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  1. How does one go about creating an announcement that only shows up on the forum index? I have no problems creating an announcement that shows above content on every page, but I want it to only appear on the main index. Here are the relevant options for an announcement: For "Where to show?", there are the options: I figured "Platform" would do the trick, but when I select that, I don't see the announcement. The only way I can get it on the front page is to select "Everywhere", but then it shows up on all pages, which I don't really want. Thanks for any advice. ..Al
  2. My site was down for about 30 minutes with all manner of errors, "This Community is Temporarily Unavailable", blank pages, etc. It's back up now, but I'm getting tired of this.
  3. Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous that this hasn't been fixed in CKEditor. It's also very difficult sometimes to split a quote in the editor on desktop (probably mobile as well). That is, you can often hit "return" as many times as you'd like, and it doesn't split the quote into two. This is much more annoying to me than the inability to delete a quote on a mobile device, since I mostly interact with forums on my computer.
  4. Yeah, my forum has mostly been down the last hour, so I'm not very keen on the IPS Cloud service right now. ..Al
  5. I can confirm that I was given both CNAME entries last year when I signed up for the service. I have no idea why one of them seemingly vanished on its own, which is rather concerning. If that CNAME entry is only needed for the SSL renewal to succeed, that could have disappeared anytime in the last year. It would be nice if this information was in the client area, this wasn't even something I even considered might be wrong, since it never dawned on me that a CNAME might have gone missing. I definitely would have checked, though, if I saw this information in the client area, and I would have been back online much faster.
  6. I really hope this doesn't take 24 hours to fix. Does anyone from Invision support work on the weekends?
  7. The SSL certificate for forums.atariage.com has expired, and guests cannot visit my forum without seeing this: This is extraordinarily bad timing, as we just had a huge announcement two days ago, so there is a ton of new visitors to the site who are now going to see this, as well as current users who are going to be wondering what the heck is going on. Quite a bad look for us, and I'm quite unhappy about this right now. I hope someone from Invision will see this and fix it as quickly as possible! Thank you. I can't even bypass this to get into the forum due to the HSTS policy, and neither can anyone else, so this has effectively taken the forum down, and I can't even explain to people what is going on. This looks even worse in Chrome:
  8. Yes, I'd also very much like to see that. Something else I'd like to see is to NOT display status updates that were posted by another user on someone's profile. Usually those are intended for that individual, and often don't make much sense being displayed in the widget on the front page of the forum. Thank you!
  9. Great, thank you for confirming. The search results page doesn't show that you are excluding search terms when you prefix a term with "-". Nor are there any clues you can use "+" and "-", so that would be helpful if it was displayed somewhere. Here's what I see when using the following terms, quadrun prototype -2732 Thank you for your help!
  10. Oh, I mean when you enter a search term, not a term I'd want to remove permanently. For instance, something like, "quadrun reproduction -7800" I know how to do it when performing an SQL query, but I'm guessing there's no support to do this from the forum search. ..Al
  11. Is it possible to exclude a search therm when performing a search on the forum? Thank you!
  12. Yes, it's @Adriano Faria's "Validating Members With Links" plugin, but I'm not sure it's available here (a quick search didn't reveal it in the Marketplace). You can send him a private message to ask him about it.
  13. For several years now I have been using email and Admin validation. I have a mod that allows me to quickly look at Google and StopForumSpam links for the username, email address, and IP address for pending members on the main index of the forum (only visible to admins, of course), so I don't have to go into the ACP. And I have a link to WhatIsMyIPAddress.com with the IP address, which makes it easier to identify people coming in through VPNs and proxies, plus I can see what country the user is coming in from. With these tools, I can identify most spammers 95% of the time (if not higher). For spammers who who get through my manual validation, the first three posts a user makes need to be manually approved, so that will generally catch the remainder. It's a pain, but it's the only reliable means I've had of keeping spammers off the forum.
  14. That looks to be a very nice mod, but I'm a quote leery about installing something that would allow me to easily read PMs. The only time I go looking at PMs is if someone reports a PM (which then allows me to join a conversation), someone explicitly gives me permission to go look through their PMs (for instance, if someone is sending them a bunch of harassing PMs), or in a situation as I described above where someone has alerted me that they received a message they believe to be a scam (then I will login as that user from the ACP to check if they are sending obvious scam messages to a bunch of users). I consider private conversations sacrosanct otherwise.
  15. You're right, I do see that text. That does seem to be not working correctly. I'll bring this up with Invision and see what they say. Thank you.
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