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  1. Great! I havent seen that before is it working in other languages like french?
  2. Here is a nice feature seen on Wyze Forum. The plateform suggest you related topics while typing a new title.
  3. I've got this error : Mail Bouncer had an issue connecting to your SparkPost API. Please make sure that your SparkPost API key is correct and grants full read/write permission to 'Event Webhooks' and 'Suppression Lists'. But I use SendGrid... Is there a problem ? Also, it could be GREAT to get Amazon SES support !
  4. I've just have an answer from Threadloom :
  5. Is this something in the pipes for future releases? I've also asked them in november, no positive answer, I will ask them one more time. That service keep me reading this forum for months, that's pure evil genius
  6. @Ryan Ashbrook, I'm still looking for a solution like Threadloom, which is an amazing tool for members engagement. Is there something that we can do?
  7. Default, but my forum is very active, so it's not a problem.
  8. Sure but the background task takes too long, sometimes it stalls for hours.
  9. Those a**holes are flooding our board 24/7
  10. Threadloom provide an amazing add-on for those who want to engage their community, unfortunately, it's not available for Invision Board. Is there an equivalent?
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