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  1. Thanks for this! It reduced the area to a better size, almost perfect!
  2. Tried to look for answer, but how do I adjust the column width in the recorddisplay template to have the author column smaller? It's taking up too much space on my site. I just want it about as wide as the user avatar. Thanks for any input.
  3. Any chance of having a song description field (in addition to lyric field). Be a good spot for bands to talk about their track, licensing info, where else to find it, etc... Also would be great if we can upload a photo for a song (singles). Keep the great work and support, def one of my fav app and developer.
  4. Yes, this app does feel dead in this sense, unfortunately. It's just too bad, so much potential.
  5. Any timeline or updates on the LONG awaited features listed on the app page? Namely, Shipment feature and Feedback feature? Seems its been years this has been "promise". Is there any chance of this coming out anytime soon? The shipment one is the most important one for me. Would also be nice if we can set "Quantity" of items available, even when transactions are turned off. (it just defaults to 1 and doesn't let you change it unless transactions are on) Thanks
  6. Great app and wonderful developer. One thing that would make this even better is Club support, so clubs can have their own specific competitions. Thanks!
    Wonderful plugin that works as described. Support has been fantastic as well. Highly recommended!
  7. Yes, I just tested this on the same link
  8. Since updating to latest version after going to 4.4, the rich embeds show up in editor, but once posted it only shows up as black image. Any ideas? Example https://jarout.com/forums/topic/8878-beer-fest-tickets-going-on-sale-soon/?tab=comments#comment-8881
  9. How to change the Image Upload size limit for a Club category? It's currently at 0.5MB and nowhere to change it for a club category.
  10. Hey Mike, Wondering if you can fix a couple of things in the video app when it comes to the Clubs? Couple things I noticed with clubs and videos: When in a club video category, the breadcrumbs don't show that you are in the club. And when you click on Add video, the Club header disappears When adding a video into a club, and then you click on the "Category" drop-down, the Club categories are not showing, except for the current category and non-club categories. Loving the app, and would like it even more if these little bugs would be worked out. Thanks for your continued support for this useful app
  11. Where can a user input the quantity of their item? I don't see it when submitting files, but it always shows quantity as "1" when ad is posted.
  12. how to select the icons for menu navigation? Say I have custom links, and want to chose my own icon.
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