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  1. Let me fix that poor quote cut for you.
  2. I’m alive, COVID tried to kill me, but I’m alive. The application linked above is technically 4.4 compatible, but most have had no issues on 4.5. I’m working on the update for 4.6, slowly but surely. There is more to the app than just the login handler I’m afraid. Also, to meet the IPS MP requirements, which I don’t right now. I’ve got to make some additional code changes beyond just the smaller changes others have had to make.
  3. @Kyle F Ah, ESXi. I have a love/hate relationship. I use it at work almost daily. I manage 3 servers, each running 15+ VM’s. DEV, TEST, and PROD RC. Mostly Windows with a couple small Ubuntu VM’s for applications that run better on *nix OS’s. The toys we get to play with in an enterprise setting. Each server is mil spec ( needed for high vibration/shock offshore oil rig installation ). Each server costs ~$30k. ( glad I don’t foot the bill for these puppies ) specs: (2) 10 core CPU @ 3.(?)Ghz, don’t remember the model , 128Gb DDR4 RAM, 12TB SSD in RAID10. All of the individual components, capacitors, expansion cards, CPU, RAM, DOM, etc, are all held in place with some type of silicone compound to handle the vibration and shock. We could drop these servers from 10 feet and they’ll keep ticking.
  4. I currently rely on an rsync cron run daily. The scripts are easy enough to make to ensure you get everything you need backed up. Configuration, databases, folders with dynamic content (user uploads). I have had to use the backups twice in 10 years, sadly. Though one of them was an on demand backup, manually trigger the backup task, so I could migrate more easily to another server. Just make absolutely sure that you’ve got a secure connection between servers.
  5. If you’re not running any other applications on your server, have you looked at IPS hosting? I may be wrong, but I think they have/had some deal with migrating from self hosted to cloud.
  6. I don’t trust hosting provider backups. A second VPS, with another provider, in another data center with sufficient storage for data and configuration backups. That VPS can be less CPU and RAM intensive, mine is 1 core with 1gb RAM, but may require larger amounts of disk space depending upon your needs. I run a couple of small forums, a handful of Wordpress sites, and the entire Atlassian suite on a single VPS, 8 cores, 32gb of RAM. Generally using about 12gb with another 4-6gb cache. I’m also using webmin. You should also consider if you’re going to be using the server for other services, e.g. email or others.
  7. Gmail ignores the . m.name and mnam.e go to the same inbox https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7436150?hl=en
  8. First, there is nothing ‘common’ about common knowledge 😄 Same goes for common sense. 😄 Different companies have different business models. No one of those models is ‘wrong’, they are just different. You can compare Apple’s App Store or Google store or Xenforo or vB to IPS’ model, each serves a different market. Bottom line, there is no right or wrong. There is healthy debate to see if the model can be steered. Keeping in mind steering ‘left’ may not be good for those who desire it to steer ‘right’. I also think IPS is doing right by the developers by holding off commission increases until COVID settles down. Another thing to note here, with the Marketplace in the ACP, developers have a broader reach, which hopefully means more sales, which I’d like to hope means developers keep their resources up to date.
  9. You make my point exactly. While you have graciously contributed to the MP, props given, you are not the type of developer that sells in the MP for a living. Such resources have a greater tendency to go unmaintained. Not saying you aren’t keeping your resource up to date. Many developers don’t just sell in the MP. They use their MP resources to get their name on the board with a reputation. Those devs then do contract work with private clients using IPS to truly make their living. We’ve most certainly strayed from the OP’s goal. Generally speaking, if you submit a ticket to IPS, and you’re not URL hoping frequently, they are sometimes gracious and do a reset without the fee. At least that was my experience some time ago.
  10. I know someone mentioned it before about devs maintaining an active license in order to sell in the marketplace. I pose a conundrum... How can a developer, selling in the marketplace, both develop and test their resource, for the latest IPS version, when they do not have legitimate access to the latest IPS version? I get that many are both afraid of change and concerned with making ends meet. Everyone is in a different place financially with both themselves and their communities. I foot the entire bill for 2 communities and their server out of pocket. One with all IPS apps and the other with all but one. Both licenses are always active. Can / would everyone do that? For the vast majority I’d guess no. But it goes to show the diversity of clients.
  11. Yeah, if I recall that plugin didn’t play nicely with other plugins. I’m sure it could be done again, with 3rd party or IPS, so long as it’s done with care.
  12. Both sides of the fence have valid points. The app, in its current form, is not a one size fits all. I’d like to hope it can get that way, but that depends on a lot of factors in play across many highly customized communities. It has great benefits, push notifications for one, but those benefits may not benefit everyone.
  13. 3rd party add ons from the MP cannot be encoded using ion cube or any other. If you have a custom app that is, that may be the cause. That said, you would have needed ion cube to begin with. The only app that I know of that was encoded was 3.3 Nexus / Commerce. If you have commerce, you might backup that directory, delete it, and replace it with new files. I would suggest putting in a ticket before doing that, though.
  14. Ion cube isn’t required for IPS. Do you happen to have latent files from an early 3.x commerce installation?
  15. Fair point... There is more than one way to skin a cat.
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