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  1. Thats will be an important feature, we need a members store!
  2. holly shhit, i install the wrong version, and now i can install de 4.13 version.. How to unistall?
  3. Hi, maybe is not the proper hread, but do you know how toinstall that "heading" button to our ckeditor?
  4. Without Google 99% of us are dead. -Need more Google-friendly and more speed in theme
  5. Can you share a tutorial about this?
  6. Thanks for this! 2 thigs: 1- ¿How about put stick menú in PC? 2-About mobile, i see that this dont do in the homepage, can you help doing there too?
  7. Im talking with support about that. I love default theme, and responsivenees is good BUT, google ask for a very low page weight. You can see that Pagespeed give us a very little points, and, althought is not a definetly point, google use it for SEO. So, we need a better mobile version
  8. Should be a great feature to enable pay to post in a forum or pay to reply on a forum, not only access. If yoou waant to do for me, please PM
    Great! The only miss feature is to configure a different payment or different membergroups
    Its a great mod to change forum index view If i can ask, an option to put starter avatar on left and last reply avatar on the right will be nice
  9. Hi, i done this by my own, please PM me if you or someone need it On the other hand, my ideas/request: -a button to give feedback from the topic, not only from profile -when paste a link in the feedback it doesnt recognize, you have to type the title, that sucks 🙂
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