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Default to pages for guests, but forums for members?

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I'm just getting started with Invision and imagine someone has already addressed this.. but I can't find it!

I am making a forum with restricted access for members only. Is it possible to set a default home page for guests, while keeping the forums as the default for logged in members?

It seems to be one or the other regardless of status. Just thought I'd check to see if I'm missing something easy before doing it the hard way.


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  • Solution
  1. Set pages as your default application
  2. Add your page for guests, set that as the site's landing page and add whatever content you like
  3. Create a custom PHP block with:
    header("Location: https://domain.com/forums");
  4. Change the permissions of the block to only be visible to the Members group
  5. Add that block to your landing page
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