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  1. I installed this, like it alot, but it took out my logo and put Invision Focus, is there a way to put back my logo?
  2. I deleted the original css file and renamed the dark file to acp.css and uploaded it, changed the settings in the original back to acp and nothing happened? What is Ctrl + F5 suppose to do, I am on a MAC and it didn't do anything???
  3. It would be nice if they included this in IP Boards 4.0, if there was a way to see or stop people from registering multiple times!
  4. I couldn't even get Mandrill to work, everything was setup, but kept getting a socket error, called my hosting company and they said they were not blocking port 587 and that they didn't know what to tell me???
  5. I am using the default skin at this time. What folder would this be in?
  6. I uploaded everything that was in the Upload folder from the Trader Download???? Question: Is there a way for the feedback to show up in the info that shows up when you hover over a members name? Thanks!
  7. Love the trader addon, wish there was an importer from SMF. I installed without any problems was warned about Feedback for Classifieds so I deleted that Hook. I went to test the feedback option and the feedback button says: "Leave Feedback Leave Feedback" yes says it twice inside the button? Thanks!
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