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  1. I figured it out - was totally my error! Using 'Subscriptions' with 3 currencies enabled - they WERE all available, I'd just totally missed the currency toggle on the subscription page whereby a user would click which ever currency they preferred using, in theory! easier to miss on a big screen, but clearer on mobile view since it's at the top, whereas on a big screen that currency toggle gets tucked away up top right a bit out of users line of vision, or it was mine! Thanks for feedback anyway,
  2. Any other users of Classifieds latest 2.1.1 - getting errors if adverts have to be moderated before going live? ours just won't load. We get a message to say they've gone live, but the advert is still stuck in moderating limbo! Also if we remove moderating (or load the advert manually via ACP) the adverts aren't loading to the relevant forums at all. Anyone else having similar issues? discovered the problem? hoping HQ looks at this, but seems he's unavailable last few days.
  3. Re-size facility for images on upload - very much welcomed, also sounds like the referrals functions are being vastly improved 👍
  4. Does any other users of classifieds notice browsing issue viewing the adverts on mobile - smart phone, small screen size - where the advert description text doesn't show clearly, it appears the text is blending into the by 'advertiser' name ?
  5. Did anyone discover if it's possible to have different currency subscription plans? I have enabled US / EUR / GB in currencies, and these boxes do display on the admin page when setting up subscription plans, BUT if I select anything other than the site's default currency, it just displays on the actual subscription offer as 'payment unavailable' any clues how to set up different currencies for subscription plans? is it even possible? Thanks,
  6. Fantastic - all great additions, appreciate the updating work, THANKS and happy to support, especially as you get to 3.0 * also noting - current feedback system is integrated and working perfectly; Trader Feedback System
  7. Is there a planned release date for this new 4.5 referrals ? soon we hope 🙂
  8. All sounds good, sounds like there's much better referral features ahead - looking forward to 4.5, hopefully it's due soon?
  9. I've just installed the new Beta 2.0 - actually first time user & site is running all standard Theme, just a couple of extra plug-ins, ALL is working fine, very smooth installation, so Thanks @InvisionHQ for a great job on this. There's a few minor things which could benefit from future updates: 1. If I have 2 currencies set, £ and £, should it show a tick next to the one selected? tick seems to stay in the same place, or is option switching only available if that currency has a value assigned? 2. If I have UK£ as default currency and $ as a second currency, the shipping onl
  10. Is classifieds v2 with new shipping features still planned for release Friday 29th?
  11. Fantastic, good work there, lets go, looking forward to it
  12. Looking forward to seeing the new updated version available to buy, Thanks
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