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  1. yeah i agree, even daniel recommends we adopt a proper semantic versioning system 😛
  2. the chat service will, it is one of the reasons why it exist. the self hosted could too, but your node.js service would need to be on another server. babble has been out for almost 5 years now, i changed the renewal for babble 3, why it has a new entry (as i increased the renewal for the self hosted and increased the chat service from the 6 month to 1 year service, and there is no way on IPS to change existing purchases renewals). I do offer a 30 day trial of the chat service on my site. you will need to register to get access to the offer: https://codingjungle.com/babble/?a
  3. can't make any promises, you can set the width, the height i'm pretty sure is set by the size of the body. i use the template popup, which has the class of keywordScrolled, so maybe you use some css to target it better or style it a bit more. i'll see about adding some more options to what classes get added to it, so you have more wiggle room to work with.
  4. click one of the upgrade errors and Pm me the content so i can see what is causing the error
  5. its a pretty generic error thrown by ips Multiple redirect, there should be more information to it in the system log.
  6. 3.0.1 has been released on my site and here (waiting approval here). it has fixed these issues and added in the new feature for idle time.
  7. added this in for the next version, it will be a group setting. so you can set different times between 1 minute to 60 minutes (like the idler was in 2.x), the message will display showing they have 30 seconds before disconnection (it will also now countdown from 30 :) and the message will change when it hits 0, saying that they have been disconnected).
  8. pushed an update. disabled by default, user has to enable it. added mobile menu item for it under "account" if enabled, hides theme selector. this is a basic app, its not meant to be all encompassing. a lot of the sites i have for clients, only have the one theme, and some expressed interest in having a "night mode" option. if you have a gazillion themes, and want to allow people to choose between those, then this app probably isn't intended for you, as i doubt i will be expanding it to allow users to choose what their sunrise and sunsets will be. another dev is more than w
  9. not at this time, i didn't think about adding one in till after i was about to release, and i just really wanted to get 3 out. it is in the plan for either 3.1, but i might sneak one in for 3.0.1 send me one on tuesday, to remind me, just been busy with everything.
  10. Menu group with submenu's in the "traditional" style. this is the "primary" location, replacing the primary menu Menu group with submenu's in the "mega menu" style This is a block style menu group, with a magic menu item in the "footer" location. this is a menu group in the primary location, with a magic submenu. I believe the last image is the one would that would be best to do the mega menu on the site you linked me too. (a "magic menu item" allows you to use IPS template logic to design your own menu or to add stuff that is outside the structure of the
  11. what is wrong with switching it over to the editor instead of code mirror and uploading an attachment? added this for the next version by default hover is 750 ms, i pushed it down to 0, so the "hover" will initiate almost as soon as you hover over it, but the actual loading will depend on the persons network speed and your server :). so it should give them more of indication that it is about to do something and clicking on it. you could also style them differently. for the actual pop up ones, they use the class, 'keyword'. the "url" ones get 'keywordUrl" for their cl
  12. https://codingjungle.com/ I use the "only mobile" option of the MGM on my main site and a few of the "widgets" found around my site use it as well.
  13. it is probably the soft delete IPS does, takes like 30 days to remove. I have it disabled on my dev board, but i'll add a change to the check to ignore those.
  14. you sure its not an alias to another kw? as it checks the actual keywords entry and their aliases, cause other wise it would be a roll of the dice to which one to use. its prolly due changing from group permissions to creating our own method, it might've been something i missed in the upgrade.
  15. 4.0.1 took care of the edit error you mentioned in the other topic, are you having the same error or a different one?
  16. Version 1.0.1


    this is a simple app, to allow you to select a "Sunrise" and "Sunset" theme, and allow your members to set their sunrise/sunset time to switch automatically between these 2 themes, to emulate "nightlight/dark mode" that is found in most Operating systems now days. if you like this app, LET IPS KNOW YOU WANT IT IN THE SUITE :)
  17. The connection issue with babble chat service has been resolved.
  18. could you send me your site and account to access it, to check it out? it should placing it with in the viewport.
  19. i'm assuming you have turn this group setting on?
  20. i've created a card for this, either your phone doesn't send the "keyboard close" event or it stalls things like observing window resizes, i am not sure which as i can't reproduce it on my moto g7, my roommates galaxy note 10, a couple of galaxy tabs and amazon fires. I'll look to see if there are other events i can observe, cause babble will resize to "fit" in the keyboard.
  21. i'm really beginning to think something is wrong with your phone/device tbh, with all the mobile issues you've posted about stratagem and now this. what kind of device you using and browser?
  22. Babble 3.0.0 chat service has been released. I am offering a 30 day demo , fully functional. To ensure optimal performance for my clients, I have limited the demo's to 20 at a time, so it is based on a first come, first serve basis. Happy chatting!
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