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  1. Hello, first at all thanks for the IPS4 upgrade, apparently works fine after the update. But we have some problems and for testing we decided to uninstall it. Big fail because we have lost the old feedback data and now didnt know to recover the old data to the new version. Any suggest to repair it? we can import tables or any kind of data, we have backup from all.
  2. Updated from 3.4.8 to the last IPS4 version today, but we have a problem with language section, is not possible to add another language, it goes to blank page and doesnt work. URL: www.domain.admin/?adsess=bh2rplfi0u91rofiv29t0uudi4&app=core&module=languages&controller=languages&do=form&id=2 Another way is duplicate the existing english default and upgrade it to other one, but after it is not possible to edit and change the name and flag (again blank page and doesnt work nothing). Any suggest?
  3. Is possible desactivate videos? only show the links not the screen videos.
  4. You are right, seems a skin problem. I will report it to Ehren. Thanks :)
  5. Hello, i have a problem with the IPBoard 3.4 update with quotes. Some threads works fine but not others, the quoted text are not in the box, example: System has been recached and my internet browser, after that, the Quote works fine in the reply options but do not appear correctly when you post it on the forum:
  6. Updated without problems, thanks. I have a question, is possible to display the comments from the forum in the shoutbox? like this: **user** replied to the topic called -link-
  7. Bueno nosotros nos hemos lanzado. Te animamos a que sigas mejorando la traducción.
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