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  1. I noticed our boy @Adriano Faria has engaged this conversation; with that said I think he would be most defiantly the one who can help. He does a lot for me and I have purchased his products and have had him even create custom modifications for me. He's a solid code-aholic in my book. He is definitely one to hear in this situation. Sorry the advice as of no use, I ran across it the other day; it is the only reason I know about it.
  2. Hello my friend. Whilst you search high and low for said answer, I hope to help in what way I can -- I know if you go into your 'profile' by clicking your name in the upper right corner and then clicking 'profile' from the sub-menu you will eventually scroll down to a block such as the image I present to you. If you click that 'x' it should disable this block. and present you with a new one that looks like the following image. While this is not the prescribed solution, I hope it proves useful in the meantime. King Regards, Brian
  3. I have seen a lot of conversation on Google AdSense and have been wondering myself, a few small questions I hope to get some honest answers and thoughts on. I, in no way intend to offend anyone who uses it -- These are a few of my questions Worth the time to install it Will it work well with Invision Community Suite 4.5 Have any of you had experience with Google AdSense? How has this experience been for you as an Administrator? How easy was it installed on your community (If you've installed it). Kind Regards, Brian
  4. I'd further this by allowing an off switch for those emails we want to send out in bulk without anything from our picks attached. Allow us to turn off that promotion that hitches a ride on all bulk mails, or at least allow us to chose which promoted item we would like the user to see without having to hire someone to make an app that does this.
  5. Let us hope that this finds the IPS staff well and is something they are willing to consider; Thank you all for posting your thoughts -- Feel free to post your thoughts to continue this thread in hopes of getting the IPS staff's attention if you feel the cause is just. I did not expect this kind of backing when I originally posted, it seems more then just myself feel this way about this particular option in the Administrative Control Panel. Thank you all for posting your thoughts.
  6. It seemed to work there ol'chap! I do apreciate the effort used to look into it, thank you for replying. It seems @Davyc got it down, it works from my end here.
  7. I could not agree more! Having been with them for a long time -- Years, in fact. This team has had to work with me on so many levels; they know I know nothing about computers or coding; They walk me through everything I've ever needed help with -- I would only further this by stating the Peer to Peer help is amazing as well. Every time I've put a question in, people come to my aid and help fix the issue; if IPS cannot all of you usually step up. The community here is great, there are exceptions of course, but I must stress they are only exceptions. Thank you all for everything, witho
  8. @opentype, hello there, First I would like to say this is such a beautiful template and works like a dream; I really enjoy the format as it gives a certain professionalism to the work that has been done by any author; Thank you! I did notice a small cosmetic issue, I cannot seem to fix; I have looked through the support thread hoping someone else has come through the same issue; nay, I did not find it. I use the browser Edge and Chrome, both browsers show this issue [When in full screen mode] (The article seems to be 1 pixel off). I do try and inspect element and the second I do this
  9. I do have a small observation or small critique on this; please don't take this the wrong way but it seems like this could be a big issue moving forward and I hope my voice will be heard here. I mean NO disrespect. --- ACP -> Community -> Forums -> Settings -> disable "Moderation events between posts" --- I feel this option should not be an 'On' or 'Off' option, but rather a "permission set" type of item or perhaps both one to turn it on and another to allow who can see these; allowing me to chose which groups can see it. I feel this particular item is a staff o
  10. Amen to that brother! Could not have been said better myself!
  11. Will this plugin be updated for 4.5, currently it states it is only working on 4.4.
  12. Hello @Adriano Faria I wanted to check up on this addon, will there be an update issued for 4.5 any some point down the road. It is and has been a great program and addon for invisionpower.
  13. He had said something about doing it a long while back. I was hoping he would have had an update about it. But i've not heard anything in quite some time.
  14. Wanted to check in to see if there had been any updates to allowing the 3rd party 'country flags' by Adriano (as you both were talking about it) and if there was an update to the 3rd party addon [moods] as we had discussed back in October.
  15. It has been several months, June 11th in fact, last we spoke on the 'moods' app conflicting with the enhanced user information panel as you see here, the panel causes the 'moods' to disappear. I also wanted to bring up to the attention the 'Flags' app that Adriano had created, you'd made mention that you'd look into adding an option for 3rd party apps for the flags to show up where 'location' is. Any updates?
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