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  1. The Rules app will allow you to do what you're asking. Not everything needs to be baked in to the software, learn about the API and find unexpected ways to use available plugins.
    Very well made and essential addition to any wide-ranging community. I reported a bug with the API and Adriano fixed it within days, also offered a temporary solution before the update was released. Awesome.
  2. I just ran into this same issue. Disabling Links Directory lets me generate an API key, and then everything still works fine after I re-enable it. I sent an API call to update a guest poster's name and it worked fine. Looks like I'm just missing whatever additional endpoints Links Directory provides (since I can't edit my API key and enable them without getting that error). Not a huge deal. Everything works great otherwise, just letting you know the error still exists 🙂 Thanks for the great app!
    Works great. Extremely well organized and easy to use. I'm only rating 4/5 as it doesn't yet work with Clubs. Will update to 5 as soon as it can do that 🙂
  3. @SoftwareFactory another vote for Club-based notifications.
  4. It seems categories only matter on the backend. Viewing them as a user, everything is clumped together.
    Great plugin, extremely useful. Well made.
  5. Great app, lots of uses. Add another vote for displaying trophies and medals in categories. I'd like to set up a "trading card" category for medals, then use the Members Shop addon to distribute them and use the inventory option to create scarcity.
    Does what it says on the tin. Good plugin.
  6. Have you looked at the options there? You can set prefixes.
  7. This is already possible with Saved Actions.
    Works great, some areas for improvement and the developer is working hard on it 🙂
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