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  1. Checked in safari, members are reporting the same issue. They are reporting that only the Administrators posts are showing with incorrect white background. And Iโ€™m noticing it only on my (Administrators posts) Any idea how to fix?
  2. Thanks, that fixed the editor which I didn't know about so thank you for that. But the other issue shows for posts that have been submitted The issue with the post background being white instead of grey, this only shows incorrectly for my posts, all other users posts are correct. So I am presuming that users also have this issue and that they see their own posts incorrectly with white instead of a grey background. I am guessing that maybe just needs a extra line of CSS somewhere? But I am not a developer ๐Ÿ˜ž
  3. Hello, thank you for making this! I have notice though that on 4.4 part of the "message box" (for lack of knowing the correct term) of submitted posts is now showing as white, instead of as dark grey like the rest of the post. I have used your post above as an example and highlighted in green where this is showing (as I didn't want to publicly post links to my forum) the areas highlighted with green boxes are where they are showing as white, instead of the same dark grey that the rest of the post shows. Do you know why this is being caused and is it possible to fix? I am guessing th
  4. Yep, all fixed now, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Excited about the new 4.5 on Invision community but there is no way to check private messages whilst on mobile?! It a disappeared from the bar!
  6. Hello, are there any settings in place to stop abuse of the free trial period? Can I limit a member account to only 1 free trial period in their lifetime? Otherwise they could just cancel each month and be getting an extra week with each trial (or extra 30 days if that is what the trial period is)
  7. Will there be an ability to only allow certain member groups to use the app? (I.e paying only members who have a specific product in the store - premium membership) Is it also possible to hide specific forums from the app? First option would be great and would allow me to use the app on my forum in the future. The other option could be a temporary solution until that ability.
  8. Many thanks for having a look! Hope to see it in the future.
  9. Correspondence in an email to stripe, they confirmed to me that I need the new checkout to be able to get the char back protection. Some but not all of the relevant email correspondence are included below: And: It is common for some subscribers of subscription services to forget about the payments and then simply try to claim the money from their card provider saying they never agreed to the purchase etc. Money is immediately taken and then It requires evidence to be submitted to the card company in order to get the money back. The charge back protection i
  10. This is an appeal to Invision board to please include the NEW stripe checkout in an update of Invision Board, NEW stripe checkout can be seen here: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout This supports SCA which is a legal requirement. It also supports chargeback protection, which I wish to purchase from Stripe but this requires the NEW checkout, this chargeback protection can't be purchased on the old current IB Board Stripe checkout. If you feel that this is also useful for your forums please also reply to this topic to make Invision Board aware of our desire for the NEW stripe c
  11. Did you manage to fix this issue? If not, the solution is to go into Admin CP, Payments, Stipe, and at the bottom you need to add the webhook, there should be a button to add it. Follow the instruction with the link to the end point, and select to 'receive all events' that should hopefully fix it for you.
  12. Nice improvement. You could increase registrations even further if the username was prepopulated with a suggested username (perhaps based on part of their email) This would allow the user to register if they canโ€™t think of a username and they could always change it later.
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