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  1. WOFman

    I am back

    I shut down my forum several month's ago. I was doing a free forum. Yeah, that just did not work for me. So, I got new hosting and started over again. Glad to see some of the improvements coming. I will be here at least for the next 5 years, we shall see after that.
  2. WOFman

    Gamification for your community

    Yeah, too bad that there is no arcade add-on for 4.X
  3. WOFman

    New Acrade Plugin for Invision 4.x

  4. WOFman

    Thanks for the help over the years

    Yeah, I reopened under my original domain.
  5. I started with IPB in 2004. I was with phpbb before that. we were using 1.3 back then. Every time there was an upgrade I would have to pull an all-nighter to edit all the skins and files for modifications. Crazy days. We have come a long way since then.
  6. WOFman

    Thanks for the help over the years

    My demise has been greatly exaggerated. I started a new forum.
  7. As of Saturday March 3rd I retired my forums after operating since 2004. I just wanted to thank all the staff, coders, and fellow admins for all your help over the years. Kind of bummed I did not get to see 4.3 in action. Wishing you all the best Jim Kingsnorth
  8. I will have 20 once I pick this one up later this summer Tony Iommi Signature SG
  9. Actually my geeky hobby is not really that geeky, I collect guitars. Right now I have 19
  10. WOFman

    (BIM43) GIPHY

    Just requested this option a couple days ago and it is here already! Works great, Thanks!
  11. WOFman

    Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New year everyone!
  12. WOFman

    The end of IBP Arcade

    Just to let those of you know that run IBP Pro Arcade on your 3.X forums ibparcade.com has closed. Not to worry though. You can still get the arcade software at http://www.3dogsarcade.com/ Legionnaire is still supporting and updating the arcade software. It is sad to see ibparcade close, but at least someone is continuing on the work. Legionnaire has been doing all the upgrades since I can remember so he knows the arcade well.
  13. WOFman

    Weekly digest summary?

    I had that addon feature when I was on Xenforo and it is a great feature. It also gave the option to change the look of the email to one of the themes on your forum. This feature really helped keep people engaged.
  14. WOFman

    Don't care for the new look

    I guess I was not alone after all with my original post.