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  1. I use webmin, set up with proxies, firewalled, and secured using ssh login. All said and done you can only access it from local host on a random port you assign. 🙂 security of your control panel is paramount. Especially when you use a free one.
  2. I don’t run near as much as you, nor popular enough. I mostly run private applications. Some that do require some power, but they aren’t IPS applications or a competing product. ( CYA there ). As for OS, I prefer Ubuntu. Easier to work with, and has a wider variety of tools available. I’d like to think it would give you the freedom to employ any tool available to squeak all the performance you can.
  3. You can allow NULL on unique columns, multiple NULL values are acceptable. if a user does not complete a registration, thus has no email, all is well. if they register using another method, it works just fine. If they come back to the one they didn’t complete, you can tell them they already have an account, would you like to link this to their existing account. There are dozens of sites I’ve visited that recognize an account exists when trying to link a 3rd party account with the same e-mail. Am I missing something?
  4. Point of advice, keep the login and feature rich portions as 2 separate installable applications. Keeps maintaining the code base faster and easier for both.
  5. This is where your analogy falls short. IPS software does allow conflicts (duplicates), per SQL. I’m not saying there isn’t logic in the software to attempt to stop this, but in this instance those checks fail. Dev rule of thumb, make required logic as close to the DB as possible. MySQL has limitations with regards to foreign keys, but it does allow multiple unique constraints columns in a table.
  6. @Jim M User shouldn’t be able to create duplicate accounts, or accounts with the same email, so why is the core_members email column not UNIQUE? While there may be an issue with my Steam app, like you, I can’t reproduce it. But it wouldn’t be an issue if the table was set up, IMO, properly. Sticking with car analogies, it IS Fords fault if they let the buyer pick their own serial # as part of the purchase process. You’re bound to run into buyers that pick the same thing. The DMV wouldn’t accept it. Board owners being the DMV, is it acceptable?
  7. You'll need to find some way to get a hold of them. I'd love to help you get it back up and running, for everyone, but no developer can take ownership of someone else's code base. The /dev files must also be available for the resource. Your other option is to hire a provider to update the software, specifically for your community. Sadly I'm not up to being hired for custom development. There are plenty of reputable developers in the providers directory.
  8. Talk to the author and see if they are willing to set it up as an open source repo. If so, I’ll be able to contribute to help get it updated. The original author deserves the credit on their profile, and to set the license, but I can assist.
  9. Thanks @Ryan Ashbrook ! That did it. I completely glossed over the fact that it was a keyword. I write enough SQL queries at work I don't know how I missed that. That said, I use a SQL syntax editor that catches that for me when I forget. 'name' is probably another one someone is likely to hit. 😄 @teraßyte, an error was being thrown, but it was the last 10ish characters of the query with a generic syntax error message.
  10. 😞 it’s not in the tasks.json. Do I need to escape quotes so it treats the values as strings? I’ll have to try that as soon as I get back to my machine this evening.
  11. Clarifying what some tasks do, the desire to rename the task file / class is really needed. That said, when updating an existing installation of the application, the originally named task still exists in the applications task folder. It is also present when viewing all tasks, because it's sticking around in the core_tasks table. Running this query on upgrade appears to fail. Am I missing something? Double check the query syntax for me. \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'core_tasks', array ('key=? AND app=?','steamCleanup','steam') )
  12. I agree that current documentation is lacking in some areas, including code examples in the forums. Sorry to hear about your medical troubles. Best wishes.
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