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  1. By Christmas I expect foldable devices to be out in the market. I think people are tiring of the iPhone tile and looking for something more exciting.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! Longboat Key, Florida
  3. Community forums are not dead, the strong interesting “niche” communities will survive.
  4. NetNeutrality is more important than people think and will be a huge challenge for all of us if we lose it. I work exclusively through the web and have been since 1998, own a web hosting company and a sound, motion and design company that are both exclusive to the web. Will losing NetNeutrality hurt my business? Probably, but web users will really lose out on freedom and speed the web now offers. I would not hesitate to build a new community or go forward with a new online venture because of the nut jobs in Washington - these people will not be there forever and rules can be flipped.
  5. Fantastic! Looking forward to working with and using 4.2 in the future ?
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for replying to this issue. I have sent a request through the contact portal last week but without success of a reply, you guys must be busier than a particle accelerator. I did have a breakthrough that may be of interest to you and others. I was able to access my client area for the first time in weeks by changing browsers. I was attempting to login on a mac desktop & ipad with Safari 10.0.3 with no success and tonight tried FireFox 51.0.1 on the desktop and was able to get back in. ? When in doubt or locked out, try another browser.
  7. I hate to post this on a forum but I'm running out of time and need to get this resolved. When I attempt to access my client area for the past week/ten daysvI get the "your account has been locked, please try later" but no matter how long I wait or clear browser cache still no success. I have sent support emails starting a few days ago but no reply. Can anyone one help, I own four uninstalled paid licenses that dead in the water. - Scott
  8. Working through the holidays launching three new communities.

  9. If you havent pirchased one already I would wait, the mini's are due for an upgrade within the next few months and most likely will get a processor upgrade. Great little units that can be placed just about anywhere.
  10. Fantastic! Looking forward to Gallery 5.0
  11. Fantastic. Looking forward to more in depth documentation and 3.3 Gold :)
  12. Great news, looking forward to the Gold :)
  13. Great news. Thanks for sharing the release schedule.
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