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  1. Hi @aXenDev I have the version 2.2.0 and not have a custom database option...
  2. Hi @aXenDev, Would it be possible to add other database sources (custom connections)? by defining the type of the database and the columns for example in order to be able to add other games that do not use known plugins? Ex : Minecraft, Battlebit, Rust,... This would allow you to add all types of games that use a mysql system for bans A bit like the API system you put in your application server list (screenshot)
  3. Switch to tls 1.2 on your host 🙂
  4. Fixed with nodejs 14 and used npm install -g npm-check-updates after ncu --upgrade after npm install The SocketIO of the original file is in v2 while the javascript file on the site is for v4.4
  5. Hi, Does anyone have a problem with the socket? I have this error But my socket is on... https://clan-rmg.com:3000/ @CodingJungle do you have any idea how to solve this?
  6. @CodingJungle I have some problem with the socket on the last update https://mysite:3000/ it's ok and on https://amritb.github.io/socketio-client-tool/v1/ I manage to ping on my socket but ips I have an error
  7. @Kjell Iver Johansen @Adrien Faria are site is still online, just a dns error... he speaks on his site to stop ips, but if the case is true he says that he will make these applications opensource. For the moment nothing, so surely enjoying the holidays like everyone else
  8. This feature is useful for assigning groups for vips or similar, often used by zombie servers that don't use flags in plugins... on my screen it is not used because currently we are redoing all our servers but on our old installation I had a group there
  9. Hi, Can you add support for server_groups to sourcebans?
  10. Hi @CodingJungle, With lastest update Stratagem is not compatible. I can't update/delete it... Is an update planned? Cordialy,
  11. Hello @devu4, Would it be possible to update the application with the latest protocols and the switch to PHP8? Cordially,
  12. Fix for query (FiveM, Source Engine,...) Upload on applications/gflcore interface.rar
  13. @devu4 Hi, if possible, it should be made compatible with the latest IPB versions because support for php 7 is soon to end. And also update the update and data protocols of the game servers. Tks in advance
  14. @CodingJungle I reinstalled a backup with the 2.5 socket no problem everything works, however if I update or reinstall stratagem in 3.0 the socket does not work (I have the message described above) I use the version generated by Stratagem
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