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  1. Mmkay... But that's clearly what's happening. Weirdo.
  2. @Adriano Faria I bought this assuming you could select categories instead of just showing every visible forum 😞 Is this something you can add?
  3. Doesn't look like auto correct, looks like "and" is set as a bad/stop word or something and being filtered.
  4. Newest update seems to throw an error. This is on the default theme.
  5. @Adriano Faria if we were willing to pay for development of the category selection feature, what might that cost? Happy to contribute.
  6. This would be great; hopefully IPS considers it again in the future.
  7. Definitely needed. Community as a platform would really be something unique.
  8. @TheJackal84 I've tried reinstalling, checked every permission, deleted and recreated item groups... Nothing works. Can I get some support, please?
  9. Same "could not locate" error as others reported here. How can I get this working?
  10. Years later and still no real solution? Shame, every other aspect of the suite is great. Please add better sorting options.
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