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  1. Not impossible as I told you in PM, your email address is being blocked by the IPS spam defense
  2. It has been considered and once we get out of the Beta it may happen, still something that is being tossed around quite honestly
  3. Ok no problem, just wanted to let everyone know that it is available, there may be a very slimmed down release for here, just not as much functionality as the one we are encoding sorry bu the one doing the coding really does want to protect his work and I cannot blame him. There have been a few attempts made by people here to make an arcade but to no avail, he does not want them to use his coding to make a separate version based on all the work he has done
  4. It will not be purchased from the market place here, but does not mean it cannot be purchased on our site
  5. thanks Daniel, I was pretty sure that was right, we are looking at a very scaled down version of the arcade that would not be encoded because it would not have all of the capabilities, and that would be for those that are cloud clients
  6. I know there have been questions about whether or not this APP will be available in the Market place here, and because it is encoded with ioncube I do not think it is something that IPS will allow here. I would like to at least post the capabilities of the arcade here but not sure that is something I can do either. So if you have questions about the arcade, want to know the capabilities of it, or just want to see it in a live environment, please let me know and I will send you a link in PM to the site
  7. For those of you who have showed an interest, we have just released our first Beta
  8. My little spot on the WWW https://ipsproarcade.com
  9. Thanks everyone who has shown an interest and signed up to help test. Apparently for some the validation email is not being sent, if you run into this issue when signing up, please send me a PM or post here and I will get you approved as soon as I get the notice
  10. That may happen sometime down the road, that would be another total rebuild and we are not completely done with the arcade yet. So possibilities, but no promises
  11. We are open for new members to join and try the arcade, looking for comments / suggestions / bug reports so that we can get out a smooth beta release. If your interested contact me via PM and I will give you the URL to the site. Hope to see you there
  12. There are literally thousands of games that will work on this version of the arcade, I am sure you can find plenty of games to suit your site
  13. The arcade is built to support both flash and html5
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