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  1. Thanks @Joel R for this thought. I agree. If SM buttons are used, the channels should be active. Thinking of my own presence, I must admit, not all my SM channels are updated, even though I restricted the number of them...I will need clear one or the other. And, keeping those channels active, requires time. Something most of us do not have enough of it. So less is probably more.
  2. Posting interesting community content to social media drives some additional traffic to your site. However, do not expect that those visits turn into new members. While this can work well for you (e.g. if you serve ads in your community), be aware that creating good content requires considerable amounts of time. So does the maintenance of social media profiles.
  3. Are you using Invision's cloud hosting service? Perhaps the issue is with the registrar of the domain?
  4. Although I have not reached the stage to really put Commerce into action, I think EU Tax Support will be very useful. Hope I can use it very soon! Thanks for all the good work and the consistent updates you deliver on a regular basis. 👍
  5. Ok, thanks Jim for clarification. That probably explains the issues I've had with V3. I implemented V2 Invisible reCAPTCHA now, but I get the same error as with V3: "You did not pass the security check. Please try again." - But I guess I will require some time until the new keys take effect. So I will check again if it works in a few hours.
  6. Oh, just came across this thread after opening a thread about a problem with V3 here: So it looks, V3 is not supported at the moment and it's suggested to continue using V2 reCaptcha (invisible or not)? That would explain why I have some issues using V3 perhaps.
  7. Looking forward to the 4.5 release and this is just another great feature for it. I'll probably wait until 4.5 is out and then consider adding more marketplace apps/plugins if necessary.
  8. I am still evaluating a few options to integrate a job board and I am considering SuperDirectory. Will you be releasing it also for version 4.5 and if so, will there be considerable amount of time required to get it ready for 4.5 or do you plan to release it soon after the 4.5 release? And another question is, can there be different access restrictions (permissions) for the record view? E.g. for members only or for specific groups? Thanks for clarification.
  9. Thanks Adriano! Just for my curiosity, is the dev board a board that is used by Invision Community developers and App/Plugin developers, not accessible to "integrators" resp. regular forum admins?
  10. I cannot not yet imagine all the great benefits it will have, but it looks really promising. Thanks, for the great job your doing every day. Looking forward to the 4.5 release.
    Simple but very useful plugin and saving a lot of time when sharing forum posts with an image to Social Media channels. With standard IPB SEO features the og:image tag can be added too, but it it takes a lot more time. Thanks!
  11. @Adriano, thanks and looking forward to any news when available. 👍
  12. Well, it's been a while since the community here talked about the job board app. Does anyone have news on this? I guess the project has been dropped? I am thinking to use the app "pages super directory" instead.
  13. I have been searching for ways to increase sign-ups and came across ideas like: - restricting guest access (core functionality) - attachments/downloads for members only (core functionality) - guest view limit (app in marketplace) - premium memberships (using commerce, paid or free) What I did not find is: - a function or app/plugin that can truncate posts with the idea to promote sign-ups. This would be less restricting than to ban guest access. - set permissions per post or thread (e.g. for use with forums, blogs). Both two functions are widely used on news websites, e.g. some news are accessible to guests, others not, and/or a teaser is shown to guest users. Did I overlook such functionality or app or does it really not exist? Would it be a good idea, what do you think?
  14. Thanks for the info, just another question: Would there be a screenshot of the importer function available somewhere? I was not able to find one on ipsbeyond.pl and on this website. What file format can the importer handle? csv, xlsx, others...? Thanks in advance.
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