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  1. Hello, Is there a way I can add or embed a poll in a page? I would like to avoid creating a topic with a poll just for that. The best would be really to create a poll in an article in Pages. Any idea?
  2. Sure, thanks. Do you have in mind to add any block informing the last best that were made? That would help to improve engagement on the addon from the homepage.
  3. @TheJackal84 strange, in mine it appears to be different. I am using the latest version.
  4. @TheJackal84 I have just noticed that if you use decimal odds, if you use a value like 2.4, only the value "2" will appear to the user. It seems to be rounding the value and not keeping the decimal part?
  5. Hello @opentype! Great work you seem to have here. I've seen that your application does include a Block template. Are you able to include it for example above the forum list or are you required to add it to the sidebar? Let's say the first 3 featured articles. Thanks
  6. That would be awesome. Let us know here in the topic once it happens. Something like that would work great.
  7. @Adriano Faria have you thought about adding this to Last Posts section?
  8. @TheJackal84 this seems an excellent app and I am looking forward to buying it. Have occurred to you some sort of bet grouping? I mean, at first, I was looking for an app that would list events and each event would have a list of bets that users could choose (1X2, First Scorer, First Goal, etc). However, after seeing your app, to make this doable, some option to group bets in a specific "event" would be great, like grouping events by "Manchester City vs Chelsea". This would be so awesome. All the other ideas suggested here are great tho.
  9. I do want it, for sure. Let me know once you got any news on it @Midnight Modding .
  10. Any updates on this @Midnight Modding? I've been following this topic for a year waiting for a release. Just take my money man! ?
  11. Would like to know it too @Midnight Modding. If the project is somewhat suspended I would need to think of an in-house alternative. Regards
  12. I have never seen the previous version interface (as the links in the first post are not valid anymore), so I really don't know what forms are you talking about. Maybe you can show us what are you referring to @Midnight Modding?
  13. Any news on this @Midnight Modding? Thanks!
  14. Having this would count me as one more costumer From what I've understood we should be able to vote for the past month MOTM. And it will show up in board the last elected MOTM. Does this currently handles this? Thanks
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