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  1. Fantastic. Thanks! Conclusion is - I am blind.
  2. Thanks - but he said "an upcoming release..." doesn't mean the next one 😉
  3. I must be blind - did the process for requesting support disappear on the website? Or should one just request support through their installation now? Also, do we know the timeline on when the following bug is being addressed? Got some seriously antsy clients who this is affecting big time. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the support however I can't commit to any specifics as I have no control over the app review process and there are many unknowns in the whole development process. Promising features in a specific timeframe is the quickest way to poorly developed applications 😉
  5. FYI we are building bounce and complaint management into our AWS SES app. Are there any specific features you’d like to apply to members when a bounce or complaint is returned from their email besides moving them groups, and sending them a message?
  6. In most cases, a configuration set will not be needed. It allows you to add a set of defined rules from AWS to your emails that get specified in the email header. These are things that are invisible to the average user. For example, you can have AWS track metrics on your emails sent and then have the metrics published to another AWS service. This is advanced usage case but possible with configuration sets.
  7. I think most of the posts in this topic have covered it. Utilizing the API over SMTP is significantly faster. If your community is sending many emails a day, this will help speed up your site.
  8. Service refers to the software being used in this case. So in AWS, you will have a Wordpress user with their own credentials and a separate IPB user with their own credentials.
  9. As long as the AWS Access Key has the right policies attached, yes you can use the same credentials. It comes down to more user preference. I typically sort my credentials by service so I can rotate them individually. That way if your Wordpress installation is compromised, IPB will remain safe. Also, you may attach different policies for IPB than for Wordpress which helps you keep each credential with the least amount of access as possible.
  10. Good news! Application has been released!
  11. Application has been submitted and is awaiting approval!
  12. Version 1.0.5


    This simple lightweight application allows you to send emails from the Invision Power Board platform through the AWS Simple Email Service API. This application sits on top of your configured email delivery methods and overrides your default settings. With the click of one button, enable and disable the service. The application also features several complaint and bounce management actions that may be applied to members to help improve throughput and deliverability. Amazon SES is one of the most robust and cheapest transactional email service providers on the market. While this application is extremely lightweight and easy to configure, most of the work to correctly set up will occur within the AWS Console. Follow the following steps to correctly configure AWS to send emails. NOTE: When you initially begin to use AWS Simple Email Service, you will be in a non-production, sandbox environment allowing you to test the email service without affecting your deliverability and reputation. Once you are ready to enter production, you will need to request access from AWS under the Sending Statistics section. The form is self-explanatory and will not be covered here. Feature Requests and Bug Reports: Click here to file a bug report or suggest a feature for our development team. View AWS Simple Email Service Pricing Simple Email Service Installation For Sending Emails: Create or Sign In to your AWS Console. Proceed to the IAM section of the AWS Console. On the left, select the Users section and add a new user. If you already have a user you would like to use, proceed to the next step. Enable programmatic access for the user account. Attach the AmazonSESFullAccess policy to the user account. Finish creating the account, adding any tags you'd like for easy identification. Copy and paste your Access Key and Secret Key into the corresponding fields within the Invision Power Board ACP settings. Proceed to the AWS Simple Email Service section of the AWS console. Select your closest region in the top right corner. Copy the corresponding region identifier and input it into the corresponding field within the Invision Power Board ACP settings. Save your Invision Power Board ACP settings. Back within the AWS Console, select Domains -> Verify a New Domain to add the domain you wish to send emails from. This is called Verified Identities - Add Identity, if you are using the new AWS console. Make sure to check the "Generate DKIM Settings" checkbox. These are enabled by default if using the new AWS console. This will help with your deliverability. Update your DNS records for the domain you are verifying by adding the TXT and CNAME records that are presented. Make sure to not update the MX records as this will affect your ability to receive the emails. We are only configuring sending emails. Once the domain has been verified, you are ready to start sending emails. While in the sandbox environment, you will need to add your test receiving email address under the Email Addresses section or else you will receive a sending error. Once everything is configured, proceed back to the Invision Power Board ACP and proceed to Email Settings. You can use the built in Test Email Settings feature to test AWS SES. You will see the corresponding logs under the AWS SES application and any generated errors. Simple Notification Service Installation For Handling Bounces/Complaints: Create or Sign In to your AWS Console. Proceed to the IAM section of the AWS Console. Select the user that you created/or designated when setting up Simple Email Service for sending emails. Attach the AmazonSNSFullAccess policy to the user account. Proceed to the AWS Simple Notification Service section of the AWS console. Create two new topics for handling bounce and complaint notifications, one for bounces and one for complaints. Make sure these are Standard topics. Name them for easy identification. Proceed to the AWS Simple Email Service section of the AWS console and click on your Verified Identity/Domain used in sending emails. Click the Notifications tab and edit the Feedback Notifications. Select your newly created SNS topics for their respective field. Make sure to "Include original email headers". Once your domain notifications are set, proceed back to your Invision Power Board ACP settings and proceed to the REST & OAuth section. Create a new API key and make sure to allow access to all endpoints under the AWS Simple Email Service application. Enable logging for both endpoints as well. Once you have created the new API key, click on the API reference tab and copy the example API POST URL for each AWS Simple Email Service endpoint; bounces, and complaints. Proceed back to the AWS Simple Notification Service and create a new subscription. You will create two subscriptions as well, one for bounces and one for complaints. Choose the matching topic and select HTTPS for the protocol. Paste the appropriate API POST URL you copied from step 11 and attach the ?key=APIKEY query parameter to the end of the URL. For example, the entire URL should look something like: https://community.deschutesdesigngroup.com/api/awsses/bounces?key=APIKEY. If you do not utilize Friendly URL's (the default setting), you may have "index.php" in your URL. Make sure to create a second subscription for complaints - you should have two subscriptions, one for bounces with the bounce API URL and one for complaints with the complaints API URL. The AWS Simple Email Service application will take care of confirming the subscription for you. If the subscription does not show Confirmed, your API endpoint may not be configured correctly and you should submit a support ticket for assistance. AWS should now post a notification every time a bounce and complaint is encountered and Invision Power Board will process the notifications based on the email address using the Bounce and Complaint settings saved in your ACP settings. Bounce and Complaint Notifications can be tested by sending a test email through Invision Power Board's Test Email function to bounce@simulator.amazonses.com and complaint@simulator.amazonses.com. Logs for each notification should be seen in your settings.
  13. I just sent @AlexWebsites an updated version with some updates he suggested. I will submit it for review tomorrow and it will be up to @Daniel F and the team to review and release it.
  14. @Chris Anderson, all valid questions. The application is extremely light weight. At this point, we are only overriding 2 functions to introduce the functionality. Having said that, as IPB changes and updates are made, this makes it extremely easy to update alongside IPB. IPB devs has already done the leg work in developing the application to be easily extended. This is how they have already integrated Sendgrid, SMTP, PHPMailer etc. These are all extensions of their base Email class. To be honest, I am surprised they have not included many other email service options as it was very easy to build in this functionality. Second, this application is built on AWS's open source PHP SDK which is heavily supported and has a very large audience. Third, we have a fairly large audience in the applications we've developed with over 1000 clients having used our services. Lastly, and in all reality, I wouldn't be too worried. I am confident IPB will introduce this functionality natively in the future as they already work with S3. All it takes is for a community to rely heavily on a third party application for them to introduce it into their core application. Thanks for the questions!
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