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  1. Hello @TAMAN, Many thanks for continue developing and supporting this theme. I have a few questions to ask: 1) I heavily modified your theme's CSS files in order to fit my site's preference. The elements that got modified are so huge that I have to keep track what I changed. I realize that these modified elements will be overwritten every time I upgraded your theme. Therefore, I would like to know if it safe to move these modified elements into customs.css instead. Will it cause any conflict with your theme in the future release? 2) I would like to change the font being used on the News Ticker but I found no option to do this on the theme's setting. I had to do designer's mode and modified your JavaScript directly. (ta-library-1.0.7.js) Could you please provide the option to do this directly on your theme's setting? Maybe using the same from from theme.headline_font setting? Thank you in advance for your support and stay safe!
  2. Hi, Just letting you know that the issue is still occurring in IPS 4.2.8 / Spacious ACP 13. But since IPS 4.3 is on the horizon now and the graph feature is not much important for my daily maintenance task so I decide to wait until your application has been fully compatible with IPS 4.3. Keep up a good work. ?
  3. Hi @All Astronauts, I just updated to the latest version. However, I can't make the server memory / disk space pie chart to appear in the system overview widget. I already grant access to /proc in php configuration and these values were readable in the previous spacious ACP version. I tried viewing it on both Microsoft Edge and Firefox (latest version) with the same result. Please kindly advise. Thank you.
  4. I already reported this incident to IPS Support Team and they already confirmed that it is a bug and will provide a fix in the next release. Your action on adding a valid OAuth redirect URL in Facebook Login is correct; this action was added as an official instruction to integrate Facebook login to IPS community suite since 3.4.x but they removed it from the documentation in 4.x for unknown reason. (I was worked with Facebook integration on my community at that time, so I've already done this) And I agree with you that getting necessary graph API permissions of Facebook application for IPS logon integration and Facebook page promotion is a bit painful process. And IPS documentation provides a vague set of instruction on how doing this. However, I was able to get all necessary permissions since last month and planned to write a tutorial here soon. P.S. If you are an administrator of your community's Facebook integration app and also an administrator of the Facebook page you planned to use with the community's Social Promotiom, you do not need to do a graph API permission request.
  5. I still waiting for this feature to be returned...
  6. If you are a member of Administrator Role of your application and you intended to use the same Facebook account with Facebook page promotion feature, you do not need to submit permission request for Facebook review as your application will have all permission access to that Facebook account. Or, you can add the different Facebook account that is currently using to manage your Page to the Administrator Role of your app as well. However, if you would like to do this. I am currently working with the approval process and managed to get "publish_pages" permission now. I will share you how to do this once I got "manage_pages" permission. EDIT: Hooray! I am now got approved for "manage_pages" Now my Facebook application has all required permissions for IPS community suite. Should I write the instruction guid for this?
  7. It is a mislead error message. You have a full permission to promote any content if you are a member of Administrator group. I am currently working with Facebook page promotion before discovering this misconception too. About linking the community official facebook page / twitter account into social promote option in ACP, I resolve this by creating a separate administrator account in the community who is only able to manage this social promote option in ACP, then link the facebook page business account / twitter account into that admin account. (for Facebook, it require to submit approval to Facebook developer team to grant a graph API permission for this feature too) I agree with you that the guide below is a bit confusing and I have to configure this mostly by myself.
  8. Hi @TAMAN. Thank you for developed this plugin! I am currently playing with it and have a suggestion; the remove background image option should be moved to configuration tab. Because I tried the video background from Youtube and found that if the remove custom body background is not turned on from this page, the custom background will still overlay the Youtube video. (I tried with both IPS original theme and your Magnum theme) I agree with @Azurette about background color in the slideshow dialog. Can you set it to use background-color: {theme="dialogbg"}; so it would be matched with current theme? Also I think the character "r" is missing from the plugin name. Edit: and the "e" in Textures section name too.
    I bough this just to support TAMAN for his stunning and wonderful work in theme development.
  9. This alternating color in the forum category row is called "Zebra striping" and it cannot be changed in Theme edit section. You can change the color by adding the following CSS code into custom.css of your default theme. .ipsDataList.ipsDataList_zebra .ipsDataItem:not( .ipsDataItem_selected ):not( .ipsModerated ):not( .ipsDataItem_new ):not( .ipsDataItem_success ):not( .ipsDataItem_warning ):not( .ipsDataItem_error ):not( .ipsDataItem_info ):not( .ipsDataItem_status ):nth-child(even) { background: #fafafa; /* change this to any HEX color code you want. */ /*For example, if you want it to have the same color as you pointed in cyan arrow, you can change this to background: transparent; */ }
  10. You need to change the CKEditor style. Here is the official documentation about how to do it. But I have already done this so I will share the code I used. Go to ACP > Customization > Themes and click edit HTML / CSS button of your current theme. Then, find the custom.css file and add the following CSS code: .ipsApp.ipsApp_front .ipsComposeArea_dummy, .ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke textarea.cke_source, .ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke .cke_wysiwyg_frame, .ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke .cke_wysiwyg_div, .ipsApp.ipsApp_front .cke .cke_inner{ background: #000000; }
  11. Hi TAMAN, I confirmed that the embed background has been resolved after applying the latest theme update. Thank you very much for your support. By the way, I just pre-renew Magnum theme support plus copyright removal license. Your theme is simply the best and my community members are really love it! Keep up a good work.
  12. Hello TAMAN, I am currently encountering a background issue on the embedded content. It is appeared that embedded content did not use the ipsLayout_noBackground class but instead use the full theme background image from ipsApp_front. Also, the iframe embed height seem to not fit the actual content inside. I found that if I removed the ::before selector from ipsApp_front class, it will resolve both background and embed height issue. However, I will unable to scroll the entire page. Please advise. Thank you.
  13. Confirmed that hotfix from IPS via Support can fix Multiple custom slider issue. Thank you @TAMAN
  14. You can try to see if there is any system error on IPS by visiting ACP > Systems > Supports > System Errors. Also, if you currently running Apache, it is the best chance that any occurring error will be written in the web server's log. It could be in /var/www/vhosts/your_domain_name/statistics/logs/error_log, /var/log/httpd or just open it in Plesk's log manager. (I use pure Nginx on DirectAdmin so I cannot clearly described the location of the log file, my apologies about that.)
  15. There are 5 type of payment options currently available on Commerce, as shown in the following screenshot. Please see this documentation from IPS about the difference of each payment method and how to setup with Commerce. Thank you.
  16. The IPS application / cloud hosting you currently owned and managed should be listed in the Manage Purchases section. The Orders page only shows the history of your purchase. If you are unable to manage your IPS application licenses / cloud hosting, please make sure that the Orders is successful. (marked as "Paid") Also, you can contact IPS staff about your purchase issue in Support page. Hope this help.
  17. If you are using custom Admin Control Panel URL, make sure that you apply the appropriate access permission to Apache / Nginx server as well. Have you apply any web server-side filter rules on the custom ACP URL? (for example, password-protected folders)
  18. IPS has changed the reputation system to reaction. There is no Upvote and Downvote button as default anymore; you have to create this manually. Go to ACP > Members > Reputation and Reaction, then create new one as shown below. You can use the upvote and downvote icon I provided here. After finished, it should look like this. By the way, you can delete Like reaction as it is a default reaction. You can change the reputation of like to neutral if you would not want this to change the reputation point.
  19. The ability to add custom fields into the content is exist only in Pages and Commerce Application. I was tried to find this in Gallery before but have no luck.
  20. Finding cAuthorPane class in CSS > forums > front > forums.css and add background to whatever you want. (Assume that you are using original IPS theme) .cAuthorPane { text-align: center; padding: 15px !important; background: black !important; /* add this line for custom background color */ }
  21. There is no tools to reset broken avatar. The only way to do this is using SQL script to set this manually. In IPS 4.2.x, you can set every member using the first letter of their display name as an avatar. (called letter avatar) You can set this first via ACP > Members > Profiles > Profiles Settings and select "Generate profile photos from first letter of the member's display name. After set this, run the following SQL in the community database. UPDATE `ipb_core_members` SET `pp_photo_type`='letter' WHERE 1 However, I recommend that you should tell the owner of the IPS community license to open a service ticket to IPS staff directly. They can manage to do this without a risk from 3rd party advice like me.
  22. I also using customized Magnum Theme by Taman but didn't encounter this issue. You may try to combine Edit button into the options menu if it doesn't work.
  23. I guess you have two options. (Sorry but I do not have Download application so my advice might be wrong) 1) If you submitted yout sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool (or now Google Search Console), you can remove it from appearing in sitemap in Admin Control Panel > Serarch Engine Optimization > Sitemap. Remove the "recommended settings" option and you will see the list of content types on your community that you can select to remove it from the sitemap. 2) You have to set permission on Download application or download categories to be unseen by guest. Since IPS applications is pretty dynamic, I think robots.txt solution will not work very well and it will work only the root URL of your application e.g. https://www.example.com/downloads, etc.
  24. Hi CodingJungle, I was recently upgraded the Babble to 2.4.0 in correspondence with the IPS version upgrade. (currently 4.2.3) The chat is working fine now. Thank you for your support throught a service ticket from your website. However, I am currently encountering a new issue with Babble but I choose to use this contact method because I am not sure if it is caused by the Babble or my server. And also to see if other of your Babble clients faces the similar issue like this. I found that when the user is attempting to switch browser to other tab or sometime, minimizing the browser while opening the Babble page, they will missed from other user's online list and the list is still not update when they came back. The user in question has to refresh their Babble page to let other members see them correctly in the online list. I already set the timeout to 60 minutes in Babble setting but it could not resolve this issue anyway. Also, my member has reported that sometime this online list is randomly remove other member in a few minutes, even they is still opening the Babble page. Is there anyone encountering the same issue? Thank you. My environment information Babble Ver: 2.4.0 Self-hosted IPS Ver: 4.2.3 Server Type: VPS PHP Ver: 7.1.8 Node.js Ver: 8.4.0
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