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  1. All sounds good, sounds like there's much better referral features ahead - looking forward to 4.5, hopefully it's due soon?
  2. I've just installed the new Beta 2.0 - actually first time user & site is running all standard Theme, just a couple of extra plug-ins, ALL is working fine, very smooth installation, so Thanks @InvisionHQ for a great job on this. There's a few minor things which could benefit from future updates: 1. If I have 2 currencies set, £ and £, should it show a tick next to the one selected? tick seems to stay in the same place, or is option switching only available if that currency has a value assigned? 2. If I have UK£ as default currency and $ as a second currency, the shipping only ever displays in $ even if no value set to the $00.00 and the shipping is entered in £ it still displays as Dollars. Guessing there's a £ field missing, for shipping? also tried without any $ currency enabled in the ACP, only UK£, but the classifieds still default to US$ shipping. 3. Contact advertiser - would be good if this option was always be available? even after pending deal, because buyers will often want to contact a seller using this button, after an offer has been made, so they can organise payment, exchange details etc Some further customisation of section/button titles would also be a great feature, although @InvisionHQ has done a great job with the standard set up, all in all a really good facility & look forward to working long term as it continues to evolve.
  3. Is classifieds v2 with new shipping features still planned for release Friday 29th?
  4. Fantastic, good work there, lets go, looking forward to it
  5. Looking forward to seeing the new updated version available to buy, Thanks
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