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  1. Seconded, I'm looking to move my forum from 4.4.x to 4.5.2 and I see this hasn't been updated yet. It's a useful tool and I'd like to be able to continue using it. Thank you!
  2. That I'm having to pay another developer to add back this extremely useful functionality sucks. Sure was nice to have in 3.x, eh? Man I really hate merging of replies. ..Al
  3. Good to know that the Beta versions are the ones that should be normally suppressed. But if the behavior is still to display that message daily, even if you dismiss it, well, my first post still stands. It'll be a while before I upgrade to 4.5, as I have various plugins and applications that will need to be upgraded, as well as the custom forum skin and third-party skins as well. ..Al
  4. Thank you, that was indeed in my constants.php file, and I removed it. This was from when I was working on upgrading my 3.4.x forum to 4.x a year ago. Glad to know that the above behavior I described is not the intended behavior. I'll see if it pops up again tomorrow. 🙂 ..Al
  5. Can you please add a way to suppress these upgrade notices every time you put out a new version after I've already dismissed it once? Sure, display it in the ACP, but I don't need to see it at the top of my forum every single time I visit, and if I dismiss it, it comes back the next day. Super annoying, I won't be upgrading to 4.5 anytime soon, and I just want to turn it off until the next version is released. I don't mind seeing this notice once when there's a new version, but it's getting tiresome seeing this reappear after I've already dismissed it once for a specific release.
  6. If you're running a private forum, you can moderate it as you see fit. There are no expectations of "free speech" rights in such a scenario (not that people won't scream about them anyway). ..Al
  7. I'd still like to know if there's another way I can specify which forums to export to Discord, as the current interface is unwieldy (and in fact I can't even actually use it) when you have a fair number of forums. See my post above. I'd really like to enable this feature (and is one of the reasons I purchased this application), but I simply cannot use it right now, as I have various private forums that I need to make sure are not exported to Discord. Thank you, ..Al
  8. I miss this from the previous major version of Invision!!
  9. I've started playing around with the Notifications aspect of Brilliant Discord. Unfortunately, the selection dropdown for container conditions is too unwieldy. I need to be able to select just the forums Guests would see, and my screen isn't tall enough to deal with this (screenshot attached) I have a ton of forums, and I didn't even get through half of them before I ran out of space. Is there a way this can be improved? I'd like to start using it, but cannot do so until I can properly select which forums I want exported. Thanks, ..Al
  10. I would be open to paying a developer to add this functionality. I only need it for topics, no other type of content. ..Al
  11. Not in search results. For instance, I want to search for "dreamcast" and then select all the relevant topics to move. There are tens of thousands of topics in the various forums I'd need to look through manually otherwise, and that's just not going to happen. ..Al
  12. Greetings, We sometimes need to create a new forum on our site and then move relevant discussion forums into this new forum. For instance, I just created a new Dreamcast forum on AtariAge, and there are thousands of existing topics that need to be moved into this forum. Unfortunately, there seems to be no easy way to do this. On Invision 3.4.x, there was a checkbox that you could use to select multiple topics and then moderate on those topics. For instance, move all those topics into another forum. That was extraordinarily useful, and it boggles the mind why this hasn't been carried
  13. Yes, I also want reactions in PMs, and it would be very nice to have. I've often caught myself wanting to react to a PM, only to be brought back to reality when I realized I cannot do so. I personally am involved in many long private conversations involving several people, and it would be great to react to individual messages the same way you can do in the forum. In fact, it seems like an odd omission not being able to do so. One of my members started a thread asking for this feature back in December, and someone else just bumped it today, which prompted me to come over to this forum t
  14. Thanks for digging into it, much appreciated. ..Al
  15. Greetings, Now that I've had this running a few days, I'm periodically seeing some errors. For instance, Response Content: {"message": "500: Internal Server Error", "code": 0} Request Headers: Content-Type: application/json User-Agent: DiscordBot (BrilliantDiscordIntegration, v1) Response Headers: Date: Thu, 28 May 2020 18:55:16 GMT Content-Type: application/json Content-Length: 52 Connection: keep-alive Set-Cookie: __cfruid=1fcd736dd92c6d64c4f0ab47d7b9293457589757-1590692116; path=/; domain=.discordapp.com; HttpOnly; Secure; SameSite=None x-envoy-up
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