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  1. It looks like this is a joke to a few of the members on this forum. But, this is a very good question. If you think about your members, and any long-term supporters of your site, you'll take it a bit more seriously. In my case, I would like the legacy of my creation to live on after I die. Our website has so much knowledge and information, it would also be a disservice to others in the future if I didn't think about this possibility of this happening. In my case, I've got two other admins that both have access to my root server. Diversity is key, so, I recommend finding someone who you know personally and then ask them to perform this role. It may also be a good idea to make sure they are not a "significant other" because they will be pretty busy at the moment of passing. You'll need someone to take the reigns without being distracted.
  2. Yes, I had a custom plugin made so I could edit the value in the automatic manifest file.
  3. Related to this manifest issue, this is required for me to start using the iZooto service. It looks like they need me to add the above value to the manifest. As far as solutions, here are the options I can see so far: Customize the manifest file (easiest) Convince Invision developers to build this into Community Enhancements (may be a long wait) Pay a developer to put together an application/plugin (I don't know how to do it) Here's the request I sent to Invision to add the Enhancement:
  4. Hi @bfarber, the key that I want to add is: Mike
  5. FYI, there are a few steps needed to get the code to work correctly. They also have an option to generate a unique API key. Either method would require a configuration space to add these files and place the API token. Here's the default method (for HTTPS websites without integration): Please follow steps mentioned below to setup push notifications on your website Step 1 : Place files - manifest.json, service-worker.js - included in the following installation zip at root directory of your website. These files should be accessible. Step 2 : Copy & place following JS code before </head> tag on all website pages <script> window._izq = window._izq || []; window._izq.push(["init"]); </script> <script src="https://cdn.izooto.com/scripts/your_unique_ID_here.js"></script>
  6. Hi all, I am currently trying to edit the manifest file for my IPB instance. I have a self-hosted solution and will be trying to add support for a 3rd party notification system (iZooto). The solution seems to work well, but, their system needs me to add a value to the manifest.webmanifest file. If you are using HTTPS, this file seems to be generated automatically by IPB. Only problem is that I cannot add the required value to the file. If you add another manifest file to the website root folder (as required by some of these 3rd party apps), the values are ignored. After looking at IPB settings, the software seems to generate a dynamic file called /manifest.webmanifest to my site. See https://www.classiczcars.com/manifest.webmanifest .. This is great, but, it doesn't look like I can edit the values. I did a search for the values in my theme template and it shows up at this location: core global global includeMeta I am not familiar with how to edit this file to add the value. So, it would be great if you can add a method to customize these values so they aren't affected by theme updates. My idea is simple. Add a method to the theme editor to add values and control the manifest file. This could be accomplished with another tab in the theme editor. Any time an update to the theme is applied, the custom manifest files remain unchanged. Thanks for listening, and hopefully this explanation was enough to start a discussion. FYI, I also submitted a separate idea to integrate with iZooto directly with a Community Enhancement, but, this manifest customization may be an easier way to solve the issue sooner. Mike
  7. Hi guys, I am currently looking into ways I can add a notification service to my board. iZooto seems like a great opportunity and they have great support. They do have a monetization plan and profit sharing that goes along with it. I haven't seen anything on the developer portal for integrations with this app but I think this would be a great addition to your community enhancements area. There is also another service called pushcrew, which I haven't studied yet. However, here's the API information for iZooto. https://www.izooto.com/how-web-push-api-works I've tried integration at the root website level, but it appears there is a problem with multiple manifest files on the same server. IPB doesn't allow for custom manifest control (which I will be adding another request separately), so it doesn't seem to work without a custom integration. Thanks. Mike
  8. I'd be interested to see if IPB developers could integrate with a push notification service. There's no real sense in building it internally if there are services that can do it for you. For instance, https://www.izooto.com/ seems like one that would work great. At this point, the challenge will be to convince IPB to do it, iZooto to build an app, or pay someone to build it.
    Great addition to any site that is looking to provide classified services. Excellent support and code installs in minutes. Configuration is very simple. Highly recommended!
  9. Thanks I found the store option. I didn't realize each user had to enable it. Appreciate the info and I look forward to the block fix. Mike
  10. @InvisionHQ, not sure if this is where you want us to report issues.. But, it looks like the block module (for pages) isn't truncating the classified titles. Is this easy to fix? Here's what the block looks like on my pages (outside of the app): The block looks OK in the classified module though:
  11. Another question, how do I get to the user store? I don't see any links for it although it's already enabled in the CP.
  12. Hey, I've been using the classifieds app and it's been working great so far! Very nice add on. If I may suggest a few things to clean up the layout? The layout seems a bit like listing data on separate blocks one after another (vertically). A cleaner layout would make this work a bit better visually. Move the "Specs" section to the description area above the price. Move the "X Watching" data down to the status block below the price (next to X Questions, X Reviews, X Views). Just add another tab for X Watching. Move the map from its current location to the area under price. Also include a link to open a larger map. Just a few ideas, I've included a screenshot.
  13. Strange thing, it just corrected itself after a few minutes. Not sure what the heck happened... (thanks for the quick reply)
  14. I purchased and installed this as a fresh new installation. However, my admin page and website template is totally screwed up. How do I fix this? See attachments. Admin: Website:
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