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  1. thanks, I moved the code to a block.
  2. I made a TXT widget! Working good. Is there a way to display it on all sections of the forum without adding(c/p) individual TXT widgets too all sections?
  3. Will this work for the gallery? or do you have any plans to make this work for the gallery?
  4. Cool! Looking forward to it! Do you have an ETA?
  5. Most topics regarding the gallery are to promote or improve it's working functionality , but in our case, we'd like to ask for admin mass pruning improvements (we have 200,000 images in our gallery). Would like to see mass pruning by: date added views least/most comments
  6. Editing Signatures from Member profiles would be useful
  7. I bought it and install it. What's the easiest way to insert "latest posts" in this footer?
  8. A little necro posting here. LOL Hey, is there a way to modify the CSS somewhere to drop the menus down when we hover? Clicking it kinda 2008. Let me know if this can be done. It's annoying to click and I'm afraid my members will not know to click. thanks in advance
  9. Hey there. I like to go to the gym and do cardio or knock back a few beers at home. I usually don't have much spare time with having 3 kids and work. Don't really post much online either.
  10. Ah. I think that we only made our own custom template that the CSS didn't work in. LOL I'll check the files though. TY :)
  11. Thanks Miss Head. Question. If we made any customizations to templates, will those be erased?
  12. What's the best way to upgrade our old install?
  13. Uhm. I'll pass. Pls issue refund. This crashing sent 2k ppl offline. Thanks
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