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  1. Yep, works ... THANKS !! Need to take it offline for the permission option to appear
  2. Assume it is now safe to delete the old Member Map from the ACP applications ?
  3. Did the final migration to the 4.6 version today ... movement of all the old data and settings went flawlessly .... New product is great . No issues at all !!
  4. Thanks ... saw that but wasn't sure I was interpreting it correctly ... now I know !!
  5. Hi, A small issue on install from free version. Just upgraded to 4.6 ... earlier Member Map disabled. After 4.6 install completed, in ACP Marketplace paid for and installed Community Map. Upon Accessing it I get a message requiring an api key ... ok I can get that. Then re-reading your comments above, I went via ACP to the settings page and got the import message ... but.... didn't access it immediately and went to another area in ACP. Now going back I do not get the import option any more, just the option to add the api key. Definitely don't want to loose all the existing member data ... stuck at this point.
  6. Super, Thanks ... PM in a few with details ...
  7. Yep , duh ... sorry , didn't look completely. And thanks for the immediate response !!! It is in applications, but still no button on any topic. . Clicking on Permissions on the main entry only says to change it in the modules in the application. But clicking to expand the entry to show modules does nothing
  8. Just upgraded to IPS 4.6 installed ignore forums via ACP Marketplace ... works fine. installed ignore topics via ACP Marketplace ... but doesn't show in ACP in plugins and ignore topic button does not show up on topics Went to check again in ACP Marketplace, but shows already installed and working ... Odd thing ... shows Ignore Topics option in Account Settings ...
  9. About to upgrade from IPS 4.4 directly to 4.6 . Will I run into version compatibility issues ? I'd bet your 4.5 version will work in 4.6 if we had that version installed. But since we are on 4.4 I believe we don't have the option to install the 4.5 version prior to our upgrade (although I haven't tried it. So when we go directly to 4.6 ... I'm curious, would you know if the IPS System might not allow installing the 4.5 version ? Do we need to wait for 4.6 compatibility to arrive to continue using the feature?
  10. Just getting ready to update from IPS 4.4 to IPS 4.6 ... should I let the upgrade process attempt to do the upgrade or disable the current versions and then upgrade via the markeplace after 4.6 has finished installing?
  11. Good to know !! Thanks again ...
  12. As a cloud community, back ups are out of our hands ... and having IPS restoring 4.4 to correct an issue is probably out of the question. But if I understand correctly, if during the upgrade it doesn't automatically disable the old member map, I need to keep if from linking to the new app or at least ensure that I do disable the old one and also keep from linking (yes I believe, also, there is an opt-out option) . Then, once the IPS 4.6 upgrade is complete go the marketplace page to purchase the new app and follow directions from there, yes ? This is the last piece of the puzzle enabling our IPS 4.6 upgrade ... and waiting also for the final IPS verification of 4.6 compatibility. We're a relatively new IPS customer and have gone through several prior version upgrades, but the transition from 4.x to 4.5 and beyond has been somewhat painful for customers as well as developers ;( Thanks for your continuing work on the map ... !!
  13. Upgrading from IPS 4.4 with old member map directly to 4.6. Noted your statement. ... "Upgrading from Member Map If you're upgrading from Member Map you'll be presented with a import tool the first time you visit any of the ACP pages for this app. This page will only be forced on you once, after this you'll find it as a button on top of the settings page. If you choose to use Community Map before you import you should note that all content in Community Map will be deleted prior to the import." Does this mean I should leave the old member map enabled and let the IPS version upgrade process also upgrade to Member Community ... or disable it prior to starting the IPS upgrade and enable after IPS version upgrade completion? I assume the 4.6 version won't upgrade in the IPS 4.4 environment , or will it ? I definitely need to retain all the existing member's basic map information .... having it be deleted would be a disaster.
  14. Thank you very much for the relatively "instant" action on making ignore forum and ignore topic 4.6 compatible !!!!! This has made our migration to 4.6 now possible.
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