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  1. Some, hopefully easy to implement blog suggestions: Select existing blogs and assign them a new category. I would think that would be pretty straight forward to do. I mean, I can feature, move, hide, etc. Why can't I set a category for selected blogs? Feature Blog Image. Before we had categories back, I was using the feature image to visually categorize. That means the same image gets uploaded dozens of times. It sure would be a great quality of life thing to set one per category as a default. It would be a nice speed improvement too to cache a handful of images instead of all of them being unique. Being able to set Feature image on multiple blogs at once would be great too for modernizing older content. Or changing things if you want to refresh images.
  2. Would it be possible to get a option to set a time/date to send a Bulk Mail? We use it to send out our newsletter and the lack of schedule options means we have to do it all live. And when I have time to get everything set for email never matches the optimum time to send that email.
  3. This is in 4.6, though the custom fields usable for it are a bit touchy. Like, not yes/no. Select box type works and I added yes/no there.
  4. Is there a way to filter for Club Forums when creating Achievement Point Rules? It lets us select regular forums. I have allowed a couple of "chat" topics inside club forums and it has royally skewed the reputation, making it kind of pointless. I'd like to filter out those club forums without filtering out ALL club forums. Otherwise it's looking good!
  5. Looks good. I'm looking forward to this release.
  6. I'm good with anything that just works and where you aren't blocking the use of Grammarly... a service I pay for to assist with my um... ongoing typo issues.
  7. While I don't care about the ranks so much since I shut them off on my site awhile ago, the custom title is important.
  8. Thanks! Sorry I didn't get back to you with a ticket. I got dragged into another issue and didn't get back around until I saw you had updated.
  9. Unless "include blocked users" is checked, I can't send bulk mail. This rather defeats the purpose of the app...
  10. Does this also support "Subscribers" function?
  11. This is the only thing left stopping me from upgrading... Hopefully he releases it soon.
  12. It looks to me like you can stick the content into a container or not. From a coding standpoint, it's adding a <div> around the RTE content, presumably. I know coding directly gives you plenty of control. Great! if you like that, more power to you. With my limited available free time, I'd rather be creating content, not formatting it. At least not in code that typos, which I have a lot of, causes messes you have to figure out. What I am asking for is not a zero sum game. You can get your pretty box, I can get mine and we're both happy 🙂
  13. Okay 🙂 any chance of getting a more versatile option for those of us that desire them? And yes, I know I can fuss around with code, but that's time consuming for those of us that don't do it day in and day out. 🙂
  14. Would it be possible to add Feature Color option for Club Forums? We have a number of club forums and having a way to make them more visual in Fluid View would be handy.
  15. Can we get the Page Builder: Text Widget with the rich text editor or can we get the WYSIWYG Widget with the advanced settings of the Page Builder: Text? It feels awfully odd to get a text box where you can't edit anything about the text and call it a Page Builder: Text. What is the use case for that?
  16. Any chance on bringing back Grammarly now that we have a new version?
  17. Thanks. Having some capabilities on the front-end would make it more consistent with the rest of the software.
  18. On the off chance I'm not missing a setting somewhere... would it be possible to put some controls in to handle the new categories you've added to Blog? Best I can tell, there is no way to move a blog to a category. My test site is an old copy of my active site... so I have a few blogs With no way I can find to change categories... My logic directs me to the Manage Blog link where I'd expect to see a "Move" or "Change Category" or some such. Nothing. Nothing anywhere, actually. In the ACP, you get a strange dialog for a mass move that doesn't allow you to set categories. It lists them, but not selectable. It's entirely possible I'm missing something, of course. That happens far too often 🙂
  19. Thanks for the code. I know I can fiddle with it that way. I am just hoping for easy color selection in the settings with the other color options . It's easier to maintain. And thanks. I'll check the text tab when I get home.
  20. Will it be possible to get color settings in the theme for the Section title/Categories? If they are currently, there, they aren't blatantly obvious. Thanks
  21. Excellent! I've been asking for this since it was taken away from us with the 4.X release.
  22. @stoo2000 I also thank you for the help you provided. Our site is running great with this app. I also highly recommend it!
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