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Bulk adding members to a new group?


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Is there a way to update/edit the groups that a list of members belong to in bulk?

I'm thinking like how, if you upload a CSV to Mailchimp, you can set it up update any already existing contact's information - and that let's you add new details or tags to their profile with a bulk upload.

I created a new group to allow access to a restricted forum, but it seems I would have to manually add each member to that group on the admin panel or else modify the database directly with SQL. Am I missing something easier?


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Afraid not. The eligibility list comes from an external platform - it's members who opt-in to a new program, so it can't quite be determined programmatically based on data already in the forum.

Right now, we're looking at 100 members but future cohorts could get bigger.

It looks like the advanced search allows for a "move" to new groups, so that could be useful in the future!

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