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    Still waiting for support...
  2. HighlanderX


    i just bought your embers skin, how do I add the Icon and have the font the same for custom menu links at the top of the page.... Added the FAQ application and does not have an Icon nor the font is the same... Screenshot
  3. The easeness with the photos... For instance... Forum Media System does a good job on doing something similar to facebook but for videos. Something like this needs to be implemented .... were the picture is on the left and the forum post where the picture is is on the right. That way you can comment right then and there w/o jumping to a different page. Pictures and uploading pictures that don't necessarily look like an attachemnt, but a picture that you click it and its RIGHT there, will help with the situation. The easeness to which you jump from one place or another w/o having to go
  4. Well. I am not sure if you guys have felt this but Facebook has been kicking the dedicated forum type community in the .... I believe the issues is that 1st no registration is "required" after you have logged in to facebook which almost everyone has, so no log in to go to the different sections inside facebook. Second, the easeness with which people can jump from one section to another, making it seamless and informational whoring. I have seen a couple of communities go down in flames lately. Locally and it has been because of Facebook. Since anyone can open up their "own" type of foru
  5. ok.... let me know.... Thanks
  6. The issue we are having now is that the system is catching on quoted videos... that makes the system double and triple post videos.... Is there a way to fix this?
  7. some issues here where it doesn't want to cache the skins... it shows up fine but it gives an sql error everytime i add one or recache.
  8. if the youtube link has https or feature player embed portion in the link, something like that appears...
  9. I get that from time to time... dont know why.
  10. feature=player_embedded& Everytime that option is used on youtube... garbled data comes out on the block. I have to manually edit the post and remove that portion in order for it to work.
  11. Awesome... keep up the good work.
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