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  1. Yes, I was able to get the FB integration working fine. You have to follow the instructions in the documentation to get it working right, set up a developer account with Fb, etc. Thanks, I believe this would be highly beneficial to anyone running IPB. I wouldn't think it's that difficult to do it, since many CRM softwares do the same thing. FYI, there is already some integration with LinkedIn, but, it does not use the 'scheduled promotion' feature. To be clear, my request is to support the promotion feature so we can push our picks automatically to LinkedIn. See here for current integration:
  2. Hi guys, is there a plan to support social media promotion to LinkedIn ? I see we have one for Facebook and it's working great. Just wanted to expand it to the business community on Linkedin via my company page. Is that possible?
  3. Is this still a valid plugin? I can't seem to find the file.
  4. Nice plugin. Is there a way to show this information within a page as a block?
  5. Thanks. However, I am not a CSS programmer so I don't know where to find these elements? Is there a simple way to find them? m
  6. @newbie LAC, thank you this worked fine. Do you happen to have a list of valid elements and their locations?
  7. Great thanks! I suppose the ads weren't showing up on your module because I didn't have the click log enabled? Will try that now. I am a bit confused with the ad after every 3 posts, but, will look into it tomorrow when I have a bit more time to follow your instruction. Mike
  8. @newbie LAC, I just purchased your enhanced ad module. It looks good so far. A few questions: My existing ads are not showing up in the advert list (on your module). How do I get them to show up? How do I enable the click counter for ads that I've already got running? I want to show an ad for every 3 posts when a guest is viewing a topic. How do I get this going? (I had your previous Ads after X posts and want to get that working again) Thank you! Mike
  9. Hi @InvisionHQ, It looks like the classifieds system (version 1.3.7) will not allow users to use the contact the advertiser after the advert is marked completed. If you click on the "Contact Advertiser" button, the system shows the following message below. Is there a way I can keep this enabled, even after the advert is marked completed?
  10. Is there an option to show the member's ID number? I use the unique ID for membership numbers in my website. This is useful for member discounts with my vendors. Mike
  11. Hi guys, The current gallery design is a bit 'rough' to navigate when you're trying to find specific images. For instance, we are an automobile-based club and I've created categories for things like suspension, electrical, bodywork, etc. We have many photos uploaded into these categories by many different members. However, when someone wants to find other photos uploaded by that specific user-id, they must revert to the search engine to find all their photos. I have a few ideas on how to improve this process. Create a link in the users profile. This link would show all of the images (not just the albums as it is now) uploaded by this user. The link (or tab) would be called 'Gallery' and selecting it will show all of the images uploaded by the user. Create a 'other photos by this user' link. This link would appear when someone is viewing an image uploaded by a member. When they are viewing the image, this link would point them toward a place where they can see all of the images (and where they are uploaded). Create a gallery menu item to browse by user. Right now I don't see a way to find images by a specific user (similar to blogs). It would be very nice if you can see all the members who have uploaded to the gallery and a method to get to their images quickly. Search by AI. I know this is a bit far fetched, but, is there a way to add intelligence to the images such as searching for the color 'red' or a specific type of image or subject? I can do this on many of my current galleries and it would be great to add it to IPB. Thanks, Mike
  12. It looks like this is a joke to a few of the members on this forum. But, this is a very good question. If you think about your members, and any long-term supporters of your site, you'll take it a bit more seriously. In my case, I would like the legacy of my creation to live on after I die. Our website has so much knowledge and information, it would also be a disservice to others in the future if I didn't think about this possibility of this happening. In my case, I've got two other admins that both have access to my root server. Diversity is key, so, I recommend finding someone who you know personally and then ask them to perform this role. It may also be a good idea to make sure they are not a "significant other" because they will be pretty busy at the moment of passing. You'll need someone to take the reigns without being distracted.
  13. Yes, I had a custom plugin made so I could edit the value in the automatic manifest file.
  14. Related to this manifest issue, this is required for me to start using the iZooto service. It looks like they need me to add the above value to the manifest. As far as solutions, here are the options I can see so far: Customize the manifest file (easiest) Convince Invision developers to build this into Community Enhancements (may be a long wait) Pay a developer to put together an application/plugin (I don't know how to do it) Here's the request I sent to Invision to add the Enhancement:
  15. Hi @bfarber, the key that I want to add is: Mike
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