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  1. Bump, I'd be interested in how at all to process the HTML. I already do it in Python but i have to copy and paste the source and run it with Python code. Our users don't have access to the source so they can't do that. Any way we could do it with a button?
  2. I have a code that does this in Python, but I can't ask the users to use it every time. I just want a button that just runs any type of scripting language on the entire post content, is that possible?
  3. Hi, Sometimes our users post too much content in one post and it doesn't load on some old browsers. We'd like a button that can "unembed" all of your content in your post, programmatically. A button that can just run all the content of your post through, say, JavaScript or some other scripting language that can replace all the oEmbed links with normal links, that would be perfect. It doesn't even need to do exactly that, I can write the JavaScript myself, but I just don't know how to ... add such a button to the editor? I would be willing to pay a developer to develop something like this, if it's not currently available. It's quite important for our site. So if nothing is available, I would love to know the proper channel to request this if possible 🙂 Thanks! PH
  4. Hi, Is it possible to change this setting? 30 posts per page is too many for some users who have slower computers. Thanks!
  5. Is it possible to implement this (or is there an extension for it)? The way it works on the normal forum is great, but it's not implemented for PM threads, unfortunately.
  6. Wait, this isn't true for me. I have only "like" and still needs 2 clicks!
    Thanks for the update! But it doesn't seem to work on mobile anymore (except in PMs)?
  7. I also noticed that some users have problems with the like button - they need to double tap on it for it to register. This is especially true on mobile. Is this a feature or a bug? Also, list of likes doesn't show up on mobile?
  8. Any image embedding doesn't work for me. Seems to work here. Maybe a bug? Imgur embedding hasn't worked for a while but that might be due to imgur's API being outdated.
  9. Wondering this as well.
  10. it still looks like a heart, and the formatting is still different when you click like (i.e. there's a big x on the heart) basically i want it to go back exactly to the way it was before? is that possible?
  11. I just upgraded to I prefer that much more (i.e. the old like button, and it's much more satisfying to see the n number of likes along with the names), and the big X next to the heart image doesn't look nice.
  12. VBulletin has a feature where the admins can upload default avatars that members can choose from. Do we have this feature in IPB?
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