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  1. 4.3: Welcome to the future, blog!

    Awesome, really happy to see the Blog module getting some attention.
  2. IPS 4.3 - Elasticsearch

    Database server is on a separate box, and both servers have a private, local connection to one another in the same datacenter. This has worked out pretty well so far. I also converted the entire database to InnoDB at the same time, which has the advantage that I can backup the entire database without affecting the live site. I'm still running 3.4.x, and knowing 4.x is a bit more resource intensive, this was another incentive for me to get this done. My forum has nearly four million posts and typically has nearly 1,000 visitors online at peak hours during the day. One reason I hadn't pulled the trigger before now on upgrading to 4.x is I was waiting for a third-party search solution. I'm currently running Sphinx, which works very well and made a big impact in quality of search results, has greater configuration flexibility (I allow two-character search terms, for instance), and taxes the server significantly less than MySQL's Full-Text search. I'm excited to get my server onto 4.3 once it becomes available. I have a third, dedicated development server setup with a 4.2 migration I have been playing around with, partially to prove I wouldn't have any critical issues doing the migration from 3.4.x, and to start investigating what third party apps and hooks I want/need to install. Plus, I have a custom skin that needs to be recreated from scratch, as well as several third-party skins that people actively use, so need to see which of those have been migrated to 4.x, if any.
  3. IPS 4.3 - Elasticsearch

    Yeah, I have two servers dedicated to my forum, I can easily put elasticsearch on one of them. I think one of the servers has 64GB of RAM, so that should do fine. No need to pay someone else when I can host it myself.
  4. Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon

    I'm also hoping to hear some news on this front, as it was previously mentioned as being targeted for 4.3.
  5. Dude, love your profile pic!  Takes me back to the days of Adventure, Yar's Revenge, and the Imagic cartridge games like Demon Attack! :lol:

  6. He wants to be able to perform the search without having to enter a search term or tag. In IP.Board 3.4, you can view a member's posts in this fashion, while applying additional criteria if need be. Without having to enter a search term. This is extremely useful, and I perform searches like this routinely on my forum. ..Al
  7. @AndyF, thanks for the history lesson. You're correct, there is an "Archive Conversation" link wedged between the conversation and quick reply windows on my 3.4.x forum. I don't believe I've ever used it. Just tried it, and sure enough it emailed an HTML version of a conversation to me. Could use some nicer styling, but something similar to that functionality would be nice to have built into 4.x. A third-party plugin could offer a more advanced archive feature (for instance, choosing the type of file that's generated, maybe some style options, etc.) Funny that I still get asked about this even though it's right there.
  8. Doesn't have to be a PDF, per se, even a nicely formatted HTML/CSS version you could open up in your browser directly (and then print if you'd like) would be nice. It's been some time since I've looked at PDF-generation libraries, so I have no idea how mature they are. Although at this point I'd hope they have evolved into something useful. ..Al
  9. I get requests for this all the time on my forum. Even though I have a pretty fair limit on PMs (I think 500 conversations? and considerably more if you're a subscriber), people still want to save important conversations. Especially larger conversations that might run for a year or more, with many participants. And we have many programmers on our forum developing projects through PMs, so there's often a need to save these conversations because they contain considerable technical information. Being able to archive conversations (such as downloading a nicely formatted PDF) would be ideal and a very welcome feature. I'd upvote this more than once if I could. ..Al I don't see any way to do this in my 3.4.x forum. I think I did have a third-party hook installed at one time that allowed you to download an HTML version of a conversation, which saved you from having to save each page separately, but I no longer have that installed. Probably was abandoned and broke in some newer version of IP.Board. At any rate, should be a built-in feature, in my opinion. ..Al Man, I really hate the "auto merge posts together" feature.
  10. Seconded, I get frequent requests from members asking how they can save a conversation. People setup large conversations with many people that can run for a long time, and there's no way way archive those conversations. ..Al
  11. This is an important feature for my site as well, as I regularly need to look through someone's posting history without having to enter a specific tag or keyword.
  12. This is a critical feature for my forum. We have three million posts spanning 15 years, and I often need to see all of a member's posts without a specific keyword or tag. Please remove the requirement of a keyword or tag in order to perform the search by Author. I'm not yet on 4.x, although I'm slowing marching towards it. I didn't realize this functionality had changed. Thanks!
  13. Really IPB...THIS SEARCH SxCKS !!!!

    I'm with you 100%, poor search results have always been a pet peeve of mine. I'm running Sphinx on my 3.x forum, and I've been holding off on upgrading to 4.x until this issue is resolved. It's bad enough on this forum that I often have to go to resort to Google to try and find topics. I don't want members to have to do the same on my forum.
  14. Video: 4.2 So Far

    Interesting, thanks Adriano! I hadn't seen that before.
  15. Video: 4.2 So Far

    Thanks for the video. I'm curious, what is the "Copy to Database" item in the topic moderation menu?