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  1. Excellent! Having Apple development exposure is a huge step forward.
  2. Fantastic! Looking forward to working with and using 4.2 in the future ?
  3. Hi Andy, thanks for replying to this issue. I have sent a request through the contact portal last week but without success of a reply, you guys must be busier than a particle accelerator. I did have a breakthrough that may be of interest to you and others. I was able to access my client area for the first time in weeks by changing browsers. I was attempting to login on a mac desktop & ipad with Safari 10.0.3 with no success and tonight tried FireFox 51.0.1 on the desktop and was able to get back in. ? When in doubt or locked out, try another browser.
  4. I hate to post this on a forum but I'm running out of time and need to get this resolved. When I attempt to access my client area for the past week/ten daysvI get the "your account has been locked, please try later" but no matter how long I wait or clear browser cache still no success. I have sent support emails starting a few days ago but no reply. Can anyone one help, I own four uninstalled paid licenses that dead in the water. - Scott
  5. Working through the holidays launching three new communities.

  6. Scott


    Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply and support.
  7. Scott


    I'm about to do a fresh install and looking at ways to secure the ACP, after reading forum posts and tutorials I'm finding that in version 4.X the initdata.php has been re-imagined and I assume replaced with init.php? On line 52 of init.php, is this where I need to edit to change my ACP directory name? Thanks
  8. Fantastic! Looking forward to Gallery 5.0
  9. Fantastic. Looking forward to more in depth documentation and 3.3 Gold :)
  10. Great news, looking forward to the Gold :)
  11. Great news. Thanks for sharing the release schedule.
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