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  1. Sorry, I just find many of these funny. Hopefully it lightens the topic. BONUS points if you can figure out what movie that Chuck Norris picture is from.
  2. Seriously, calm down. Here, have a good laugh. Maybe a beer.
  3. The county in which I live. The State That’s the increase over 2 WEEKS. Source, Texas Dept of Health. This isn’t going away any time soon. I have a daughter with asthma, if I go to the office her Dr ordered me to quarantine myself from her for 14 days. Can you imagine having to quarantine yourself FROM your entire family in fear of your child getting a disease that can compound her breathing issues? What happens when my employer forces employees to return to the office but this thing isn’t over? And I work for an essential business, energy sector. It’s easy to talk about a death toll when you’re not one of them. Regardless of the ailment a death is a death. This virus caught the world by surprise. Is it acceptable to add more deaths because of a new virus? Sure the flu has its impact, but now it’s compounded. How many additional lives are lost that are caused by those ignoring quarantine? How many families are divided and suffering? How many people are going without food, water, money? Many don’t get paid unless they work, some businesses are supporting their employees, not all can. It took FEMA 5 days to get water to the Superdome after Katrina. Will governments help as quickly as those suffering need them to?
  4. Truck Drivers are essential. Without them food and much needed supply delivery would be impossible. They are, in many ways, the lifeblood of our society that ensure all other essential services have what they need to be effective. Agreed. Those that stick to the topic at hand have had very beneficial discussions. The trolling is old... I'll admit that I had a few comments that would be considered trolling... But it's not worth it at this point. Be the better man / woman and "Let it Go!" @Joel R makes very good points about the socioeconomic impacts that this will have on the country. Much like the automobile bailout that occurred not to long back; this is going to be an impact that will be worldwide. The lower and middle class families and small business owners are going to be those impacted the hardest, outside of those that lose their lives or have permanent health changes over this pandemic, including mental health. We have family friends that only see each other to play games / socialize. We've both self-quarantined. If anyone in my family decides to leave quarantine, we can no longer visit our best friends. The mother has an autoimmune disease as well as multiple ailments that surround her lungs. If she were to get the virus it would no doubt kill her. They even leave their MAIL in quarantine for 48-72 hours before opening it. My daughter has asthma, if she were to get it would be very hard on her from a breathing aspect. I also have a high risk elderly family member that lives with me. It's simply not worth leaving quarantine to risk their lives. These are assumptions from Texas officials, Governor, but their beliefs is that for every confirmed COVID case, there are 10 others that are not confirmed. While that is certainly a SWAG by the Texas government, it's certainly a talking point. Regardless of the number, you have to admit that testing capability has been limited, not all cases can be reported if they can't be tested. This also includes those that don't get very ill, but are carriers that are infecting others unknowingly. This thing isn't going away anytime soon. Rumors in Texas are that schools will not open until, at minimum, this fall. But again, those are rumors.
  5. We home school, only real difference is that the kids can’t go out and socialize. Our social distancing is having our kids FaceTime with their friends while they play games. 😂 Minecraft / Legos. It’s kind of nice, though. I have a job that I can work from home if they’d let me. This forces their hand. Makes my work life easier.
  6. May I make a suggestion? Everyone put on their big boy, or girl, panties and talk about the topic itself. Has the Coronavirus effected your life? Olympics/ events being cancelled, that’s a valid one... Not being able to see your Dr... Having your kids home with you all day, EVERY day... Next?
  7. Honestly, I ignore the news, I ignore social media, I ignore any topics that are negative. I do this primarily because of a medical condition and the impact of its treatment. Unfortunately, I can’t go see my specialist Dr due to this. Which means my treatment is basically on hold. I can’t get my implant or medications adjusted to advance my treatment. The impact on the overall health system is greater than COVID. I thank the stars that my condition isn’t life threatening, but many people’s are. Heart disease, cancer treatments, etc. I’m not a herd follower, but when you see governments ALL around the world shutting things down, that’s a telltale sign that the expert advisors to all of those governments are coming to a similar conclusion. Right or wrong, only time can truly tell. That’s said, I support the measures being taken by each government in their efforts to protect their citizens. Economic impact is/will be severe and those governments will do what they can to continue to support their citizens. To specifically target events being cancelled... Let’s break it down to one simple fact that is indisputable. These events are about brining in revenue, you have to pay the bills, right? If they can’t get enough fans in the stands, who pays the bill?
  8. My employer just released an alternating work from home order. Only half of the engineering workforce can be in the office at any given time. A week working in the office, a week working from home.
  9. My wife put me in my ‘man cave’ for 4 days. A 13x15 room has been my life, talk about cabin fever... I’ve got 3 high risk people in my house, so until I got a diagnosis from a teledoc they were freaked out a bit. Was a 5-6 hour wait to see a doc, which is a bit telling about the strain on our medical system. We homeschool our kids, so the only cabin fever we have is that we can’t take them to the park or on field trips. Boy Scouts cancelled, so my son isn’t getting in the good citizenship part of his schooling. Heritage girls is also cancelled, so my daughter is in same boat. That’s the primary impact on our lives... We have a small group of friends, 3 families, that we get together with most weekends. They are our social distancing circle of friends.
  10. Some people thought eating Tide Pods was cool too... The social spreading of nonsense is insane. That said, the ice bucket challenge was good, it was for a good cause. On a positive note, I only have the flu. The timing is pretty terrible. My co workers were going nuts, scared for their families. Can’t really blame them.
  11. Well, sore throat, cough, headache, fever... I’m on hold with MDLIVE to see if I should get tested or let it ride out. The testing places near by triage with checking your temp. No temp, no test.
  12. It has run its course. Many are making it political when it should be about saving as many lives as we as we can and helping others in our communities. Are politicians going to try and use this to further their agenda, sure, but that’s a worry for another day? I’ve said a stupid thing or two, so have others. Time to “Let it go” ??
  13. @Midnight Modding, you’ve been on ignore for over a year. 🤣 It’s not because I disagree with your stance. To add to the topic at hand, someone in my sisters apartment complex, 15 miles from me, tested positive.
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