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  1. evcom

    What's new in 4.6.0?

    Just upgraded to latest release and all went well.
  2. I am using version and it works fine with 4.6.x. Have not tested it with version 1.0.8. An update would be great. Looks like it would have to become an application though (see Stuarts comment above).
  3. I have been updating my site to 4.6.x and this plugin works also on this version.
  4. @Luciann I see. The above plugin offers quite extensive options, so it might be a bit overkill. I actually implemented in the end a quite simple method. I used the slider resp. code shown on the w3schools Website and added it to my "homepage" using the pages app. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow.asp Final result can be seen here.
  5. @Luciann might this perhaps work for you? I am in the search for a slider solution for my intro page and was thinking to use the above.
  6. Thank you all for this video and live-update. It's great to see the motivated crew behind IC. It really motivates me to keep debveloping my own community.
  7. @brainweare If I recall correctly, I had a similar or the same behavior. I think I fixed it by just calling the pages in the menu bar using the full URL, like external pages. Would this be a solution?
  8. evcom

    Job Board App ?

    Nice add-on for IC, would definitely consider it. It's possible to develop something similar with Pages, but something out of the box with Commerce integration etc.. sounds even better. Good move!
  9. Good feature suggestion. 'Most solved' per forum would be a nice feature, particularly when running a support forum where members have their favorite subforum where they like to contribute to.
  10. A very useful tip which I just adopted. Thank you! So far I also wrote news article after news article, but this is not putting the community at the center. So the tip helps to change that. 👍
    Thanks for upgrading it to be compatible with 4.5. Works as advertised. It offers a great new functionality!
  11. Yes, it's working for me with 4.5.x In System > Site Features > Plugins it just says "Custom".
  12. Thanks for this speedy reply and the hint about Post before Register. It was activated and it it caused the behavior. So far my experience with post before register does not indicate this to be a "top-feature" and it might have confused some people in the past. So I decided to turn it off.
  13. I would like SuperReviews to work in such a way, that Guests cannot add reviews to items in the DB, only logged-in members can. After having implemented SuperReviews (Mode 3), I ran into an issue that Guests (not logged in visitors) are able to add reviews to the database and the add review button is shown, even though in both databases, the one that hold the records and the one that hold the reviews, guests do not have the permission to add reviews. Is there another "permission-setting" that I overlooked? Appreciate any pointer you might have. Looks like a wrong config somewhere.
    A very useful plugin if you look for nicely designed product reviews (hotel, car, services, etc.). I had an issue when setting it up (config error on my side) but support was fast and helpful. I can recommend it 100%.
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