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  1. Has anyone been using it on 4.5.x yet? I find it a very useful plugin and would be happy to use it on 4.5. Thanks!
  2. Nice one. Thanks! It summarizes well what to do and what not to do.
  3. Interesting article, thanks for sharing! This one caught my attention: I think I am sometimes too focused on facts and logic. While this is a good thing in general, more emotional reactions is a good tip!
  4. Upgraded staging site to 4.5 and YES, the sorting now works. However, numerical fields will be sorted as DESCending. This is not always wanted and the sorting direction doesn't allow ASCending lists. Using the default sorting option, ASCending lists are possible though.
  5. I might give it a try on my staging site. Hope to be able to do it in the coming days. Although, I did not plan to mess with any Beta version. But if I can contribute to get a an error fixed, then it's probably worth the effort.
  6. Thanks @opentype I can reproduce the behavior as you explained it on my site. Would be nice if someone can confirm if this has been fixed in 4.5. I was unable to find any fix about it it the Release Notes.
  7. I'm developing a pages database similar to the "Recipe" example described in the "Help Guides". This database contains a number of custom fields, some of them contain "number" fields. Now the idea is to be able to sort the records according to the number in the field, ascending or descending. I've activated a default sorting for the relevant field in Databases > Edit database > Option > Field Options When loading the database, the sorting works as expected. Problem: When sorting the records according another custom (number) field, the sort order is not correct anymore. Us
  8. See here for all changes to Gallery app. https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/
  9. Thanks @Joel R for this thought. I agree. If SM buttons are used, the channels should be active. Thinking of my own presence, I must admit, not all my SM channels are updated, even though I restricted the number of them...I will need clear one or the other. And, keeping those channels active, requires time. Something most of us do not have enough of it. So less is probably more.
  10. Are you using Invision's cloud hosting service? Perhaps the issue is with the registrar of the domain?
  11. Although I have not reached the stage to really put Commerce into action, I think EU Tax Support will be very useful. Hope I can use it very soon! Thanks for all the good work and the consistent updates you deliver on a regular basis. 👍
  12. Ok, thanks Jim for clarification. That probably explains the issues I've had with V3. I implemented V2 Invisible reCAPTCHA now, but I get the same error as with V3: "You did not pass the security check. Please try again." - But I guess I will require some time until the new keys take effect. So I will check again if it works in a few hours.
  13. Oh, just came across this thread after opening a thread about a problem with V3 here: So it looks, V3 is not supported at the moment and it's suggested to continue using V2 reCaptcha (invisible or not)? That would explain why I have some issues using V3 perhaps.
  14. Looking forward to the 4.5 release and this is just another great feature for it. I'll probably wait until 4.5 is out and then consider adding more marketplace apps/plugins if necessary.
  15. I am still evaluating a few options to integrate a job board and I am considering SuperDirectory. Will you be releasing it also for version 4.5 and if so, will there be considerable amount of time required to get it ready for 4.5 or do you plan to release it soon after the 4.5 release? And another question is, can there be different access restrictions (permissions) for the record view? E.g. for members only or for specific groups? Thanks for clarification.
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