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  1. Wait, what? PWA, ok. But add to home screen? If you have iOS are you blind?
  2. Modify your templates and remove the link. Doesn’t disable the feature, but makes it quite difficult for someone to do it.
  3. I was tempted to get the 49” monitor for $650ish.
  4. It would have to be an opt in system, GDPR might come into play. Client submitted listings, like the Providers section may be the best suggestion. There are communities out there that would most definitely not want to be in such a list, for varying reasons. Having worked T1 in the past for IPS I’ve seen many of them, no I won’t/can’t share. Nothing illegal, just I can understand their desire for privacy. They only want users that seek out and share in their niche to visit and participate.
  5. You could also build a media embed, like YouTube, so you're webinars are embedded in your site, but not taking up storage space on the cloud server.
  6. The only one that I know of that exists was developed for / by a specific community and that owner wasn't interested in marketing it for anyone else. I beleive their reasoning was that they didn't want to take on additional support volume for communities that can vary greatly in app requirements. There is no one size fits all solution in mobile. My suggestion would be to build what works for your community.
  7. It’s a stretch to actually call that a phone. More and more these days the ‘phone’ aspect is tertiary, at best.
  8. It was, and it flopped. Hence why IPS has poured a lot of effort into a responsive theme App: IPS 3.2-3.3 days. Read around the Blog.
  9. Good luck! Kinda bites it won't update that far... You gave me an interesting idea for my desk, portrait mode... I've been doing that at the day job, but hadn't considered it for my IDE.
  10. @Makoto 2017.2.3!!! Update!
  11. And I sympathize, but it doesn't mean they didn't make poor decisions about community maintenance, ensuring there wasn't a single point failure. Ultimately, nothing we say matters. It's going to be up to IPS in the support ticket they have open on whether or not IPS will break policy and offer an act of good will. Best of luck to the OP.
  12. I kinda like it. Helps IPS deflect support requests by making it clear the responsible author.
  13. You don't have a copy of the files used when you upgraded? I understand your frustration, but maintaining backups of your files is your responsibility when self hosting. Including backing up the core files used when you installed or upgraded. If you buy a car from a dealer and wreck it, is the dealer responsible for fixing it because you didn't buy insurance?
  14. Geographic favoritism. Who'd have thunk it?!?! Makes you love statistics that much more! 😉
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