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  1. I see that the box features per-forum feeds, what I want is a single feed that can contain data from all my forums.
  2. Is this even possible? I want to export my forum's topics as RSS but couldn't find the functionality in ipboard 4?
  3. Is this even possible? I want to export my forum's topics as RSS but couldn't find the functionality in ipboard 4?
  4. checked here http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/ but couldn't find a documentation on creating an application. Am I missing a guide on another place or?
  5. Yep can get the sources for hook please?
  6. I'm also looking for 3.4 bbcode version
  7. Hope IPS Suite will be featuring a real image uploader in the WSYWYG editor - especially for IPContent. Image uploading is by far the biggest problem for news sites.
  8. Please give us the option to save our styles,css and even ipcontent's article templates as plain files. Holding them in db should be optinal, as a developer, I tend to use plain files and track my history of change using git/github. Believe me any active community administrator will like this (being able to use git/svn or what ever he/she likes to track his changes!)
  9. +1 to mod, we need easy modification support for navigation items.
  10. when to expect next beta?

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    2. Breadfan


      Well, according to the ammount of unresolved bugs in the tracker, it could take a while. But I'm in no hurry. Better wait for stable beta2 followed by a RC1 then to a rushed out B2 followed by B3,B4,B5..

    3. ørret


      Final will be released in a month.

    4. bonesoul


      good to hear, also will be upgrading to final from beta supported?

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