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  1. Thank you! But I`m already using the right locale for my language. Is there something else I should be doing?
  2. Hello, there. In my country, the date format "Month, D, YYYY" from the lastest version is REALLY, REALLY unusual. Here we use DD/MM/YY (or YYYY). Using "relative dates" don't solve the problem for older posts. And changing the system locale neither. Is it possible to just change this without paying for a plugin? Thank you!
  3. Mine too. I don't mean to be "toxic" (towards the forum software), but it's irrelevant to land on the forum homepage with a giant list of categories, not a stream of new content. I know it's different, but it's close to entering a blog/site and the menu is covering all the homepage (not the content per se).
  4. Thank you very much. I think you pasted an additional image.
  5. Exactly. Very like the "topic feed" block, but like you showed in the print (the category view).
  6. Thank you, but when I say "forum index" (as I wrote in bold) is the homepage, not a category of the forum.
  7. Hello, there. I'm trying to make my forum index a topic stream, with new topics with a little description, exactly like when you see a category here. Is it possible to make this without mods? Maybe I'm missing a already existing block.
  8. Hello, there. For several months, I was successfully using google workspaces smtp to send emails. But, without any change, outgoing emails started to pile up in the "Email Error Logs" with "Connection timed out". When I keep trying, I get the "504 gateway error "and a crash. Eventually it works, if I keep trying. Is this a software problem (IPB) or a google problem? PS: there's no evident erros on mysql/nginx/php-fpm error log files. Thank you in advance.
  9. Maybe I'm a cheap bastard, but if you insist in using ses, I would still use the SES smtp instead of paying for a plugin for an API. The whole reason I don't use sendgrid or other services is to decrease costs, in the case of ses api you will be stuck with a third party app and still have to pay for ses. Now it might not make any difference, but depending of your needs, I would be cautious about scalability in the future. In my case, If would have to use a plugin to use ses api: U$20 plugin U$5 every 6 months for renew U$0,10 for every 1000 emails from SES (60.000 free if you send then by a EC2 instance, not my case) I send almost 10.000 emails per day (notifications, etc), so lets cut it to HALF just to generate a simple example: 5.000 emails per day x 30 days = 150.000 * 0,10USD = U$15/month The end result in the first year: U$210, U$190 everyother year. Now, using google workspaces every year: U$64 (more than 3 times less). If the quantity of emails you particulary send is small and this comparison don't make a lot of sense, you have a lot of great options too. Just for example: without having to deal with any setup, sendgrid (that IPB fully support their api), allow you to send 100 emails per day FOR FREE, and for U$15 bucks you can send up to 50.000 (this is 1600+ emails per day). TL:DR: in the end of the day, google workspaces trumps everything if you send less than 10.000 emails per day.
  10. The first result in google for "how to config smtp with gsuite" is from google itself teaching how to config (it's VERY easy). In short you have to add the DKIM, SPF records to your domain, allow your workspace users to send email with smtp (this is done on google workspaces) and you must allow "less secure apps" on your account, otherwise google wont allow IPB to use the smtp. For people wanting to use SES, you can config SES as a SMTP server and use it with IPB without any third party pluging or "tweaks". Better yet, amazon itself have a great tutorial on how to do this.
  11. 75% of sessions on my forum are from non serious users. Damn kids with those new things called smartphones, right? Reading text using a small screen?? ABSURD! Believe me, It wont take long until they start reading books that aren't made from paper. What kindle of world is that?
  12. Sorry, @annadaa, but you will be talking to the wall about this in here. After 10-12 years using IPB, the focus of the app is still the same. All I can think about this is that: The staff behind the development might be the same from 10+ years ago and are stuck in the 2000s, or... IPB is a niche product to attract a certain profile of community owners, that like the "forum style from 2000s" to compete with other similar options in the same market. It's 2021, while plataforms like reddit (open-source by the way), have a simple UI with a app that works, IPB have.... clubs, calendar... It's like IPB exists in a separate world where wordpress, social media, file sharing like google drive don't exist, so they invest in stuff like cms, pages, file sharing system, blogs, etc... A lot - if not all - of that features worked very well in 2007-2014, because the options were very limited. Just for example: TODAY, I would never, in a million years, pay U$100 for ipb ecommerce or blog (U$175 for both), with wordpress and woocommerce being free, with a bigger community and, actually, better. If you don't like wordpress, there's a lot of other free options that fit the category as well, this is just an example. By the way, I use several different apps in my projects. Can you bet which is the only one of them that have problems with performance and needs a lot of server side tweaks or/and will crash my server/generate downtime in almost every new major upgrade? Tip: ipb I'm an unhappy costumer and, as of right now, I feel stuck with IPB. I already tried changing plataforms in the past, but it was a SEO disaster. Right now, I'm learning django and flutter, to make my own solution (just for my own projects, not to sell for others). I simply can't see myself still using IPB in the future. The only good thing I notice was an improvement in support. Five (or so) years ago, even paying for updates, staff would treat you as if they were doing a favor (in several occasions my hosting company support at the time fixed problems caused by IPB major upgrades). Now IPB support is MUCH better. Please, I'm not trying to win any arguments, this is my experience with IPB in respect with my particular needs, just that...
  13. Is it possible to translate the texts? I tried "hard" editting the lang.xml file, but the app just stop working.
  14. There's a lot of topics with discussions and questions from the same category. So it would be nice to activate question if the user marked this topic as a question, like happens in some platforms. If there's already a way to do this, please, share. This is a game changer, since enabling question for a entire section is a bazooka approach (atleast in my forum).
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