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Chrome & 3rd Party Cookies

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Hey guys, 

It is likely this has already been covered in another post/blog but what preparations have IPS made in light of Google/Chrome killing off 3rd party cookies and the introduction of the Privacy Sandbox? 

Many thanks

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10 hours ago, Randy Calvert said:

It’s a non-issue. Safari did this years ago already. Google is a long time late to the party. 


4 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I have tagged our developers on this in case any further comment is needed. But generally unless you are developing for the product yourself, these arent things you would worry about. We update things during upgrades all the time that are outdated or changed on other environments 🙂 


Thanks guys, I figured this was the case that A. This is old news, so far as what browsers are doing these day and B. Any required alterations on a software level for the platform would be taken care of IPS. 

I only asked as a user with web development experience sent me a message with the following screenshots, just to make me aware, which spurred me to follow up with IPS on what will happen regarding Chrome etc. 


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