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  1. That sounds encouraging, I will keep my eyes open for any related announcements. Thank you.
  2. Thanks, Matt, appreciate the frank answer. Zapier looks like an interesting service, and I can think of many ways to utilize it. Unfortunately, Invision's Cloud solution would be prohibitively expensive for me as I routinely have over 500 visitors on the forum and over 400GB of files in the uploads directory. At minimum, I'd need your 750 user service at $590/month, which is more than I pay for the two dedicated servers I'm currently using, to say nothing of the 100GB media and data storage limit.
  3. I've given up on this happening. It's been two years since my first post on this subject above, and nothing's happened yet. Which is a shame, I've created several new forums on my site since then, and it's nigh impossible to move all the relevant threads without being able to mass moderate topics based on a search. Really disappointed in Invision regarding this, as it was an important tool for those with large sites that have many forums and posts.
  4. I finally got this working. I ended up installing PHPMailer and writing a PHP script to send mail using the same parameters the forum should be using. When I turned full debugging on, I could clearly see that the server was blocking the outgoing requests.. I then dug through the WHM firewall settings more carefully, and saw several related to SMTP.. Including this one: After turning this off, it all worked magically. I'll be monitoring it for a while to make sure A) I'm still getting emails from the forum and B) The bounces are being properly captured and accounts are disabled. I definitely should create a guide for this to save others from the headaches I ran into! Seems to be working well so far, it's already blocked for members for having bad emails, and I know there are tons more. Hopefully this will help cleanup my mail reputation so Gmail and other providers stop dumping mails from my domain into users' spam folders! ..Al
  5. After playing with this some more, I'm pretty sure Amazon SES/SNS is setup properly, but I simply cannot get past the "Connection Refused" when I attempt to use Amazon's SMTP server with my credentials. I was able to use this page to manually test sending emails on the command line from the same server, so it's not a firewall issue, either: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ses/latest/DeveloperGuide/send-email-smtp-client-command-line.html That worked without issues. I have no idea why it's failing when going through the forum. I did have one instance where Amazon started sending emails even though I still received the "Connection Refused" report from the ACP, and there were even two bounces for which I received bounce emails from Amazon and Mail Bouncer did catch them as well: However, try as I might, I simply cannot get the ACP setup without getting the errors. I'm not sure why it worked briefly one time, even though the ACP still reported the refused connection. I also looked through Amazon SES and could not see anything in the way of an error log that might provide some insight, nor do I see anything like that in the ACP. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can try to resolve this? Thanks! ..Al
  6. I've setup Amazon SES and SNS to the best of my abilities (considering I've never used these services before), but when I try to setup SMTP to point to the Amazon server, I get a "Connection Refused" message from the ACP, and then any emails it attempts to send also get the "Connection Refused" message without further details.. The ACP reported, IPS\Email\Outgoing\Exception: Connection refused (111) I am using Cloudflare, and I did setup the bypass firewall rule for the endpoint, but I'm not even getting that far. I have the right SMTP credentials entered in the ACP: Screenshot on Amazon (not too useful, since I'm not going to show the actual credentials): Domain and email (editor@atariage.com, which is the email address used by the forum) are setup and verified. I sent a test message from within SES and received it fine. I have notifications setup as follows: Topic subscription is setup as follows: Here's the endpoint firewall rule I setup in Cloudflare. Haven't setup anything else there related to this yet: Any insight anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully it's something simple I'm missing.. Thank you and take care!
  7. The search results in the personal messenger still seem to be limited in scope, either by time or maybe the number of results. I'm running 4.4.x at the moment, and looking to update soon to 4.5. Has this been addressed in 4.5? I could have sworn this was addressed in an earlier release, but apparently not? And if this limitation is still in place, what's the easiest way for me to allow for more search results? This is really hindering my ability to find relevant content in older messages (my forum has been online since about 2001!) Thanks in advance for any insight.
  8. I did see this when I searched the marketplace for "moderator" before I posted this topic. I'll probably purchaesd it and only have it enabled for Admins so I can go into a forum and see who the moderators are. But what I really want is the ability to see this in the ACP. When editing a forum, if there was a "Moderators" tab that showed you the moderators for that forum, that would be an enormous help. Even better if you could assign moderators directly there as you could in the past. It seems so ass-backwards the way it is now. I know this has repercussions for all the different content types IP.Board has to offer, but I'd really like to see Invision improve upon this in the future. ..Al
  9. In IP.Board 3.4.x, moderators were assigned directly to forums, and it was easy to see which moderators you had in each forum. In IP.Board 4.x, I cannot for the life of me find a way to see which moderators are assigned any given forum. I just created a sub-forum and want to assign the same moderators as parent forum. However, damned if I know who they are. Looks like I will have to individually view some 50+ moderators in order to find the one assigned to this particular forum. If that's true, that seems like a big deficiency to me, especially if you run a large forum with tons of moderators. Please someone show me a way to do this? Thank you, ..Al
  10. Seconded, I'm looking to move my forum from 4.4.x to 4.5.2 and I see this hasn't been updated yet. It's a useful tool and I'd like to be able to continue using it. Thank you!
  11. That I'm having to pay another developer to add back this extremely useful functionality sucks. Sure was nice to have in 3.x, eh? Man I really hate merging of replies. ..Al
  12. Good to know that the Beta versions are the ones that should be normally suppressed. But if the behavior is still to display that message daily, even if you dismiss it, well, my first post still stands. It'll be a while before I upgrade to 4.5, as I have various plugins and applications that will need to be upgraded, as well as the custom forum skin and third-party skins as well. ..Al
  13. Thank you, that was indeed in my constants.php file, and I removed it. This was from when I was working on upgrading my 3.4.x forum to 4.x a year ago. Glad to know that the above behavior I described is not the intended behavior. I'll see if it pops up again tomorrow. 🙂 ..Al
  14. Can you please add a way to suppress these upgrade notices every time you put out a new version after I've already dismissed it once? Sure, display it in the ACP, but I don't need to see it at the top of my forum every single time I visit, and if I dismiss it, it comes back the next day. Super annoying, I won't be upgrading to 4.5 anytime soon, and I just want to turn it off until the next version is released. I don't mind seeing this notice once when there's a new version, but it's getting tiresome seeing this reappear after I've already dismissed it once for a specific release. I'm going to permanently suppress these myself, which then defeats the entire purpose of having them in the first place. Thank you, ..Al PS: The title states "4.5.0 Beta 5", but the text states "4.5.0 Beta 1".
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