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  1. First, there is nothing ‘common’ about common knowledge 😄 Same goes for common sense. 😄 Different companies have different business models. No one of those models is ‘wrong’, they are just different. You can compare Apple’s App Store or Google store or Xenforo or vB to IPS’ model, each serves a different market. Bottom line, there is no right or wrong. There is healthy debate to see if the model can be steered. Keeping in mind steering ‘left’ may not be good for those who desire it to steer ‘right’. I also think IPS is doing right by the developers by holding off commis
  2. You make my point exactly. While you have graciously contributed to the MP, props given, you are not the type of developer that sells in the MP for a living. Such resources have a greater tendency to go unmaintained. Not saying you aren’t keeping your resource up to date. Many developers don’t just sell in the MP. They use their MP resources to get their name on the board with a reputation. Those devs then do contract work with private clients using IPS to truly make their living. We’ve most certainly strayed from the OP’s goal. Generally speaking, if you submit a ticket to I
  3. I know someone mentioned it before about devs maintaining an active license in order to sell in the marketplace. I pose a conundrum... How can a developer, selling in the marketplace, both develop and test their resource, for the latest IPS version, when they do not have legitimate access to the latest IPS version? I get that many are both afraid of change and concerned with making ends meet. Everyone is in a different place financially with both themselves and their communities. I foot the entire bill for 2 communities and their server out of pocket. One with all IPS apps and the ot
  4. Yeah, if I recall that plugin didn’t play nicely with other plugins. I’m sure it could be done again, with 3rd party or IPS, so long as it’s done with care.
  5. Both sides of the fence have valid points. The app, in its current form, is not a one size fits all. I’d like to hope it can get that way, but that depends on a lot of factors in play across many highly customized communities. It has great benefits, push notifications for one, but those benefits may not benefit everyone.
  6. Fair point... There is more than one way to skin a cat.
  7. It’s a reasonable request, hence why there is a 3rd party app to meet this need. I agree that it is a niche need, though. There are likely tens of thousands of communities out there, not all of which visit the MP. THANK YOU FOR 4.5 ACP MP!! ... How many have purchased the 3rd party app up till now? Likely no more than a few hundred. IMO, those #’s qualify as niche.
  8. @Pavel Chernitsky You make a good case for core vs 3rd party, however I fail to see how this particular feature lives within those borders. You primary debate seems to revolve around user experience, things that are visible to the user, that has a fallback. I don’t see how this falls in such a category. This is an admin only feature and something I see as a hot spot for 3rd party devs to step in for boards that require this feature. Yes there is risk with some developers leaving applications unsupported, or not providing updates when a new IPS version is released, that causes broken func
  9. Doubtful, that’s why we 3rd party developers exist.. To cater to the little things that you need vs the features IPS releases based on a myriad of different data collection sources and interest. This topic has come up in the past and likely why there is a resource that has been in the Marketplace for it, for quite some time, on the order of years.
  10. Yup. My family is still in quarantine. We’re in Houston, turned into a pretty big hot spot after things started opening up again. From the CDC’s website https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/cases-in-us.html Complete guess, but I believe it’ll get worse during flu season regardless of any measures that are taken. My heart goes out to all those that have been victim’s of this pandemic. Death, grief, financial ruin, stress, anxiety, education, etc. to many to list.
  11. Problem being any spam attempts that put in bogus phone numbers would count toward your Twilio usage. Any such system would need to be carefully designed to prevent abuse that could cost the board owner an untold amount of money with zero benefit over traditional email. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it can’t be done... There are a lot of things to consider to ensure such a system can’t be abused and cost the board owner lots of $$$. Human readable code always gets out somehow. Any code written will be inspected for vulnerabilities and possibly exploited.
  12. Yup, I looking into this (for a different purpose) and this was the primary reason I let the project die.
  13. @OlympusRyan I’m afraid I’m unable to reply to your review and my DM for this account is turned off on this community. Could you please try submitting a support request again? I’ve verified that my mail and support systems are up and running and has been tested. Should you have any issues, please reply to this topic.
  14. That’s because the inflammatory posts I was referring to were removed. I do agree that most of the quoted post of mine, or all of it, should also be removed. Welcome to the topic, based on your passion, it sounds like you have a lot of ideas. I’m sure other clients / IPS would be interested in hearing them as feature suggestions for IPS’ budding mobile app.
  15. I used to have hundreds of friends, mostly from school/work. I’m from the generation where you had to have a school .edu account to sign up. I gave up Facebook almost 3 years ago, last electionish timeframe, and haven’t looked back. There is one thing about having a healthy debate on differences. It’s an entirely different story when debates turn into defamation and overall nastiness. Nothing productive. When any of my family members start a sentence with “I read this on Facebook” I instantly tune them out. My mom sends me links to Facebook and/or general social media sites all the time.
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