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  1. Thanks for this speedy reply and the hint about Post before Register. It was activated and it it caused the behavior. So far my experience with post before register does not indicate this to be a "top-feature" and it might have confused some people in the past. So I decided to turn it off.
  2. I would like SuperReviews to work in such a way, that Guests cannot add reviews to items in the DB, only logged-in members can. After having implemented SuperReviews (Mode 3), I ran into an issue that Guests (not logged in visitors) are able to add reviews to the database and the add review button is shown, even though in both databases, the one that hold the records and the one that hold the reviews, guests do not have the permission to add reviews. Is there another "permission-setting" that I overlooked? Appreciate any pointer you might have. Looks like a wrong config somewhere.
    A very useful plugin if you look for nicely designed product reviews (hotel, car, services, etc.). I had an issue when setting it up (config error on my side) but support was fast and helpful. I can recommend it 100%.
  3. Thanks Ralf, this sorted it out. I was not aware that the database relation field has to be populated with a reference to the item being reviewed. But now it makes perfectly sense. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for verifying the settings. I just set up two new pages databases to run through the configuration again. But the result is the same and the review won't display on the car/item page. Thanks for this pointer, but I am not sure what you mean. I guess it's the part where it would say: " This is a review for the ....read more...". This piece is missing on my review page. How can I add it or how is it added?
  5. Hi Ralf, Many thanks for this great plugin. I've got an issue with Mode 3. Reviews are not showing up on the page displaying the items database. I guess a setting is not correct. I can add reviews and I can also see seem on the separate reviews page, but they won't show on the items page. Database relation is added as per instructions. Here a few screenshot to illustrate settings. I am running V4.5.4. It seems the two databases are not properly linked. But I can't figure out wh the reviews are not shown on the item page. Any hint is much appreciated. Dat
  6. Thanks @bfarber for your thoughts. I will have a look into the option with REST API. Before I change the value I will get consent from the members so it will be fully GDPR compliant. But I will have to make this call outside the IPS Application as many will not login to change their preferences.
  7. Because I need to cleanup my mailing list, I plan to change the bulk mail option (allow e-mails from admin) for a majority of my members (but not all) and I wonder what is the best way to achieve this. Option 1 I tried downloading the Member List where I changed the option allow_admin_email to the required value and then re-uploading it. However, this does not seem to work as the system cannot overwrite existing members with the same member? Option 2 Other option would be to change the option manually in the database. With about 800 members this would be quite a big job
  8. Has anyone been using it on 4.5.x yet? I find it a very useful plugin and would be happy to use it on 4.5. Thanks!
  9. Just came across this topic and I have actually the same idea as @Fierce God. Trying to achieve that using the pages, I ended up with an indefinite loop. It seems it is not that easy . The html output then contains two <head> tags etc...I assume it would need quite a bit of customization. I've opened another thread about this subject here: Sorry, for not seeing this post here earlier! I will test another one page template to see how I could embedd it in to the wrapper.
  10. As far as my Bulk Mail sending problem is concerned, I was able to resolve it. Reason for not delivering Bulk Mail was, I've activated Send Grid as delivery method for all the Bulk Mails. This configuration can be found under System > Site Features > Community Enhancements This setting overrides anything you set in System > Settings > E-Mail Settings Still, it would be awesome if Bulk Mails could be restricted to a certain limit/h for example.
  11. @xtech From my perspective, the feature mentioned by you would make sense. Many SMTP providers limit the number of mails per day. Plus it would possibly bring many other benefits (less SPAM classifications). I've been using the bulk mail functionality for about half a year using the PHP delivery method. It worked ok, and I would say, transactional e-mails have not been affected so far (Community with 1000 members, one monthly newsletter). Bulk Mails were usually sent within a few minutes, however not all were delivered due to no SPF, DKIM, etc. Now that the Community is growing,
  12. Thanks @bfarber for this explanation. Now it makes more sense 🙂 One thing that is still not clear to me: Many SMTP Providers have a daily sending limit. If I send a bulk mail to e.g. 1000 users, but my SMTP Provider allows for only 500 mails a day, would this cause any troubles (500 mail not sent) or would the remaining 500 mails be sent on the following day? I know, it's not directly related to the Community Suite or the Bulk Mail feature, but somehow its related to it.
  13. Our community has around 1000 members, a little more than 800 signed up for a newsletter. Typically there are approx. 20-30 users online at a time. From what I understand, the frequency of background process is depending on community activity. Our SMTP Server can handle 250 mails/h, so I limited in constants.php the bulk mail to 5 mails/cycle, assuming a cycle every 2 minutes, we would not reach the sending limit. \define ( 'BULK_MAILS_PER_CYCLE', 5 ); The ACP reported the following: Does the above mean, the cycle was carried out every 30 seconds to deliver all mails in 1h and 31 m
  14. Nice one. Thanks! It summarizes well what to do and what not to do.
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