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  1. Yeah, I just submitted a ticket, and it's weird being taken to another site that seems rather detached from Invision's own site. The editor is pretty limited, and you cannot even pick which license you are submitting a ticket for. No inline images, doesn't look like there's any quoting capabilities, and I received an email simply with [Request received], but no details besides the request # as far as what the ticket is about. There's not even a link to get directly to the ticket, or even into the Invision client area. And it's quite disappointing that the support ticket history seems to be gone. ..Al
  2. How about Blogs? I have thousands of blog entries on my site, although people are starting to abandon it once I upgraded to 4.x recently as there are just so many problems with it now, and the upgrader did a poor job of converting blog data. Really disappointing to see the Blogs module get very little attention from Invision. ..Al
  3. This is great news! Curious to see how this compares with Tapatalk, which many of my members use on two different Invision forums I run. Does the app support the AdminCP for administrators?
  4. Thanks, that's useful information, especially knowing exactly what key is involved! I agree, that would be nice to have. ..Al
  5. Yes, that definitely helps, but the posts were scattered across multiple pages of a thread. This is not the first time I've run into this. It does look like the selected posts are remembered on a per-thread basis, which is good. But I've sometimes had to take the time to go through many pages of a thread to select posts, and then deselecting can be a bit of a pain. ..Al
  6. Is there a way to reset the posts you have tagged for a moderation action? Yesterday I tagged a bunch of posts to split into another thread, but didn't act on them as I wanted to verify they were they correct posts. Today I found out that they weren't, and I have a list of the correct posts to move. However, now I have to hunt down those posts and uncheck them before I can check the proper ones. It would be really nice if there was a simple way to clear whatever content you have selected so you can start over.. I don't see any obvious way of doing this. I suppose I could clear all my forum cookies, but that's obviously not ideal. Otherwise I have to hunt down those posts and deselect them all first. Thank you, ..Al
  7. Yes, I would very much like to see this as well. I (and others on my forum) have many long-running conversations that are over 50 pages, and it would be fantastic to be able to search inside a conversation just as you can search from within a forum topic.
  8. I've already had users complain about this, that they were looking for some threads with specific terms and could not find them because of the stemming. Would be nice if it could be less aggressive. Posts are pretty much instantaneous on my forum with Elasticsearch. I have 4.5 million posts. The Elasticsearch data is stored on an NVMe SSD on the local server, and searches are damn fast (must faster than on this forum), even when pulling up the maximum of 10,000 results. Database is sitting on another server in the same data center with a private connection to the web server. Elasticsearch definitely helps cut down on the traffic between the two servers, as well as reduce load on the database server (currently running MySQL, but going to switch to MariaDB soon). ..Al
  9. I can say that the results improved a fair bit after installing this, and the results are returned MUCH faster. Definitely can recommend. However, one thing I'm not keen on is the stemming. It's fine sometimes, but you can't seem to force the search engine to NOT use stemming by putting a search term in quotes. If I put quotes around a word, it'll still search for the stem as opposed to the literal word. For instance, on my forum if I search for "coding" (with quotes), here's what I see: Not a single result containing "coding" on the first page of results, just "code" and "codes". How can I fix this? ..Al
  10. This is one of the annoying things about searching on this forum for me, is that you are not ANDing search terms together by default. Pretty much every single time I use more than one term, I have to then click the link to AND the terms together. Who are these people using a search engine to try and find two disparate terms at the same time, as opposed to doing two searches? If you go to google and search for "cars bikes", you're going to get results that contain both terms at the top. Please make that the default here! ..Al
  11. Now that I am running 4.x, I am bumping this, as I'm already getting requests from my members who'd like to archive conversations. We sometimes have rather long conversations with lots of technical information (quite a bit of software development takes place on my forum), and it would be very useful for people to have the ability to archive conversations. I'd much prefer this to be integrated into Invision rather than a separate plugin. And right now I only see a single plugin that offers this functionality, and I haven't tried it yet to see how well it works. Surely there is a way of doing this for larger conversations without having PHP time out? ..Al
  12. I understand, I was just trying to improve my workflow. I don't touch accounts that haven't email validated yet, and I was unaware that there's a separate table with minimal information before the account is email validated. Unfortunately, that means this particular application is not useful to me. 😞 ..Al
  13. I understand the feature. But after they email validate their account, it has been created, right? I don't care about accounts that haven't yet been created because the user has not email validated their account. So, since you are looking at a separate table, this app will not display content for users who have email validated their account? Thanks, ..Al
  14. That's interesting. I only care about accounts that have been email validated, at which point I then will look the account over before approving it or deleting it (if it's an obvious spammer). At that point it looks like the account has been created in the database, as I can certainly see the username and all the other information one would expect.
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