. The site processes videos to add a transcript of the audio so they can edit that too before saving the attachment. Then, the Post Form on my site only has the "Insert other media" dropdown and not the "Drag files to attach" area. All attachments are uploaded via email on my site (so I don't confuse anyone with multiple ways to upload files on the site). Anyway, adding "Upload via Email" is a great feature that I have suggested many times to IPS, but they haven't implemented yet, preferring to stick with interactive uploading in the Post Form.
  16. If you have no plans to release source code as a product, I suggest you release a proper PWA for the rest of us that can't work with a white-labeled, un-customized native app for our sites Also, the fact that iOS doesn't support Web Push API (but a different service for Push Notifications) doesn't affect me much in a PWA. I greatly prefer Email Notifications for my website since my users don't want a bunch of intrusive notifications on their devices any way, especially from a forum. I understand that many need to have intrusive push notifications to help drive engagement, but this isn't the case for my site. So, a good PWA where the user is prompted to install the PWA and the PWA does enough caching of files to make it feel like a native app even though it is a JavaScript web app is what I need. See the Twitter PWA vs the Twitter native app... It is very well done and you can't really tell the difference between the two. The code you need to write for a good IPS PWA is rather minimal. The HTML/CSS needs work to work better on mobile, but that could wait until IPS5 is out and rewrites the theme/JS framework in React.js. I suggest looking at: https://react-bootstrap.github.io for version 5. This would get you out of the business of maintaining your own JS/HTML/CSS framework. In the meantime, adding PWA into IPS4 shouldn't take but a few months (at most). I've been planning on doing that myself later this year (and have spent a lot of time reading up on what would be needed to support a PWA for IPS4 custom apps). I will have to do this unless IPS gets around to support PWA in IPS4 by the end of the year.
  17. My site uses all custom apps. I am in need for good mobile experience like true native apps can give. Any chance you will make the source code for this new app available for download so sites like mine can use as a starting point to building a custom app for our highly customized sites? Open sourcing the new app would be much appreciated. I'm willing to pay for the source code if it means I can build native apps for my site. I was planning on building a PWA for my site, but a native app (in addition to the PWA) would be great. I still need the PWA app for other platforms like Desktop.
  18. I don't mind doing ACP upgrades in the staging servers (for pre-deployment testing), but don't want to manually upgrade the production servers. Automating this process seems like a good thing to do to eliminate any downtime and to minimize the chance of error.
  19. Please consider providing a command line PHP script to perform installs/upgrades in a cronjob (or as single interactive command). I can handle automating updating the PHP files, but it is a problem to upgrade the database (which resides on multiple servers in multiple datacenters) in a production environment. I need to be able to perform upgrades of the database and the php files with minimal downtime, perhaps in the early mornings unattended. Ideally, upgrades could be performed in a rolling update to multiply PHP servers/MySQL databases. These services run in containers and rolling updates are easy to automate with the right upgrade system tasks. The upgrades can be tested in the development servers before being pushed to the production servers.
  20. Anyone thinking of using the latest MySQL 8.0 release, should wait until IPS fixes problems caused by the word "member" being a reserved word. Invision Community contains a number of columns called "member" in various tables. In order to use this column, the reserved word has to be surrounded by back ticks (i.e., "`member`"). I use docker containers to run Invision Community and I use the latest MySQL 8.0 image from the docker hub. So, I'm hitting SQL syntax errors whenever Invision Community uses "member" without back ticks. I've run into many instances where I needed to edit the PHP files to add the missing back ticks. So, just a warning to not upgrade to MySQL 8.0.17 until IPS fixes this issue...
  21. Just noticed that MySQL deprecated SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS in 8.0.17 and \IPS\Db class uses this feature... Please remove use of SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS before MySQL removes it for us.
  22. I know my email client (Mac OS X Mail app) allows me to set a Rule for how to display email from certain addresses. For example, mail from one of the many email addresses that apple uses is set to color the background light blue for messages in the index. This allows Apple's messages to stand out in the lists. IPS could implement something similar to this in the content index pages to highlight rows from certain members/groups like you are suggesting. I noticed that replies from @Matt are highlighted in certain pages where Matt chooses to reply so highlighting index rows based on the content author is certainly an enhancement that would fit well in IPS4.
  23. I haven't looked at the state of embedding YouTube videos in content and emails, but I came across this blog this morning discussing a technique for lazy loading YouTube videos where you only download the poster image on page load and download the video when you click on the image. https://dev.to/haggen/lazy-load-embedded-youtube-videos-520g This seems like a good idea that should be used in IPS4. Also, the last time I checked, IPS4 does not embed videos in email, but if you have a link to the poster image, you could show that image with a link to play the video in a browser. This way, content would appear the same in both the browser and the email client (which is a good thing!).
  24. You need to add a Service Worker for better PWA support. And, relying on the user knowing how to install a PWA app is not enough. They need a proper prompt to "Add to homescreen" that works in all browsers that support it. Both the Service Worker and the "Add to homescreen" prompts are very simple to add to the JavaScript and there are libraries like Google's Workbox that add more advanced Service Workers for PWAs.
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