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  1. I'm bumping this nearly two year old thread because I'm running into an issue with searching single terms using quotes. If I search for the term (as an example), "loudness" with quotes, I get tons of results with the word "loud" well before I see any with the word "loudness". A user was trying to find posts about the Japanese band Loudness, but due to all the "loud" results (obviously this is a fairly common word when searching 4.5 million posts), that made it difficult. According to a post in this thread, using quotes around a search term should disable stemming: I'm not sure if this behavior was left in, and if so, if it is supposed to apply when using Elasticsearch. If not, is there a way to change this behavior? I'd much prefer stemming to be disabled if I put quotes around a search term. Here's the first results on my forum when I search for "loudness": Any results containing "loudness" were from today, when a user asked about this behavior. It certainly gives quite a bit of precedence to more recent posts, which is fine (I haven't modified the defaults), but I'd still very much like it to only return results for that specific term if in quotes. Thank you, ..Al
  2. I manually validate users on my forum after they have email validated their account. I also allow "guests" to submit posts and register at the same time, with their posts appearing after they have been validated. It would be very nice if I could actually see their post(s) before I validate them. Would be a good way to weed out potential spammers. When you are validating a user, I can see if they have posts by clicking on the IP address to see the page that shows usage for that IP. However, when I click on the Posts link (if there are any), it just gives me a list of topics they have posted in. If I click on the topic, it opens the topic, but the new (but not yet visible) posts cannot be seen. If there is a way to see these posts, I would love to know how. Otherwise, it would be nice if this functionality was added. Thank you! ..Al
  3. I'm interested in purchasing the Duplicate Member Logger, but I'm curious how users are fingerprinted so you can identify duplicate members? Did you write the 3.4.x application of the same name? I was using that on my 3.4.x forum and it worked well, at least until browsers started disabling Flash by default! Now that I'm on 4.x, I'd like to use this again if it provides meaningful results. Thanks in advance for any insight. ..Al
    This is a very handy widget, thank you Adriano for writing it! I manually validate all my members after they pass email validation, as this helps cut down on the spammers who get through to my forum. Not having to venture into the ACP makes this much easier, especially on a mobile device! And communication and support have been top notch as well!
  4. Additionally, the rich content is not appearing in the widget. This is all somewhat strange...
  5. Just purchased this, thank you for writing it! My users will be happy to have more interaction with the widget, instead of having to visit someone's profile to reply and view replies. I'm having some issues, though. In the ACP, the "Enable Reactions?" settings don't seem to stick when I click "Save". I cannot turn them off, and I would like to do so to clean up the display a bit and make it more compact. It's also not honoring the "Truncate Status" and "Truncate Status Reply" options. They are set to Disable, but the status updates and replies are being truncated in the status widget. I did toggle the "Always Expanded" option off, and that one did stick and seems to be working. A few minor layout changes I'd like to see: Don't indent the replies nearly as much. Likewise, left-justify the reply with the avatar shown above it. Possibly don't display avatars for the replies. The goal with these changes would be to prevent the username from not fitting on the same row as the timestamp (it sometimes gets pushed below), and to allow for more room for the reply text, as right now it's in a fairly narrow column. I'd be fine if the timestamp was put underneath the name/avatar, which would greatly help in preventing the username from getting pushed down and give a more consistent appearance. Thanks again for writing this and listening to my feedback. 🙂 ..Al
  6. Now that I've been using this a few days, I think the filtering needs to be more flexible. For instance, I'd like to be able to mix and match the following: One or more Item Types (in my case, these are Bug, Suggestion, or Theme Issue) One or more Priorities (High, Medium, Low, for instance) One or more Statuses (Open, In Progress, Declined, Complete, as examples) Items Assigned to [choose a user, default to me] Items Created by [choose a user, default to me] This would be considerably more flexible than what's available now, where you can only choose from one item type or "Only Open Items", "Open Items assigned to me", "Created by me", and "Open items created by me". I'd also like to set defaults for the filtering, so I can hide "Completed" items by default so they don't get in the way of stuff I need to do, but I and others can still take a look at items that have been closed to get a history of what's been completed, declined, marked as a duplicate, etc. I ran into this as I wanted look at any Open "Bugs" with a High or Medium priority, sorted in by highest priority first. It seems that you should be able to select one or more statuses you wish to view, and be able to do the same with Priority. So I could see just "High" and "Medium" priority items with a status that isn't "Closed" or "Finished". While also being able to filter on items assigned to me and/or created by me. Right now you only get to choose from Thanks for your consideration, ..Al
    Having recently upgraded my forum from 3.4.x to 4.4.x, my users immediately noticed the attachment icon was missing next to topics when viewing a forum. I have over 400,000 attachments on m forum (it's been running nearly 20 years!), and some threads have thousands of attachments. Being able to view a list of attachments is very beneficial when you're trying to track down a specific attachment! Adriano did a great job putting this plugin together, and as a bonus you can also add an "Attachments" button that sits at the top of the topic view. Which is useful, since many people do not enter the topic through the forum page. Plus it shows the number of attachments as part of the button. 🙂
  7. Greetings! I bought this some time ago for my 3.x forum, and I just installed it on my 4.x forum. I appreciate your continuing this application, and it has some nice improvements over the earlier application. One change I'd like to see is the ability to suppress the grouping of "Staff" members at the top of the members list shown on the right when viewing the full maps page. I'd prefer that any "Staff" members be mixed in with everyone else alphabetically using a "Members" header. Thank you! ..Al
  8. I've purchased this, installed it on my forum, created a few projects and entered a whole slew of issues. At this point I'm only using it to track issues with my website (the main website which contains a large games database, the forums, and online store). But I will open this up to homebrew game developer as well so they can use it for project management and bug tracking. I have a few suggestions after using it for the past hour: When creating a new issue, add a "Save and Reload" button, and change the "Save" button to go back to the issues list. This will make it easier to add a bunch of issues all at once. When creating a new issue, add drop-down for Status so you can immediately set the status to something other than "Open". Default to "Open", of course. When viewing an issue, please add "Status" drop-down so you can easily change the status without having to click on "Change Details". For the Issues list, I'd much prefer if the Status and Priority were separate columns so they were all lined up nicely. It's a bit cluttered at the moment. With these sitting underneath the Type and Title. Make display of project cover photo optional? Either globally for the entire app or on a per-project basis. I don't see any way to disable this now. If you don't have a project photo selected, you just get a bit, empty, dark box. Would really like the ability to link directly to a project category and only display the projects inside that category. For instance, I have a category for issues related to my website, and within that category are three projects (Main Site, Forums, Store). I want to link to this category from within the forum, and I don't want the other project categories to be visible in this case. That's all for now. I understand you are working on a version 3.0 of this application. Just curious how that's coming along and what features you plan on adding to it? Thanks, ..Al
  9. Agreed. And if you're worried about the size of the database, you can also set a reasonable limit on the number of conversations users can have. Better to let them delete conversations they no longer need, rather than arbitrarily doing so. ..Al
  10. I still wouldn't do this, because I periodically need to reference an old conversation that hasn't had a reply in years. ..Al
  11. We do have a slew of private development forums already. Sometimes private conversations will end up morphing into creation of a private forum. Especially once it's helpful to have multiple threads to discuss various aspects of a project, plus attachments are easier to deal with (they can be kept in the first post of a thread to make them easier to find and update). Even though I only moved my forum from 3.4.8 to 4.4.4 a week ago, clubs are already being used for this purpose as well. But I suspect that private conversations will continue to reign supreme, since they are trivially easy to start and keep tabs on. ..Al
  12. Depends on the forum I guess. Many of my members have conversations that are years old and are still active. There are many private conversations with 10+ people where game development projects are being discussed, for instance. I have thousands of conversations in my inbox spanning nearly 20 years now. I still need to look at some quite old conversations from time to time, so being able to easily find them (as well as specific messages within a large conversation) is important. Yes, it does add to the size of the database, but that's dwarfed by the size of the forum posts (over four million posts). ..Al
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