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  1. Thanks Stuart found and it and removed
  2. I downloaded the DEV tools for 4.6 Beta 1.1 and am getting the following error when I attempt to go to applications. Can anyone point me to where the problem may be ?
  3. I had this problem and had to make sure to download the converters as well before it would complete the upgrade
  4. Yes my app, thanks a lot of your help, will see what trouble I can get into trying to follow your directions
  5. Because this is a widget that is contained in the app, do I need a hook ?
  6. @Adriano Faria Thanks a lot for taking a look, I will try to change some things around to see if it makes a difference, because it is being used in a widget would that make a difference on how the javascript should be called ?
  7. I am trying to add a javascript scroller to the arcade for the latest scores, I think that I am close, but no matter what I do, it just does not scroll the scores I have created a scrollers folder in arcade/front/controllers I have placed the javascript file into the scrollers folder and named it ips.scrollers.latest.scores.js I have created a callout in my code for the javascript like this \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles = array_merge( \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles, \IPS\Output::i()->js( 'front_scrollers' ) ); And, I have put into the HTML file the following line <div data-controller="arcade.front.scrollers.latestScores"> This is the file which I have created, which I suspect may be the cause of the problem IF anyone could point me in the correct direction it would be much appreciated
  8. Good to know thanks everyone
  9. Is there no way for a member to select their timezone when they are visiting a board in a different country ? or is there a MOD that can be used to allow them to change their timezone so they can view the board in their own timezone setting ?
  10. When creating an app, if I call more than one template to build the main page, one template shows with no problems, the other templates show the html coding as shown below. I am not sure if this is my server, or IF I have completely missed something
  11. Thanks for the reply, this should help quite a bit
  12. could someone provide me with some examples of the new data base queries for build, execute, update etc, or provide me with a link where I can find them
  13. ibProArcade version 4.3.0 is now available on their site
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