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  1. I've been from Ikonboard pre 1, through to when @Matt & co switched away from Perl to PHP and so fourth over to Invision Board then the transition from free to paid etc. Over the 20 or so years there's been a small handful of decisions I look at and just wonder WTF were they thinking, this is one of them. To tie an entire customer base to quite literally a junk rated service (just ask the receiving mail servers what they think about SendGrid's reputation! They'll quite literally share their opinion with a bounce back message 😉 ) is one of those WTF moments over the past two decades. Not implementing SES is so many levels of stupid it's beyond even trying to understand. Essentially here's something that could make a significant difference to many communities as email is Invision's default outbound communication method, instead of improving that experience for the end user it is actively ignored/avoided. Don't get upset, some things in the world need to be so ridiculous they're unbelievable just to create intrigue.
  2. Search for the Auto Follow Content plugin that allows new registrations to auto-follow certain forums. Select by default for user preferences to subscribe to content they create or reply to.
  3. Just touching base on this topic as I've just had to do this myself as I merge three 15+ year old communities in to one including a Wordpress with nearly 2000 records converted to Pages. 1) Create Database 2) Create Fields 3) Check old Database Field Names (ie field_28) 4) In the AdminCP go to the new database and hover over the edit field button, you will see the Field ID in the URL. 5) Update old Database field Name (ie: field_28 now is called field_70). 6) Once completed, for the sake of visual clarity I reordered the table index as well. 7) You can now easily export from the old in to the new. Migrating the comments is actually really easy, they're simply tied to the Database ID and the Record ID, so changing those two values will have them appear on the new record/entry. Using something like TablesPlus and a BIG wide screen really helps, it was infinitely faster than attempting on the laptop screen 🙂 Your distance may vary, moving them from a 'TEMP' category to the category I wanted also seemed to clean up any 'last post' and front index issues. Backup before you do any of this, I also clone the tables I'm editing as well so I can be as destructive as needed. I don't know any side effects yet but so far it seems to be working 😄
  4. Finally the ability to move forum posts to articles came around, and it is brilliant. However I don't understand why when selecting to copy replies along with the article that the dates for the comments aren't maintained? Instead of putting a warning up that the comment dates may be different, use the post date info on the existing comments and copy it?
  5. It would be useful to be able to set the form homepage views based on device. I find Grid view on Desktop is excellent and Fluid View on Mobile gets people to the most recent content the quickest and engaging over more sections of the forum. The ability to set the default view by device would be helpful.
  6. The laughs just keep on coming. August 17th lodged a Support Ticket to try and upgrade our account due to hitting limits. Yesterday.... Today... 😂
  7. SendGrid is hardly a stellar alternative https://www.facebook.com/SendGrid/ just look at the complaints all similar, no response from support. Here's the status of 1 SendGrid account linked to a community with around 4,000 members. 1 day to go and still unable to upgrade an account, stellar service 🙂 /s @bfarber it really is time to reassess SendGrid as being the sole API integrated mail platform for Invision. Here's something that's now affecting the experience with the core Invision product. 🙂
  8. Submitted ticket to SendGrid August 17 2020, still no response. Good luck to anyone attempting to migrate an existing active community to SendGrid 🙂
  9. @Nathan Explosion I know this is a really old discussion, however even after all these years I just wanted to say thank you 🤗 I have an XML dump with around 2.3 million lines of text I was trying to work out how to import to a new Pages database, your response above has helped 🙂
  10. It would be great to see IPS implement something like UserVoice/Feature Upvote or similar as a way for the community to discuss and vote on what matters the most to the community in terms of development. A platform like UserVoice/Feature Upvote would make it clearer what the community would like to see developed, in situations where IPS chooses not to develop an idea it would provide 3rd party developers greater clarity on more common requests leading to a healthier marketplace. IE: https://ideas.digitalocean.com/ideas
  11. True, and I was just drawing your attention to the fact that it has been out for nearly a decade 🙂 Perhaps it'll make the roadmap before 2030? 😜
  12. +1 curious about this as well. Is anyone currently using it on 4.5 and have you experienced any issues?
  13. SES has been around sine 2011 😉 Here's the snafu with SendGrid that I've encountered. When trying to move an existing community to SendGrid there's a 100/day initially then 40,000/month email limit, that's not a lot of emails and SendGrid won't allow immediate upgrading of the account and in some cases make you wait the full month out. Once you hit that limit you can forget about emails going out to existing members, and new members can't signup. For people converting to IPS with existing large communities this can put a real dent in continuity.
  14. Appreciate that, thank you I'll take a look.
  15. If you're going to go underlining things at least have a basic understanding of what it is that you actually own before going all out aggressive on others 🙂 A lack of updates does not indicate a good security record. In fact it can quite often indicate the exact opposite as it's a direct result of a lack of testing. This is you pushing your arbitrary view forward on what is the 'right way' and what isn't. There's many successful phpBB forums out there, and in fact that free platform has outlasted many commercial variants over the years due to the very nature of its ecosystem and how it's supported. Portraying that using a platform like phpBB is not the 'right way' is not only disingenuous, it's insulting the the thousands of people in that community and the developers that have maintained the software for two decades. You may not like what IPS is doing, that's fine and you're entitled to that opinion but making stuff up doesn't really encourage anyone outside your echo chamber to agree with you.
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