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  1. My Invision community complements a real world community and we'd love to award badges to users who complete missions in person, outside of the forum, like attending an event or completing a task. I can manually award badges for those things... but 40+ manual awards gets cumbersome. Can anyone provide some clarity on how the database works for badges? What columns would I need to update in order to issue Badge ID 123 to User ID 987? I've been able to do bulk updates on other things, like adding users in bulk to new groups by updating two columns from a CSV: member_id,mgroup_others. It looks like the core_member_badges table is what I want, member and badge IDs seem straightforward enough... but how do I deal with the rule and action_log columns? If this can work even by importing a CSV to the database via PhpMyAdmin as a one-off thing, that would be preferable to building a plugin. Related to badges, is it possible to add numerical increments to manual badges? Like "you've been awarded Badge 123 six times!" That doesn't seem possible in the Admin Panel interface, as manual badges get greyed out once awarded... but perhaps by using the bulk update above it'd be possible?? Thanks!
  2. Afraid not. The eligibility list comes from an external platform - it's members who opt-in to a new program, so it can't quite be determined programmatically based on data already in the forum. Right now, we're looking at 100 members but future cohorts could get bigger. It looks like the advanced search allows for a "move" to new groups, so that could be useful in the future!
  3. Is there a way to update/edit the groups that a list of members belong to in bulk? I'm thinking like how, if you upload a CSV to Mailchimp, you can set it up update any already existing contact's information - and that let's you add new details or tags to their profile with a bulk upload. I created a new group to allow access to a restricted forum, but it seems I would have to manually add each member to that group on the admin panel or else modify the database directly with SQL. Am I missing something easier? Thanks!
  4. Having trouble finding this in the documentation - where can we adjust the task frequency? unlockmembers is set to run once an hour, while the lockout default is 15 minutes. Turns out, some folks sit there and wait!
  5. I had this working great a few weeks ago, but I'm now getting double posts. Here's my scenario: Users are added by CSV, then invited by bulk mail. When they follow up on that email, sign in for the first time, and create a username, that is considered complete. Auto Welcome is firing off emails or PMs at both the time of CSV upload (account creation) and account completion. I can work with it either way, but need to be able to choose one or the other. Is that possible? Or is this a bug?
  6. Update: The problem only happens when using Sendgrid. PHP and SMTP delivery methods deliver an email with all the appropriate customization. The Sendgrid delivery method sends an email that looks right in every way, except all profile data returns empty - only profile data is affected. Using bulk mail tags (the ones in the sidebar) in the WYSIWYG bulk mail editor still properly fetches profile data using Sendgrid, but when that same data is called from the email wrapper template (using either template tags or code), it fails. Only using Sendgrid.
  7. I'm stumped and afraid I'm missing something easy. Help! I've customized the Email wrapper template to include some custom profile fields. I performed multiple tests over the past week of edits and got everything dialed in... now it just stopped working! The email sends just fine. The bulk mail preview correctly displays the custom fields just before sending. But the sent copy just disappears those fields! I've tried using native tags on the bulk mail editor, like {member_name} I've tried standard calls, like {$member->email} I've tried custom fields, like: {{$customprofile = $member->profileFields();}} {{$customfirstname = $customprofile[ 'core_pfieldgroups_3' ][ 'core_pfield_5' ];}} None of them return a value once sent! All work fine in the preview.. and worked fine this morning. I'm stumped. Things like $ourPicks and {setting="base_url"} still work fine. All the template language stuff works fine. Just this profile-based stuff is broken. Any idea what could cause that? The only thing I changed since it last worked was adding an image in the email footer.
  8. Great plugin providing an essential feature! Thanks a million! One problem: the tags aren't all parsing correctly. Here's what happens with the ones I've tried: %member_name% - outputs a string similar to the previous Facebook issue %sender_name% - doesn't parse at all, just outputs "%sender_name%" %board_name% - actually works! My users are imported via CSV if that helps and the forum was built on 4.5 from the start.
  9. I'm just getting started with Invision and imagine someone has already addressed this.. but I can't find it! I am making a forum with restricted access for members only. Is it possible to set a default home page for guests, while keeping the forums as the default for logged in members? It seems to be one or the other regardless of status. Just thought I'd check to see if I'm missing something easy before doing it the hard way. Thanks!
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